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Guangzhou Yizhong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in 1996 named "SANHE", has been developing for more than 20 years with branches and factories in Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Taishan. Yizhong (E-ZONG) is the most professional and perfect in the clean industry in south China.

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Air Handling Unit (AHU) Frame Profile

Yizhong (E-ZONG) is the most professional and perfect in the clean industry in south China.

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Basic Knowledge of Hospital Clean Room Door | Designs For EZONG 

What Is A Hospital Clean Room ?

In my opinion, a cleanroom (GMP cleanroom) is a combination of engineering design, manufacturing, completion, and operations control (control strategy) needed to transform a "normal" room into a "clean room". This blog will attempt to explain the necessary characteristics of a regulated corporate cleanroom that does not produce strong chemicals or active or hazardous biologicals. If there are significant containment requirements, those requirements will go beyond the scope of a "simple" blog like this. In the pharmaceutical sense, clean rooms are rooms that comply with the GMP requirements defined in the GMP sterile specification, i.e. Annex 1 of the EU GMP and PIC / S directives and other standards. and guidelines for local health requirements.


So Why Do You Need A Clean Room Door ?

In EU GMP and PIC / S directives (i.e. containers exposed to the outside. On the other hand, according to EU Annex 1 and the definition of PIC / S GMP, the production of medicinal products sterile must use a clean room In addition to the airborne particle concentration limits used to classify clean rooms, this appendix defines many additional requirements.


In short, if you produce non-sterile drugs, you must be very careful to classify or classify your own area, for example, classifying the part as "Class D". Although this is not a regulatory requirement, many regulatory bodies (like the Australian TGA) will expect you to fully comply with all of the requirements for a Class D room set out in the Annex 1, although this is not a GMP regulatory requirement. Therefore, if you classify a room as Class D, you will have to bear the consequences and costs of maintaining that clean room during operation.


What Type of Cleanroom Do You Need?

If you are a manufacturer of non-sterile drugs, you should define your own aluminium clean room / regional standards using national and international standards. Typically, manufacturers define standard levels of particle concentration in air, such as ISO 14644-1, ISO 8 (at rest), contour gowns, and pressure cascade mechanisms, and define a design of "Clean hallway" or a "dirty hallway" design. 


Importance Of Clean Room Door

A hospital clean room must hygienic, and must be cleaned daily. Especially vulnerable to spreading infection are high-touch surfaces such as bed rails, IV poles, call bells, and door handles. Using standard cleaning practices and incorporating new technologies, the environmental services staff can increase the cleanliness of a hospital. For example, "no-touch" technology can prevent the spread of infectious diseases by using no-touch cleaning methods.


The latest hospital clean room door systems are equipped with a three-level filtration. The filtration system in return air must have a lower concentration load than the fresh air. The use of a medium-efficiency filter is recommended for return air. This is because the two types of air have different dust concentration load ratios. This way, a hospital can maintain the highest level of cleanliness while minimizing infection risk. It's a simple process, but it's effective and it saves lives.


The ASHRAE standards for hospital clean rooms include the use of ultraviolet light for disinfection, which is widely accepted as a no-touch technology. The downside to ultraviolet light is that it can leave spores and other contaminants in the room. ASHRAE is the organization that developed these guidelines. However, hospitals may try to spin your case as a housekeeping case and characterize it as medical malpractice, making it difficult to get representation.


Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a huge industry. A hospital operating room has the highest air quality requirements. A qualified hospital operating room must have an air-filtering system that has a 30 percent efficiency prefilter and a 90% sub-high efficiency filter. While a hospital clean room is not required to use a high-efficiency filter, it's vital for patients' health. Regardless of the location, the air quality in a clean room can make a difference in their lives.


Infection prevention and control is critical to the overall health of patients. Infections can affect the immune system and can be fatal. Infection prevention and control can reduce the risk of a patient's infection and save millions of lives. By reducing the risk of HAI, hospitals can improve patient safety. An effective clean room will improve the environment and keep infections at bay. It can also save money and reduce costs in a hospital.

1. Introduction

Ezong founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in 1996 named "SANHE", has been developing for more than 20 years with branches and factories in Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, and Taishan. E-ZONG is the most professional and perfect in the clean industry in south China.

The company integrates R&D, production, and sales of cleanroom aluminum profiles, air-conditioning unit frame aluminum profiles, air diffuser aluminum profiles, and clean room doors, medical automatic doors, swing doors, air diffusers, and other aluminum products. Products are widely used in medical and health, bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, machinery, and electronics industries. The production of its products introduces a full set of CNC machining equipment, and its quality is in a leading position in the same industry. Now Yizhong (E-ZONG) is occupying a plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, having more than 300 employees.

