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Purification Products FFU Aluminum Profile Series

Genernal Description

Cleanroom aluminum profile is the auxiliary product supporting colored steel partition in cleanroom project. According to different surface treatment technology, the cleanroom aluminum profiles are classified anode oxidation (light color) aluminum profile, electrophoresis aluminum profile, spray aluminum profile, grinding aluminum profile.

Major Advantage Highlights

1. Resistance to corrosion

2. Recyclability

3. Machinability, Formability

4. Simple structure, strong stereoscopic effect

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Performance / Characters

Product Name Purification Profile Ceiling Hanger FFU Aluminum Profile
Hanging Beam Series FFU keel hanging beam, Chinese character hanging beam, T-shaped hanging beam, C-shaped hanging beam, etc.
Custom Type Existing mold size / drawing or sample provided by client
Length 3m or 6m per piece. customized request available
Surface Treatment Mill finished, anodized,powder coated etc.
Color Metal silver, champagne, black, white, mirror,customized requsest available
Deep Process CNC milling, drilling, punching, drilling, tapping, bending, welding etc.
Guarantee Surface color can be stable for 10-20 years indoor using
Packing Details Inside: packed with plastic file to protect each piece
Outside: wrap to be bundles by waterproof craft paper or epe film. customized request available
Application Cleanroom workshop, doors, windows, glass walls, ceilings, LED strips, motor housings, industrial profiles, decoration, etc.

Detailed Pictures

Detailed Pictures

Detailed Pictures

Hardwares & Accessories

1. Hardware Options

Pictures Model Number MM
Hardware Options
JH008B 1.2
Hardware Options
JH008B-1 /
Hardware Options
FFU-4 /
Hardware Options
FFU-3 /
Hardware Options
FFU-2 /


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.