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International Health Port Case overview

International Health Port Case overview

Project Name: Zhuhai International Health Port
Project location: Zhuhai, Guangdong
Product category: aluminum frame steel door, escape door, double insulating glass window

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Case Customer Profile

Zhuhai International Health Port is located at the core of the "Jinwan Biomedicine Zone". It is a high-end and international biomedicine that integrates biomedical production, learning, research, sales, and service, and is built by Jinwan District of Zhuhai City. Comprehensive industrial park. The field of biopharmaceuticals has very high hygienic requirements in the R&D and production stages, which is a test of the cleanliness and airtightness of the interior of the space. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right doors and windows.

Case Pain Point/Demand Analysis

The project adopts E-ZONG Greek sky blue aluminum frame steel door, the overall tone of the clean space is unified, and the style is clean, simple and bright. Red push-type escape door is designed in line with the escape instinct of the human body. It has a simple structure and is convenient for daily cleaning. The color of the door body supports customization. Double insulating glass window is flat and beautiful, and the four corners are attached with molecular sieves to prevent fogging and bacteria. Strong permeability, ensuring space lighting and internal and external perspective.

Case Solutions

Door frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy spliced ​​at a 45° angle, with meticulous workmanship, no obvious interface, and a seamless body; Door leaf is made of Ansteel color-coated board with built-in customized hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core material, which has excellent anti-collision and compression resistance. The push-rod escape lock conforms to the escape design of the human body, and it can be opened with one push, meeting the rapid escape in emergency situations; 8mm tempered glass panel, safe and durable, can observe the internal and external conditions at any time; The surrounding frame is usually red, and the color can be customized according to the needs, and multiple colors are available. Double insulating glass window has been specially treated to prevent fogging and bacteria spots after long-term use. Surrounded by black silk screen printing, the overall atmosphere is clean, adding a sense of luxury; The glass material is Xinyi toughened white glass, which has strong compression resistance and cushioning performance, and is not easy to break; In the event of a strong external force impact and breakage, only obtuse-angled particles will be formed, which improves safety performance.

Finished Product Rendering

Sanitation, airtightness, and easy cleaning are the three keys to choosing a hospital door. 01. Hygiene. The structure of the door body is reasonable, the surface is flat and smooth, it is not easy to accumulate dust, and it is moisture-proof and does not hang water drops, which reduces the adhesion and reproduction of bacteria. 02. Airtight. Ensure that the gaps around the door leaf are kept to a minimum, and the bottom is equipped with relevant firmware to enhance air tightness. 03. Easy to clean. The frequency of disinfection and cleaning in the hospital environment is high, and the materials need to be resistant to cleaning and corrosion, and to be bright and clean for a long time.

Customer Summary/Evaluation

With fine design and optimized materials, E-ZONG products have shown good product performance in terms of use efficiency and appearance experience, making them a good choice for clean construction!


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.