We uphold the “people-oriented” enterprise development strategy, wholeheartedly for you to provide top-quality products and superior service. For example, in air grille manufacture and clean room aluminum profile usage, we not only guarantee the quality of product surface finish handling, but also consider the appearance, cost competitiveness, and other factors for customers, be sure the products have more competitive power in the market.

Since its establishment, Yizhong (E-ZONG) has obtained the "Appearance Design Patent Certification", "Invention Patent Certification" and "Practical Patent Certification", and has passed the "ISO9001" quality management system certification. The company constantly introduces the management mode and production equipment of the leading industry, and always focuses on creating environmental aluminum products and making our products leading the trend of the highest standard. Advanced production equipment, scientific process control, and strict quality test have laid a solid foundation for Yizhong (E-ZONG)'s market.


The demand of customers is the foundation for us to survive and develop. 


Surpass the expectation of customers is the method for us to succeed.


In the future, Yizhong (E-ZONG) will continue to implement the business strategy of technology, quality, and service. With innovative technology, excellent quality, and service, we will sincerely work together with you all to create a brilliant future!


2. Production Capacity

The company has a complete quality management system and a series of production, inspection, and debugging equipment with international level years of product manufacturing experience Created a group of experienced and skilled technicians and manufacturing workers.

Yizhong from the domestic and overseas introduction of advanced cleanroom doors and Windows production equipment up to more than 20 sets, from raw materials to doors and Windows products off the line, high-precision automation production process in the industry occupies a leading position, to first-class product quality to meet the fierce market demand. with automatic control of feeding positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine can use the international latest technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further exert their own advantages, better service to customers, enhance the brand image.

Based on professional technology, thoughtful service, and reliable quality assurance, Wiskind is looking forward to providing you with innovative, reliable, and economical solutions.

3. Application Domain

Products are widely used in medical and health, Bio pharmaceutical, food and beverage, machinery and electronics industries. Focus on providing system solutions for clean room and medical construction.


Purification engineering refers to the control of the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in which the product is exposed, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. The design and construction process of this environmental space can be called purification engineering. Purification engineering refers to within a certain space, the air particles, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand, purification engineering and the special design of the room. No matter how the external air conditions change, the indoor can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure performance characteristics.


Purification works commonly known as dust-free workshop, purification workshop, clean room, etc., suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other occasions with clean requirements. The use of doors and Windows in the purification workshop is called the purification door and the purification window. The door body is formed in one body, beautiful and generous, with good sealing, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, easy cleaning and other advantages. The color is diverse, the width of the door frame can be customized, and the structure is reasonable.


We are a large manufacturer focusing on high-quality purification doors and Windows, committed to providing purification engineering customers with purification doors, purification Windows, transfer Windows, operating room automatic doors and other products. We have cooperated with a large number of hospitals, laboratories, purification workshops and other projects. We have strict requirements on the research and development and production quality of products needed for the construction of purification projects. Our products are widely used in the construction of purification projects.

4. History


1996 - Dream

Yizhong sees the opportunity of The Times, and begins to operate tuyere aluminum products in Guangzhou, which has begun to take shape.


2001 - Thinking

In order to better meet the customized needs of customers, Yizhong invested in the production of tuyere profile factory and instrument mold factory respectively.


2004 - Development

Yizhong invests more than one million dollars in R&D and design every year, and has won the ISO9001 quality management system certification.


2008 - Opportunity

Formally entered the medical aluminum customization industry, independent development and design of hospital doors, clean room products, the establishment of clean business division in Foshan, and the construction of hundreds of acres of production base in Sanshui, quickly become the leader in the field of hospital door design and manufacturing.


2015 - Mature

Yizhong established Yizhong Group, the products cover clean doors and Windows, clean profiles, tuyere, cabinet machine whole series of products. The factory covers Foshan, Taishan, Zhongshan, Guizhou and so on, and the production base covers an area of more than 300 mu.


2018 -- Breakthrough

Yizhong is well aware that excellent quality and leading technology is the foundation of the establishment. In 2018, the products have accumulated more than 40 utility model patents and design patent certificates. The products are widely recognized by the market, and quickly become the benchmark enterprise in the clean industry in South China.


2020 - Boom

Yizhong seize the global opportunity to sell products worldwide, a number of national isolation centers (NIC) are using Yizhong clean door products, at the same time, Yizhong officially promote the transformation of enterprises to the Internet, and strive to become the first brand in the Internet clean industry.

