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Why can China's Mobile cabin hospital be built so quickly ?

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  • 2022-11-24
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Mobile cabin hospital

Do you know the speed of construction of mobile cabin hospital in China?

Let me introduce you a few sets of numbers, I believe you will have a stronger feeling. During the anti-epidemic period in Wuhan in 2020, the construction of Leishen Mountain took 12 days and the construction of Vulcan Mountain took 9 days. In the current front line of Hong Kong's anti-epidemic, the makeshift hospital was completed and successfully delivered in only 7 days. From the ever-shortening construction time of the shelter, we can see that the construction speed of the Chinese shelter is not only fast, but also the time is still shortening, and we are working hard to race against the epidemic!

In addition to government support and 24-hour uninterrupted construction in two shifts, the high speed of construction of makeshift hospitals also depends on the systematic connection of the hardware supply chain. By providing one-stop service, the shelter hardware facilities suppliers save the time and cost of product channel development for the project, which greatly improves the efficiency.

Mobile cabin hospital

What is the one-stop service of products for the construction of makeshift hospitals? Can such a one-stop service really realize the rapid construction of makeshift hospitals? If you are committed to improving the construction of makeshift hospitals and clean projects, you must not miss this article!

In the construction of the overall structure of the shelter, it is necessary to use plates, clean room aluminum profiles, clean room doors, clean windows, air vents, air diffusers, etc. What we call one-stop service means that the purchaser can purchase the required materials at one time from the same supplier, and does not need to find another supplier to purchase the missing products.

The basis of mobile cabin hospital construction - clean room aluminum profiles.

Clean room aluminum profiles include slot aluminum, angle aluminum, T-shaped aluminum, medium-shaped aluminum, ceiling aluminum, R-angle arc aluminum, etc.They are used in the manufacture of clean room doors and windows in clean room construction, the connection of wall panels and ceiling panels, the fixing of windows, and the internal and external corner materials for clean room corners.The use of clean room aluminum profiles can take advantage of the characteristics of clean appearance, thick texture, and excellent waterproof and arson performance of aluminum profiles, and achieve high airtightness inside the shelter through effective splicing.It can also ensure that the shelter is polluted and requires high-frequency and high-intensity cleaning. It is not easy to retain moisture and breed bacteria, exert excellent corrosion resistance, and improve the overall use efficiency of the shelter.

The airtight choice for mobile cabin hospital construction - clean room doors and windows

The selection of clean room doors and windows is very important in the construction of the shelter. As a mobile and convenient comprehensive medical platform, air tightness and safety requirements are no less than that of conventional wards and departments in ordinary hospitals.

In order to ensure air tightness, clean room doors and windows will use high-quality silicone strips as the edge of the door frame and door leaf. The highly elastic silicone strip will rebound under pressure after the door leaf is closed, closely fit the door leaf, reduce the gap left, and well block the circulation of indoor and outdoor air. At the same time, in order to further enhance the airtightness, a sealing strip can also be installed at the bottom of the clean door, which can be automatically raised and lowered according to the opening and closing state of the door, so that the interior of the shelter can be double airtight.

Detail control of mobile cabin hospital - air conditioning and ventilation system

The air-conditioning and ventilation system of the shelter uses the intake-exhaust method for forced ventilation, and the intake-exhaust ventilation is realized by pressing the hot and cold air into the cabin and discharging the air in the cabin at the same time. The hot and cold air passes through the air inlet of the air conditioner → the air inlet hood → the air duct in the cabin → inside the cabin → the air return air outlet of the air conditioner to form an internal circulation of air flow, so as to achieve the purpose of air circulation and purification.

To achieve the overall gas conversion in the room, it must be equipped with a large number of vents, diffuser and air diffuser. The tuyere and diffuser products used in the shelter must have high-standard antibacterial conditions, and the air supply speed must be stable, which can effectively ensure that the air pressure in the space remains at a normal level.

Mobile cabin hospital

Now you should know how important it is to have a reliable supplier who can provide one-stop clean product services in the shelter construction project! Then you should ask me, how can I find such suppliers?

It can be produced in large quantities and can provide quality-assured clean room aluminum profiles, clean room doors, air vents, air diffuser and other products - E-ZONG, it should be your good choice!

26 years of ingenious work, with a professional R&D team of more than 50 people, the trusted choice for more than 10,000 projects. With the professional, dedicated and specialized craftsmanship spirit, under the premise of ensuring quality, E-ZONG constantly requires its own development to fit the trend of the times and provide better product application solutions for the construction of clean rooms and clean medical cabins in the new era.

We sincerely hope to be a good helper for your engineering construction. You can contact us in any way and look forward to cooperating with you!

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