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How to Choose a Range of AHU Aluminum Profile?

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  • 2022-05-24
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1. we are selling aluminum profile and accessories for making fresh air handling unit boxes, but not including the machines inside.

2. When making air handling unit box, using aluminum profile and accessories to connect, no welding, easy to install and environmentally friendly.

3. The air handling unit box with aluminum profile and accessories is convenient and easy to maintain due to the common and easy disassembly and assembly of aluminum profile and aluminum accessories.

4. Variable shapes and sizes for option, fit for 25 mm,30 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm thickness sandwich panel.

5. Accessories for AHU body like handle, hinge, panel block, gasket, plastic bushing, plastic connector, observation window...... also can be manufactured by ourselves.

6. AHU is widely used in hotels, hospitals, offices, malls, electronic industries, restaurants clubs, halls, etc.

Air Handling Unit Products

The air treatment unit is a centralized air treatment system, it originated from the centralized equipment setting, through the air duct distribution heating air forced hot air heating and ventilation system. Its basic working process is outdoor fresh air and indoor part of the return air mixed, through the filter to filter out the air dust, soot, black smoke, and organic particles, and other harmful substances. The clean air is sent by the fan to the cooler or heater for cooling or heating, so as to make people feel comfortable, suitable degree, and then sent into the room. From its definition and function, the air treatment unit is still quite easy to use, to solve the requirements of much general air conditioning in life can not be achieved, if someone needs such a function of the unit, the air treatment unit is worth considering.

Dust in the air on human health and the quality of the products have influence, especially in some special industries, such as instrument, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, a high place to air cleanliness requirement, also some of the exhibition hall, airport and other large space, adult flow, this request according to the requirements of different industries in different places to choose air handling units. Air treatment unit has the advantages of large air volume, high air quality, and energy-saving. A good air treatment unit should have the characteristics of less space, more functions, low noise, low energy consumption, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, and maintenance. However, because of its functional sections, complex structure, to do this without losing the other, it requires designers and construction units in the material, manufacturing process, structural characteristics, selection, and calculation of multiple comparisons, in order to achieve more satisfactory results. So when chosing air treatment units, we should refer to some actual cases to see whether the air treatment units in real life can meet your needs, good use, and other problems.

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.