5. Keyword


Clean room door


Doors are the most common objects in our daily life. They are the objects used to separate two interior


Spaces.The clean door is a kind of what kind of door, the following is for you to summarize the clean door is what kind of door.


The concept of cleanliness refers to the elimination of pollutants such as dust particles, hazardous gases, bacteria and viruses in the air within a certain indoor space standard, and the control of temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air speed and air distribution, noise and vibration, and static electricity in the room within a specific requirement standard.


And clean door usually refers to easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial, and excellent air tightness door, suitable for a variety of hospital construction, biological medicine laboratory, food and beverage processing plants, equipment and electronics factories and other occasions with high air tightness demand.


Because the application place is more special, compared with the general home decoration door, the function of clean door is significantly very important.


Follow the clean room construction decoration is not easy to produce dust, dust, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, not crack, moistureproof mildew proof, easy to clean, energy-saving and environmental protection such as the total standard, clean the door to the overall performance is good, have good appearance smooth, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, the advantages of easy to clean, and easy and quick installation, good sealing.


Therefore, it can be seen that high quality clean door needs to be easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial effect, good air tightness basic advantages.


Easy to clean that is, the overall structure of the door is neat, no gap, no dead corner, the surface of the decorative plate is smooth and smooth, no dust is easy to clean, easy to clean and disinfectant at ordinary times, no dead corner, one step in place, save time and energy.


Self-cleaning bacteriostatic panel is the selection of bacteriostatic and mildewproof panel, which can effectively reduce and control the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms, avoid mutual contamination, and touch one place is relatively safe, especially in public places where people gather.


Clean the door still need to configure high quality sealing strip, lifting sweeping the floor, can avoid the internal and external material (rain, dust, etc.) and air leakage or infiltration, can avoid or reduce because of mechanical vibration, the impact caused by the injury, and then achieve the sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and seismic effect, more good air tightness.


In addition, it should also have the characteristics of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.Door core should be selected light and firm filling material to prevent collision deformation.Also because clean space should often be disinfected and cleaned, clean door should have waterproof and moisture-proof, corrosion resistant characteristics, by weak acid and alkali solvent wipe are not fading, not layered, not moldy decay, beautiful color for a long time.


Clean doors are widely used in hospitals at all levels, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops, cosmetics factories and other clean Spaces, as well as public areas where people gather, such as schools and shopping malls.Easy to clean at ordinary times at the same time, but also reduce the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, reduce mutual pollution.


Airtight automatic door


Many people know that air-tight doors will be used in many industries. The production of air-tight doors is made of high quality stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet and other materials, and the process of cold plate baking paint is used, so compared with other ordinary doors, air-tight doors have many advantages.So why are air-tight doors widely used in various industries?Let's take a look at it together.


Reason 1: good air tightness


Because the air-tight door is made of high quality stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet and other materials, so its surface is relatively smooth and relatively able to withstand the resistance, in addition, in order to improve the air tightness in the production of air-tight door will be in the door plate and door frame on the production of silica gel sealing tape.Therefore, the air tightness of the air-tight door is relatively good, and it is precisely because of this feature that it has become one of the reasons why we choose it.


Reason 2: good corrosion resistance


Because airtight door is used by the cold plate painting process, therefore It can also freely according to the actual situation of specific to make the airtight door colour, and in the manufacturing process using standardized way to manufacture, so Such production made airtight door also has the very strong corrosion resistance, which can make the airtight door use longer service life.


Reason 3: There are many ways to open a door


The opening way of air-tight door and door is designed according to the specific situation of our industry. Therefore, air-tight door has several different ways to open the door, such as foot sensing switch, microwave induction probe, face recognition switch, card reading password disk, etc., which is the way designers will consider using.Therefore, the air-tight door is also favored by us because of several ways to open the door.


As can be seen from the above, it is because the airtight door has good airtight performance, good corrosion resistance, and there are a variety of ways to open the door, so it is widely used in a number of industries, so it can also show that the airtight door has been the attention of customers and favored by customers and friends.


In the modern era of rapid development of technology, airtight door has now become an indispensable product in many industries, which is more like a choice in the new era.The above is to introduce to you about the air-tight door why will be widely used related content, also hope that after the above content, can let you have further cognition and understanding of the air-tight door, and then choose to a more suitable air-tight door.

Classroom door




Classroom door why choose steel clean door?


The development of basic construction, perfect facilities and reasonable layout of modern schools will help to stimulate the pioneering spirit of campus people and maximize their learning potential. The beautiful campus environment makes people feel relaxed and happy, and can promote the physical and mental health development of campus people.Comfort classroom environment is conducive to the learning and development of students, so we need a high quality, beautiful and reasonable steel clean door as the classroom door, the door is an important infrastructure of the classroom, which plays the role of separating the two Spaces, can provide teachers and students with a comfortable and quiet education environment.


