ISO 6 Cleanroom

What You Need to Know About ISO 6 Cleanroom Standards and Regulations

‍ Cleanroom standards and regulations are critical to ensuring safety and quality in a variety of industries, from medical device manufacturing to food packaging. ISO 6, or International Organization for Standardization, is the most widely accepted standard for cleanroom management and operation. ISO 6 sets performance requirements for cleanrooms, such as air pressure, humidity, temperature, ... Read more
Cleanroom Contractors

How to Choose the Best Cleanroom Contractors for Your Facility

Finding the right cleanroom contractor for your facility is essential for ensuring your facility meets necessary safety and quality standards. A cleanroom contractor can ensure that your facility is designed and constructed according to the exact specifications of your cleanroom environment, and that the cleanroom meets all local and state codes. When choosing a cleanroom ... Read more
Laboratory Doors and Windows

GMP Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Doors and Windows

GMP Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Doors and Windows are essential components of any production environment. They provide a secure and sterile environment while allowing personnel access to the production areas. By ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality, these doors and windows are designed with the latest technologies to meet the most exacting standards. From ... Read more

How To Create a Beautiful Window Mounted Greenhouse For Hospital

When it comes to dental care, having the right tools is essential for a successful practice. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the dental air compressor. This machine is responsible for providing the necessary air pressure and vacuum to dental tools, such as handpieces, that are used to clean, polish, and shape ... Read more
pharmacetical clean door

How to Choose the Right Pharmaceutical Clean Doors for Your Hospital

In the modern workplace, the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment cannot be overstated. It is essential for businesses to ensure that proper hygiene levels are maintained to safeguard the health of their staff, customers, and visitors. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install pharmaceutical clean doors. These specialized doors ... Read more
stainless steel clean room door

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Clean Room Door for Your Facility

For facilities requiring a clean room door, stainless steel is often the best material choice. But with so many types and sizes available, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Choosing the right stainless steel clean room door involves assessing the size, type, and style of the door, as well as the ... Read more
Air handling unit (AHU) frame aluminum profile For Cleanroom Door

Air handling unit (AHU) frame aluminum profile For Cleanroom Door

With an Air Handling Unit (AHU) able to cool, humidify, ventilate and air condition a building in one operating unit, designers are now looking at ways to incorporate it into the building itself. Read on to learn more about incorporating an AHU into the architecture of your commercial property. How an Air Handling Unit Works ... Read more
How to use the Square Double Layer Diffuser

How to use the Square Double Layer Diffuser

The diffuser is one of the most important elements in any lighting setup. It helps to soften the light coming from your strobe or continuous light and also reduces the risk of overheating. A good diffuser will help you achieve perfect blending, even illumination, and a wide range of diffusion. The Square Double Layer Diffuser ... Read more

Fan Coil Unit vs Air Handling Unit: What's The Difference?

When designing a new industrial space or retrofitting an existing one, engineers must consider numerous factors specific to the facility. In many cases, it is difficult to anticipate what operational and design needs a space may have in the future. This is especially true when considering smaller details like air handling units (AHU) and fan ... Read more


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      We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.