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How to Choose the Panel and Core Material of the Door Leaf?

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  • 2022-05-12
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The door leaf is composed of panel and core material.

Our standard core material is aluminum honeycomb, honeycomb core material is mainly divided into the metal honeycomb and non-metal honeycomb two categories. Aluminum honeycomb and paper honeycomb are widely used as filling materials for medical door leaf. The following is a comparison of the characteristics of the two core materials of the door leaf:

1. Strength performance

As a kind of composite material, aluminum honeycomb has the characteristics of low density, lightweight, high strength, good rigidity, and tear resistance. Although paper honeycomb has the advantage of light structure quality, it is far inferior to aluminum honeycomb in bending resistance, shock absorption, fatigue resistance, and other properties.

2. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum honeycomb surface treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, with strong corrosion resistance. Paper honeycomb is made of kraft paper or straw paper bonded honeycomb core, easy to bond with the glue chemical reaction, corrosion.

3. Sound insulation performance

Aluminum honeycomb is a kind of porous discontinuous material, the solid part area is very small, the density is very low, and the surface area is very large. The volume of the solid part is only 1% ~ 3%, and the rest of the space is gas in a sealed state. Because the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of gas are better than any solid material, the honeycomb aluminum plate has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance. Paper honeycomb has little effect on sound insulation due to its material limitation.

4. Collision resistance

Aluminum honeycomb panel has good toughness and resilience, can absorb most of the energy under external load, has the effect of vibration reduction. Therefore, the aluminum honeycomb core material has strong impact resistance and is not easy to produce deformation depression when it is impacted by an external force.

Paper honeycomb core material also has a certain damping performance, but the impact resistance is not as strong as metal honeycomb core, easy to be deformed by impact.

5. Fire prevention and moisture-proof performance

Aluminum honeycomb is a non-combustible material, fire grade B1, with good flame retardant fire performance and waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Paper honeycomb for combustible material, not fire; And in such humid environment as a toilet, easy to mold deformation.

Reasonable material selection can not only meet the use requirements but also minimize the cost. If improper material selection, the result may be that the material performance exceeds the use requirements, resulting in unnecessary waste; Or it may not meet the requirements of use, resulting in degradation or unavailability. Therefore, the demand side should attach great importance to the importance of reasonable material selection.

In clean engineering, the choice of clean door material is also very important. Clean door materials are available for a variety of choices, the most commonly used is color steel plate. Color steel plate refers to the color coated steel plate, color coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating, has good corrosion resistance, bright color, beautiful appearance, convenient processing and forming, and has the advantages of the original strength of the steel plate and low cost.

HPL series widely used, popular low-carbon environmental protection material. After high temperature and high-pressure molding solid core decorative plate, with durable bacteriostatic, fire resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance; Pollution resistance, easy to clean; High-density solid core, fastening and durable, not only decorative materials but also structural materials. 

The raw material of the clean door is stainless steel because it has many advantages, such as resistance to air, steam, water, and other weak corrosive media and acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical corrosion medium corrosion of steel.

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