School classrooms are usually installed iron doors or wooden doors, rarely heard of steel clean door, steel clean door is mainly for the medical door of the hospital, a material performance requirements are relatively high environmental clean door.


Clean steel door with high strength, sound insulation, fire protection, anti-corrosive, moisture proof, easy to clean and disinfect, anti collision impact resistance and other advantages, door plank is made of galvanized steel sheet material, the surface of the high voltage electrostatic pensu processing, diversified color choose, built-in flame retardant type aluminium honeycomb, import hardware configuration, equipped with stainless steel "L" type folding hand door lock, smooth collision prevention clamp hand, high strength and impact resistance,Easy to install and durable.


School person flow is large, the door is daily need to switch between common door a few years will be broken, and students play combat between casual fall play met door can appear crack damage phenomenon such as breakage, schools in high cost and trouble, but the quality of the steel door clean is very high, high strength and resistance to impact resistance, sound insulation performance is good, good daily maintenance management,It has a longer service life.


The health of students is the key point we need to pay attention to. The pungent paint smell of ordinary doors or the wet wooden doors or the rust of iron doors affect the educational development of students, but the steel clean door does not drop the paint, electrostatic spraying, high quality standard production, easy to clean, green environmental protection and health.The door body can also be installed with a double-layer hollow tempered glass observation window, which can observe the students' learning situation or the occurrence of emergencies at any time.


The price of steel clean door will be higher than the ordinary door, but the clean door is guaranteed by high quality standard production, and the school to use steel door is the trend, is the best choice of the school classroom, when choosing to choose a professional safe clean door manufacturer, welcome to pay attention to consult more steel clean door information.


Food shop door




Food workshop as a place with special requirements, the use of the door also has special requirements, then how can we choose to let their satisfaction of the food workshop door? We can choose from the following three aspects:


1.The material of the door Nowadays, the popular engineering door material mainly includes steel door, wood-plastic door, resin door, ecological door and composite wood door. But it is suitable for the high requirements of the food workshop or the steel door, but it is recommended to use the food workshop door with a frame forming one, so that it is more solid and resistant, looks more concise and generous, and the function also needs to choose a more rich safety anti-clamp configuration, to ensure the safety of pedestrians.


2.look at the strength of the food workshop door manufacturers. Food workshop door general demand is relatively large, small businesses are difficult to provide such a large order business, if several small businesses put together to do a project, the late maintenance problem is more troublesome, there will be late maintenance is difficult to go on, so we must choose a strong food workshop door manufacturer, And have a wealth of installation service experience and improve the ability of after-sales service, professional manufacturers to provide product quality, stability and life more guaranteed.


3.About the choice of food workshop door style, the food workshop door adopts aluminum alloy profile edge sealing, which can greatly improve the grade of indoor door


Steel Door



This series door professional designed for use in public places, is suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical plant, food plant, electronics factory construction, purification room, laboratory, school, office, etc have now been installed to clean demanding industry use clean steel door, steel door clean is widely used in various industries, what is the advantage of its characteristics, We come to understand the advantages and characteristics of the steel clean door.


1, impact resistance

The steel door is made of galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate of first-class environmental protection, with high strength, impact resistance and good stability. The anti-collision belt can be set in a reasonable position, which is collision resistant and does not drop the paint. It is safe and reliable.


2, bacteriostasis and mildew suppression

The whole door body is smooth and smooth, easy to clean. The seamless splicing design can effectively avoid the breeding of bacteria and meet the health requirements. The antibacterial film material on the surface of the plate can effectively eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria adhering to the surface of the door fan.


3, fire and corrosion resistance

Steel clean door core material filled with high hardness flame retardant aluminum honeycomb, clean door because of its different materials, fire rating reached B1, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, outstanding performance of the product.


4. good air tightness and sealing performance

The three sides of the steel clean door body are sealed, the gap is tight, the bottom of the door is designed with automatic lifting sweeping device, which can reduce the friction to the ground, save time and effort, reduce noise, and have excellent airtight performance.


5, high quality accessories combination

Steel clean door selection are high quality hardware accessories, reliable quality, long service cycle. Can also be configured 5mm thick tempered double glass inspection window, around the rubber gap is tight, airtight firm and add beauty.


6, beautiful appearance and generous

Steel clean door surface electrostatic high voltage spray processing, color rich and diversified choice, can be customized according to customer's personalized color style needs, steel door installation method is simple and do not need to open the lock hole, convenient and fast, strong and durable.


