Why is the medical clean board so widely used?

In daily life, people spend most of their time in reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, moving in small spaces separated by brick walls. However, we seem to unknowingly associate buildings with red bricks, cement, and sand, but ignore that there are many architectural spaces around us that are built with boards. Among them, the demand for ... Read more
hospitals, clinics, laboratories

How can hospitals, clinics, and laboratories be upgraded at the lowest cost to fight the COVID-19?

Various types of hospitals, clinics, laboratory upgrades The new crown epidemic sweeping the world is constantly challenging the construction of human medical and health systems, and it is also testing various medical hardware facilities. However, in many countries and regions in the world, there are still a large number of hospitals, clinics and laboratories with ... Read more
clean room door

Great Performance Clean Room Door Overview

Due to strict regulations, most pharmaceutical and life science products must be manufactured under clean room conditions. A high performance clean room door is the first step to ensuring a safe and clean environment, and choosing the right door for this highly specialized environment is essential. To support regulatory compliance and product quality, these high-performance ... Read more

Module Cabin of Nucleic Acid Testing in Guangzhou

The "Work Plan for Further Promoting the Construction of New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Capability" issued by the National Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism clearly pointed out the capacity building of Module Cabin of Nucleic Acid Testing, which has led to many PCR production enterprises competing with each other to enter the innovative creation of ... Read more

How to Choose a Range of AHU Aluminum Profile?

1. we are selling aluminum profile and accessories for making fresh air handling unit boxes, but not including the machines inside. 2. When making air handling unit box, using aluminum profile and accessories to connect, no welding, easy to install and environmentally friendly. 3. The air handling unit box with aluminum profile and accessories is ... Read more

Where We Need Air Diffusion Products?

What if all the building's air diffusion products disappeared overnight? Perhaps it's the dreary, suffocating air in a confined high-rise building, or the still air in a small space and struggling to breathe. Yes, you can't imagine that this seemingly simple diffuser for air vent has long been an integral part of our lives. If ... Read more

How to Customize Aluminum Profiles?

Aluminum profiles are usually manufactured by metal extrusion. This involves feeding the aluminum billet into a mold with a specific cross-section. The resulting extruded product can be a smaller, more elongated version, as both are possible. Aluminum profiles are usually by-products used in structures. According to the purpose, three types of profiles can be distinguished: ... Read more

How to Choose Air Handling Unit Components?

In the all-air system, the equipment that makes the air entering each area space is processed in the machine room, we call it the air handling unit, which is extremely important in the indoor air circulation. Different air handling unit components are combined to form an air handling unit system, which is responsible for the ... Read more

How to Choose a Clean Room Door Supplier?

You search for the keyword "clean room door" on the Internet, and the search engine instantly lists thousands of results for you. You try to click one by one to understand it carefully, but find that this is a difficult task at all. There are so many businesses and so many information, you are dazzled ... Read more


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      We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.