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Aluminum Air Control Damper FK002

Genernal Description

Aluminum Air Control Damper is mainly used to adjust the air volume, reduce the wind speed, wind pressure, reduce noise, and the sealing effect is quite good. The main driving method is the gear handle driving and manual adjustment.Control damper are installed at various points of piping work to regulate the flow of air through the system. These dampers can also be adjusted for heating and cooling air in the air mixing zone. The control damper will fully open or fully close its vanes several times a day to perform its given task. Dampers can be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating or cooling) to unused rooms, or to adjust it for room-by-room temperature and climate control.

Major Advantage Highlights

1. Made of extruded aluminium profiles

2. Each layer of diffuser frame is stamped and formed in one piece, without welding points

3. Blades are weatherproof to protect from outside rain

4. Manually or by electric actuator

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Performance / Characters

Material Aluminum alloy
Color Electrostatic spraying, anodizing
Sizes All the sizes can be produced upon request
Note Frame model SH820C
Purpose Used to adjust the air volume on the air duct system

Detailed Pictures

Structure Diagram

Structure Diagram







Hardwares & Accessories

1. Accessories

Pictures Description Brand name Model Number Adjustment method Specificaion / Features
Accessories Aluminum handle that used to adjust volume control damper blade in air handling unit Aluminum Handle AC-003 Manual adjustment Easy installation and adjustable
Accessories Gears have been slowly transformed from metal gears to plastic gears. Because plastic gears are more lubricating and wear-resistant. Can reduce noise, reduce costs, reduce friction Gears(Damper set) AC-004 Manual adjustment Reduce noise, Reduce costs, Reduce friction


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.