7,  a variety of styles

The door frame and the door body are all selected for the integration of the production method, the steel door seamless splicing, the production of a variety of styles, the opening method of single door classification can be divided into right open type, left open type. Unequal double door can be divided into right - open, left - open. Double door can be divided into inner open type, outer open type.


8, green environmental protection and health

The materials used in the production and manufacturing of steel clean doors are health and environmental protection materials. The installation and use can achieve real green health and environmental protection, and the price of steel clean doors is more economical, so it is the priority choice of many industries.


Steel clean door to ensure the safety of product production and personnel, so it is widely used in various industries by the majority of consumers, therefore, it can also prove that steel clean door by the attention of consumers and is also loved by people.


 Medical lead protection door




All kinds of radioactive rays can not be perceived by human senses, but the harm caused by them is very huge, so in all kinds of laboratories and hospitals will be equipped with special ray protection doors, in order to isolate the vast majority of radioactive rays, to ensure the safety of staff. So, what are the functions of ray protection doors in practical application?


1, shielding function X-ray protective door general stainless steel plate, lead and other materials made of outer surface, inner keel and lined with a shielding plate, shielding plate will be according to the different environment of the different ray instrument and customized different materials and thickness, so that the radiation dose of staff is lower than the national provisions of the value.


2, At present, the more advanced electric ray protection door can be interlinked with the power supply of the irradiation device. The design procedure makes it impossible to open the ray machine under the state of opening the door. If the ray device is opened under the state of opening the door, it will be shut down immediately within 2 seconds to ensure the safety of the staff.


3, The switch of the ray protection door can be connected with the computer, and the real-time state of the ray protection door can be displayed on the computer, and the working state can be displayed on the LED display screen on the door, so as to realize computer control, button control and manual control and other control methods, and truly realize automation.


4, induction function most ray protection door integrated position sensor and infrared detector, if in the process of closing the door close personnel close or touch the door, the door can immediately stop closing and automatically open, with the function of running travel, limit, time protection.


In a word, the function of ray protection door has been relatively perfect, not only more humane, safety performance is also constantly improved. , of course, it has the function of is far more than that, how to screen a wider variety of ray, and how to further increase the rate of shielding is the main direction of the present study, the future, there will be more thin, more practical, more human, more secure ray door into the hospital, laboratory, became the "patron saint" of health of workers.


Purification door



Purification door is a term in clean room purification engineering: it refers to the door with clean room engineering supporting the protection, which is characterized by being able to meet the general requirements of clean room specifications, such as no corrosion, not easy to dust, easy to clean, no dead corner, etc.


With the higher and higher requirements of the purification degree of the production area, the development of medical facilities and the demand of electronic goods, the purification door is more and more popular in various industries. The steel purification door is a purification equipment channel for the staff to enter the clean room or the dust-free workshop. The purification door can block the polluted air. At present, steel purification door has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, microelectronics industry and other purification engineering needs industry.


Purification door is also divided into spring door and spring door, spring door: in the door classification according to the open method of the door classification of a door; A door fitted with spring hinges closes automatically when opened. Bulb door: A hydraulic door closure in which the spring is pressed by a worm wheel instead of a rack and pinion.


Questions about price, purification of steel door is generally calculated on square, due to different quality level, so the price also has certain gap, purification of steel door of different types, different areas, quotation there is a gap, at the same time many purification door manufacturer of purification because of the freight, as well as the different material to purify the door price is different also.


The characteristics of steel purification door:


1. Reduce the friction to the ground, open and close the door labor-saving, reduce noise, good sealing.


2. steel door purification door according to different materials, can be produced for steel fire door.


3. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, smooth, high strength, corrosion resistance, no dust accumulation, no dust, easy to clean, and convenient installation and fast.


4. The steel purification door is designed and produced for the requirements of easy cleaning and disinfection of the inner door of the clean workshop and no dead Angle.


5. steel purification door with wall type stainless steel door frame, color steel plate or stainless steel door fan, the overall performance of the product is good.


6. The opening mode of the purification door: double door is divided into inner opening type and outer opening type; The observation window and adjustable return air outlet can be added respectively. The single door can be divided into left opening type and right opening type.


What are the characteristics of ordinary doors compared with medical clean doors?


Medical clean door is a very common product in the medical place. Because of the special place of the medical institution, the passenger flow is large, the patient is concentrated, and it is easy to hit or pollute each other. Therefore, when choosing the medical clean door, it must be distinguished from the ordinary door. According to the special situation of medical institutions, compared with ordinary doors, medical clean doors have the following characteristics:


1. the hardness is high enough

Because the operating car through each ward often scratches the ward door, if the general wooden door through the bump will lead to a more serious phenomenon of paint damage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products with high hardness and wear resistance to ensure that the operating car will not produce paint damage and scratch after bumping against the door.


