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Hospital Project

Project Name: Hospital ProjectProduct category: clean swing door, double wrap wall door, glass swing door, electric sliding door. solutions for hospital door applications
International Health Port Case overview

International Health Port Case overview

International Health Port Case overview Project Name: Zhuhai International Health PortProject location: Zhuhai, GuangdongProduct category: aluminum frame steel door, escape door, double insulating glass window Video Display Hospital doors | Double egress doors | Safety escape door | Steel doors | Double insulating glass window | Medical appilcations

Large Chemical and Pharmaceutical Clean Space

Pharmaceutical Clean Space Case Overview In this project's pharmaceutical clean space area, our company's lake blue color steel plate clean door is selected. The lake blue panel is bright and saturated, showing sensory comfort. The double-layer hollow clean window is flat, beautiful, and atmospheric, and the four corners are attached with molecular sieves to prevent ... Read more

Construction Of Modern Cosmetic Clean Room

Cosmetic Clean Room Case Overview Most modern cosmetics contain proteins, vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, etc. These components provide favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria and molds and are prone to microbial contamination. Therefore, the construction and production environment of modern cosmetic clean rooms is one of the critical ... Read more
medical doors

Hospital renovation project

Case Overview In response to the call for national disease prevention and control construction, hospitals and medical institutions all over the country have launched actions to optimize and upgrade the medical environment and facilities. The main goal of the hospital's new construction is to optimize and transform medical doors such as ward doors, operating doors, ... Read more
Brunei Isolation Center

Brunei Isolation Center

Isolation Center Case Overview The construction of the new National Isolation Centrer building in Tutong district is a response of the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, particularly to meet the needs of the Ministry of Health in treating and monitoring infected COVID-19 patients in the country.
medical doors and ward doors

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

Hospital Case Overview Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University Pediatric Surgery Department of the South Hospital specialises in the surgical treatment of infants and children with congenital malformations and tumours. Mainly engaged in general pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, neonatal surgery and other clinical and scientific research work. The main goal of the hospital's renovation ... Read more

Bio Mobile Shelter PCR Laboratory

Laboratory Case Overview Mingde biological mobile shelter PCR laboratory consists of a 12-meter long, designed in strict accordance with the level of secondary biosafety laboratory, with independent reagent preparation, sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification and product analysis in four areas, laboratory airflow, The flow of people and logistics comply with the regulations of single flow ... Read more


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.