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Wall Air-tight Swing Door

Genernal Description

Wall Air-tight Swing Door this series of doors is specially designed for use in hospitals and public places, and uses arc transition design in structure. Anti-collision, no dust accumulation, easy to clean. Install high-quality sealing strips around the door leaf, with good Good air tightness and anti-pinch at the same time. The panel adopts wear-resistant, moisture-proof, impact-resistant, flame-retardant, antibacterial, Anti-fold special board with the advantages of anti-fouling and rich colors. It can effectively solve the problem of public places or hospital doors. The wall air-tight swing door is suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, and clean and various places that require air-tightness.

Major Advantage Highlights

1. Arc design,anti-collision and anti-scraping

2. Innovative hinge to prevent dust

3. The physically fixed structure of the panelst

4. The observation window is free of plaque and fog

5. Panel cleaning antibacterial

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Product name

Normal width of door hole(mm)

Normal height of door hole(mm)

Opening angle


Wall thickness(mm)

The type of panel

Door leaf thickness(mm)

Observation window size (mm)

Single door

800 / 900 / 950



Wall door


Colored GI panel, SUS panel, HPL


250 × 650, 450 × 650, 400 × 600

Unequal double door

1200 / 1350

Double door

1500 / 1800

The type of lock

Handle lock, Globular lock, Split lock, Push type panic bar, Touch the bead lock, SUS handle

Access Control

Exposed door closers, lnterlocking, Electrics wing door machine

Detailed Pictures

Door leaf corner

Door leaf corner



Observation window

Observation window

Door leaf prafile

Door leaf prafile





Sweeping strip

Sweeping strip

Hardwares & Accessories

1. Hardware Options

Angle Sample Picture Description Brand Name Model Number Adjustment Method Specificaion / Features
Hardware Options
Exposed door closers refer to the main body and arm of door closers installed outside the door frame or door fan. Exposed door closers BMQ2002 Adjusting the tightness of the door closer means adjusting the closing speed. When the force is large, the speed is fast, and when the force is small, the closing speed of the door closer is slow. Automatically close the door and protect the door
Hardware Options
Floor springs are usedl in high traffic areas and / or where the doors are required to swing both ways-double acting. Floor spring BMQ2003 Floor springs are also a kind of door-closing equipment Floor springs can be used for doors that open in two directions, while door closers can only be used for doors that open in one direction. The technical key to the floor spring is the load-bearing seat at the lower part of the main shaft, which determines the load-bearing class of the floor spring.


2. Handle / Knob

Angle Sample Picture Description Brand Name Model Number Adjustment Method Specificaion / Features
Handle / Knob
Handle locks the door fittings that cannot be ignored with or be short of, it has adornment sex and function sex at the same time. Handle lock ST1001 Traditional method of use You can walk up to the door, push the handle down and open the door.
Handle / Knob
When the handle and the decorative cover of the lock cylinder are separated and each has its own decorative cover, we call it a split lock. Split lock ST1002 Traditional method of use Anti-rusted, strong 304 handle.
Handle / Knob
Spherical handle lock is the simplest and has a very low safety factor. It is generally used for bathroom doors or kitchen doors. Spherical handle lock ST1003 Traditional method of use Mainly use high-quality zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials with advanced surface treatment technology, which is durable.


3. Glass Options

Angle Sample Picture U-factor Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Vision Light Transmitance UV Protection Anti-Explosion Denoise
Single Glass ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆
Double Glass ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆


4. Other Accessories

Angle Sample Picture Description Brand Name Model Number Adjustment Method Specificaion / Features
Other Accessories
Swing automatic door motor It can be equipped with an object or human body induction sensor to intelligently identify contact-free automatic door opening and closing; it can be linked to the access control system to authorize automatic door opening and closing. Swing automatic door motor / Microcomputer intelligent control. It has the anti-pinch function of light touch reverse protection when encountering obstacles.
Other Accessories
Foot reaction switch
is a kind of switch by foot or foot to control the circuit on and off, used in the hands can not touch the control circuit to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation.
Foot reaction switch / Use microprocessor to modulate and demodulate automatic infrared. Management software: powerful, automatic upgrade
Induction control, easy to operate, replace with feet, prevent hand contamination.
Other Accessories
Face recognition switch is the use of face recognition technology to collect photos and photos have been saved, ID photos are compared and provide face similar value, the staff can judge whether to directly pass or manually audit according to the level of similar value. Face recognition switc / Human body induction. Easy and quick: Don't press, just look.


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.