2. meet the clean requirements, easy to clean

Medical clean door in line with the strict requirements of modern hospital clean, easy to clean, product material hardness standard is high, corrosion resistance, for some of the dirty things that are difficult to clean, can use steel wire ball or cleaning liquid directly clean, which is also a key indicator of the difference between composite solid wood door.


3. antibacterial effect

Bio, a kind of mixed mineral added in the production process of the product, can eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and coliform within 24 hours, thus greatly reducing the harm degree of mutual contamination of bacteria in the hospital, so that the hospital can be trusted and the patients can feel at peace. 


4. Adopt professional colors to adjust the patient's psychology and ease the patient's mood

The product appearance material color is rich and bright, the hospital can choose the product color according to the hospital department. For example pink can ease mental pressure is big, give a person the feeling of a kind of elegant, harmonious warmth, ease mental pressure can make pulse slows down, dispel nervous mood. Therefore gynaecology ward is given priority to by pink.


5. environmental protection products

The products produced by reliable medical door manufacturers are usually green environmental protection products identified by the state, and have the green environmental protection label approved by the relevant national units. It is very safe and reliable to use in hospitals.

The difference between two kinds of fillers commonly used in medical doors and doors?


The commonly used material for medical door and door is a special structure of honeycomb core, which is mainly divided into two kinds: paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb. These two kinds of filling materials are widely used in medical doors. They have excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion prevention, energy absorption and shock absorption, heat preservation effect, and their bending and bending resistance, compression resistance and other characteristics. The following is a comparison of the characteristics of paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb:


1. Crashworthiness

Aluminum honeycomb has good flexibility and resilience, can absorb most of the energy when under external load, has the effect of shock absorption. Therefore, when the aluminum honeycomb core material is impacted by external forces, it has a strong impact resistance and is not easy to cause deformation and sag. Paper honeycomb also has a certain shock absorption characteristics, but the impact resistance is not as strong as aluminum honeycomb, and it is easy to be deformed by impact.


2. Strength performance

Aluminium honeycomb is a synthetic material with low density, light weight, high strength and good tear resistance. The density of aluminum honeycomb plate is about 3-7kg/m3, which is 1/5 of the weight of the same block plate, 1/6 of the glass material and 1/7 of the aluminum plate, which greatly reduces the load and cost.

Although paper honeycomb has the advantage of light structure quality, it is far less than aluminum honeycomb in bending resistance, shock absorption, fatigue resistance and other properties.


3. Sound insulation and heat insulation performance

Aluminum honeycomb is a kind of porous discontinuous material, the physical local area is small, the density is very low, and the surface area is relatively large. The physical local volume is only 1% ~ 3%, the rest of the place is in a closed state of gas, mainly because the heat insulation and sound insulation of gas can be better than other solid materials, so aluminum honeycomb has good heat insulation and sound insulation. In addition, aluminum honeycomb can be used to convert sound waves into heat, and can shield electromagnetic waves, also can be used to reduce sound. Paper honeycomb is mainly because of its material restrictions on sound insulation and heat insulation of very little use.


4. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum honeycomb surface by epoxy fluorocarbon processing, good corrosion resistance, salt spray two days without needle, crack, blister. Paper honeycomb is a kind of honeycomb pellet made of kraft paper or straw paper, which is easy to be corroded by chemical changes with the adhesive.


5. Fire and moisture-proof performance

Aluminum honeycomb for non-combustible material, fire rating reached B1, has a good flame retardant fire performance and waterproof moistureproof performance. The paper honeycomb is flammable material and not fireproof. If in a humid environment, it is easy to mold and deformation.


Through the above description, we can know that as a filling material, if applied in medical doors and other places with higher requirements, aluminum honeycomb filler in all aspects of performance will be much better than paper honeycomb. A good medical door is not only to look good, but also pay attention to practicality, both inside and outside the repair, combined with their own actual situation to choose the right door filling.

For medical airtight doors in the market prices are different reasons?


Now there are more and more manufacturers selling medical air-tight doors on the market. Different manufacturers have different strengths, leading to uneven product quality, so the price of medical air-tight doors on the market is also high or low.


With the development of science and technology, the technology of air-tight door industry is also developing constantly. Medical airtight door is also one of the innovative technologies, it creates more favorable conditions for the modern medical environment, brings convenience to the medical staff, but also reduces the harm to the medical staff, and is well received by each user. Medical airtight door is a collection of airtight, pressure resistance, dust and radiation protection and other advantages in one, is widely used in the medical industry.


