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Size and Color of Air Diffusion System Tuyere Overview

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Air diffusion products are available in a variety of sizes and sizes, colors.

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Tuyere products as an important part of the circulation of air diffusion system, how to choose the appropriate size and color matching with the building has become a major focus in the procurement process. However, tuyere products on the market now come in a variety of specifications and dimensions, and colors can also be achieved through special customization services. Before dazzling choice, correctly carry out the appropriate size, use beautiful atmosphere and more environmental protection durable material more get everybody's favor.

Tuyere size of air diffusion products generally includes face size and neck size. Face size refers to the diameter size of the tuyere nozzle, neck size is actually the size of the hole, is during a specific effective area in the use of tuyere. In general, before the purchase of tuyere, the size of the hole must be clear. The product specification of the tuyere can be slightly smaller than the size of the hole, so as to avoid the mismatch between the tuyere and the hole caused by the measurement error, and to facilitate installation and maintenance. In general, neck sizing is more important to ensure a successful installation. The face size can be determined according to the specific use and place of use of the product.

In practical application, the color of tuyere products applied into air diffusion system is mainly white, because white, as a pure primary color, can be perfectly matched with different styles of buildings and specific functional Spaces, and the atmosphere is beautiful. Tuyere product color can be achieved through electrostatic spraying, anodic treatment and paint baking, three color methods have their own characteristics.

  1. The electrostatic spray is by applying a charge to the coating and then adsorption color, with high efficiency, less pollution, smooth and beautiful appearance.
  2. Anodizing process is to apply anodic current to form a color oxide film on the surface of metal objects. It has high hardness, corrosion resistance, non-conductive insulation, and is more durable.
  3. Baking paint technology new spray paint production method, after grinding, painting, baking three processes, shaping and coloring. Paint baking process of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the use of teflon material as a multi-purpose environmental protection material, the use of safer.

If you want to know more about the specific size of tuyere products, you can consult online, we are very happy to answer your questions. E-ZONG has been engaged in the production of tuyere products for more than 26 years, with a wide variety of products and excellent quality, which is definitely a good choice for you to buy products!

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.