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Cleanroom Door Suppliers in China

Top 10 Cleanroom Door Suppliers in China 2023

E-ZONG, founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in 1996 and named "SANHE", has been developing for more than 26 years with branches and factories in Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Taishan. E-ZONG is the most professional and perfect in the clean industry in south China. In recent years, the demand for cleanroom doors has grown exponentially due ... Read more

Why do you need an industrial air handling unit?

What is meant by an industrial air handling unit? In big commercial or industrial buildings, an industrial air handling unit (AHU) regulates and circulates the air. Typically, it comprises a fan, heating and cooling coils, filters, dampers, and controls. The outside air must be drawn in and brought inside by the AHU. It is then conditioned to ... Read more

A brief analysis of cleanroom roll door

The major role of clean room roll door in the reduction of contamination: To maintain a controlled environment by blocking the entry of airborne pollutants, a clean room roll door is a crucial part of any cleanroom facility. Cleanrooms are frequently employed in production and research facilities where a sterile or controlled environment is necessary, such as ... Read more

Clean room magnetic door seal System for Clean Room Environments

How can You understand a magnetic door in a clean room? To reduce the presence of pollutants, including dust, microbes, germs, and other particles, a clean room is a regulated environment. Several steps are taken, including the installation of special doors that reduce the transmission of pollutants to preserve the cleanliness of a clean room. ... Read more

Bringing Efficiency and Quality to the Clean Room Aluminum Factory

What does clean room aluminium mean? E-ZONG is the best provider of clean room aluminum factory: Why Should You Pick E-ZONG Factory for Clean Room Aluminum for Your Project?  The clean room aluminum factory E-ZONG provides high-quality aluminium products to the clean room industry. Our products are made to meet the highest safety and quality requirements while ... Read more

Why is Aluminium extrusion clean room important?

What exactly is Aluminium extrusion clean room for? Extrusion clean rooms are specialized buildings made for producing aluminium extrusions in environmental conditions that may be controlled. Clean rooms are required because even minute levels of contamination might interfere with the extrusion process and result in flaws in the final product. To maintain the necessary cleanliness ... Read more
air handling unit components

The air handling unit components and Their Purpose

What does an air handling unit do? The Components of an Air Handling Unit and How They Work Together? The AHU consists of several parts that interact to offer ideal temperature control and indoor air quality. The air handling unit components and their interactions are listed below: A vital part of HVAC systems is the air handling ... Read more

The Advantages of Collaborating with E-ZONG Air Diffuser Manufacturer

How does an air diffuser operate? An air diffuser is a tool that aids in distributing air or gas in a room or area. Although there are various kinds of air diffusers, the majority of them function by letting air pass through a number of holes, slots, or vents. In most cases, as air is ... Read more
4 way square ceiling diffuser

Using 4 Way Square Ceiling Diffuser to Increase Comfort in Your Homes

What does the term 4 way square ceiling diffuser refer to? How to Make Your Home More Comfortable by Using 4 Way Square Ceiling Diffusers? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must have ceiling diffusers. They are in charge of dispersing conditioned air uniformly over a room or area. Due to their sleek and ... Read more


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.