In fact, the reason that affects the price of medical air-tight door is mainly to see the material of the door fan and its production process and the quality of each part of the accessories. The price of the product produced by using good accessories is certainly high, but it will be very cheap. Good accessories will not only affect the price, but also directly affect the service life and excess maintenance costs of medical airtight doors. We have strict requirements on the production process of medical air-tight doors. In the use of accessories, such as: motor, guide rail, inductor, controller, positioner, belt and so on, all of them are good accessories.


For example, the weight of the medical air-tight door is different from the material of the guide rail, which will also have an impact on the price. The weight of the guide rail above 300KG must use steel guide rail, 300KG under the use of aluminum alloy guide rail. There is no consistent standard for the thickness of air-tight door guide rail in hospitals on the market, so the thickness of air-tight door guide rail varies from 3mm to 6mm on the market. The thickness of air-tight door guide rail varies, resulting in different prices and weights of air-tight doors. The thicker the guide rail, the higher the cost.


When choosing medical air-tight doors, most customers want to find products with good quality, high air tightness and beautiful style.

Where are radiation-proof air-tight doors used?


With the development of science and technology, many things in People's Daily life will have radiation, such as mobile phone radiation, mobile phone base station and electromagnetic radiation. However, only when radiation reaches a certain value can it cause harm to our human body. In the medical industry, we can use radiation to check the body. Chest radiography, for example, involves radiation, and in those parts of the hospital, radiation is more intense. A radiation-proof air-tight door is needed to ensure that the radiation is only applied to the patient and does not affect others. Let's talk about where the radiation-proof air-tight door will be used? 


1. X-ray machine room

Medical X - ray machine emission of X - rays on the human body is from external radiation. The application of radiation-proof air-tight door in X-ray machine room can effectively ensure the health of staff, patients and the public. Places like these where radioactive materials are produced and emitted require a clear radiation protection plan to prevent radiation from spreading.


2. Medical imaging room

Medical imaging room refers to the place where non-invasive techniques and processes are used to obtain images of internal tissues of the human body or a part of the human body for medical treatment or medical research. Medical imaging room also belongs to the place with high radiation degree, so it also needs the protection of anti-radiation air-tight door, which is installed at the entrance and exit of the medical imaging room to avoid radiation damage to the people and staff in the past.


3. Radiotherapy room

Radiotherapy room is also one of the places where radiation is very high. The use of radiation-proof air-tight door is also a necessary project for this kind of treatment room. In order to prevent radiation from polluting the surrounding environment by means of doors and Windows, it is necessary to use radiation-proof air-tight door in this treatment room.

4. Interventional treatment channels

More by the room that the ray undertakes interventional treatment, more than the room should install radiation-proof air-tight door outside, in the treatment channel of those departments also should add radiation-proof air-tight door, so ability assures in the place outside the department also does not suffer the influence of radiation.


Through the above description, we can know that anti-radiation air-tight door has been applied in many places, like where radioactive substances are produced and emitted, there will be a clear radiation protection plan, and anti-radiation air-tight door will be installed to prevent radiation from emanating, so as to ensure the health of medical staff, patients and the public.


What are the characteristics of the observation window on the clean door?


The role of the observation window on the clean door is mainly to facilitate people to see the general situation inside the door without opening the door, and to quickly learn some basic information. Reduce the working time of the staff, do not need to frequently open the door to look inside the situation. Now I will tell you about the characteristics of the observation window of the clean door.


The observation window is generally designed with double-layer hollow toughened glass (conventional size is 250*650,450*650,400*600mm). The silica gel on the four sides is processed and the gap is close. The four corners are processed in 15 degrees radian, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. Observation window can be placed moistureproof agent, or nitrogen filled drying processing, prevention of a long time, in the humidity is relatively large environment, because the evaporation caused by moisture makes water attached to the glass on both sides.


Because everyone's aesthetic is different, in addition to the clean door color there are many, the shape of the observation window can also be selected according to the actual situation of the scene, the common shape of the observation window is rectangular, round, etc. The 15 degree radian processing in the four angles of the observation window, in addition to beautiful appearance, there are a lot of benefits. If the four angles are right angles, they will give a person a clear, rigorous and meticulous feeling, while the circular arc gives a person a more stable, moderate, smooth and approachable feeling. In the hospital, the use of clean doors and circular observation Windows is easier to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients and help patients recover early.


From the perspective of the actual observation effect, the vertical observation effect of the rectangular observation window is better than that of the square and the circle, while the horizontal observation effect is worse than that of the circle and the square, but the height requirement of the staff is not high. The actual observation effect of the circular and square observation Windows with the same diameter is the same, and the area of the circular is smaller than that of the square. The light transmittance range of the circular observation window with the same diameter is less than that of the square observation window, so the light of the square observation window will be relatively better.


Medical clean door color selection?

With the improvement of medical level, people's material and spiritual needs have become higher and richer. Therefore, medical services now need to be more close to human nature, people's senses, emotions and psychology. Now many hospital environmental facilities will also provide patients with a more comfortable medical atmosphere, in the installation of medical clean door is in the collocation of color is also exquisite. Here are some of the benefits of color matching:


Operating room door : generally choose green or blue, because it will give people a feeling of comfort, quiet and trust, which can effectively relieve mental and visual fatigue, because doctors are prone to visual fatigue when looking at blood red for a long time during the operation. Green and blue can also eliminate the visual fatigue of doctors.


Door of gynaecology and obstetrics : general choice uses purple, because can flabby nerve, relieve pain, can play certain adjustment effect to insomnia and mental disorder, still can let pregnant woman calm down. The series such as light purple can also reflect the characteristics of women, which can create a fashionable, soft and warm medical environment.


Pediatric door : the tonal color that the meeting on this tonal design chooses to represent children lively disposition chooses bright-colored color commonly, wait for instance orange collocation red green blue, the main is to want to use warm color to move, can reduce children to the fear feeling of hospital and doctor nurse, increase a kind of sweet and kind feeling.


Waiting room door : general choice warm yellow, because this kind of color can make a person cheerful, think symbolizing wisdom and bright, still can stimulate the vitality of the person.


Examination room door : general choice with blue, blue can let a person feel calm, let the patient eliminate nervous mood.


Emergency department door : the general choice is green, green also has a kind of green channel meaning, help to relieve nervous tension.


Door of internal surgery : more is to choose to use green, green also can sedate nervous system, promote secretes gastric juice, help digest, and can eliminate fatigue, alleviate fainting, disgusting and negative mood.


Neurology : general choice of yellow, yellow can stimulate the nervous system and digestive system, is conducive to the promotion of thinking logic ability, can stimulate the desire of depressed patients and willpower activities.


Facial features door : can choose to use blue, calm blue can slow muscle tension, flabby nerve.


Mental illness door : use to talk about blue commonly, talk about blue to be able to make the patient with high nervous spirit feel halcyon, comfortable, restless restless heart can be able to quell. 


Senile door : it is to use shallow orange commonly, can build an environment that is full of golden autumn luxuriant and rich poetry.


Intensive care unit door : beige, light green and pink can be selected, because beige is warm and quiet, light green is clean and gentle, and pink is warm but not strong.


Door of consulting room in the heart : more is to use blue, blue gives a person a kind of calm feeling, can let a person eliminate nervous mood, reduce the symptom such as dizziness, headache and insomnia.


Facts have proved that the medical clean door color collocation can increase the comfort of space, make the hospital environment more clean and atmospheric, is the patient feel warm and comfortable, reduce the psychological pressure of patients to the hospital.



How to achieve high air tightness?

Air tight door is often used in the medical industry and places with high air tightness requirements. How does it achieve high air tightness? The following is to analyze with you.


Airtight door to avoid be partition space and external indoor air convection, can be directly in the partition of the space to produce some of the pressure difference, that is to say by partition space inside the gas pressure is smaller than the external gas pressure, so, external use of indoor air pressure, effect is above the door, the door firmly buckle to fasten, ensure good sealing partition space, appear a gender, Then reduce the external pollution of the partition space.


Air tight door is generally used for external hanging and embedded installation, this installation method can be kept in the same plane with the wall, in addition to beautiful, but also in order to make the air tight door open and close smoothly to meet the special requirements of air tight, sound insulation and so on. Secondly, each side of the door page will be installed with silica gel seal, and the gap between the door page and the door frame will be filled and sewed, so as to prevent the entry of dust and bacteria and reduce the leakage of air.


When the air-tight door is closed, the door is offset to the door frame and the ground, and the four sides of the door seal are completely fitted to the door frame and the ground to ensure the tightness. When the door fan is opened, the door fan and the four sealing strips are loosened with the ground and the door frame to avoid the contact between the sealing strips and the ground and the door frame, which greatly reduces the wear degree of the sealing strips and improves the service life.


What are the advantages of steel clean door?

Now many medical institutions, laboratories, food factories and so on will be applied to the steel clean door, then why these places will choose the steel clean door? It has to be because the steel clean door has the following advantages. Next, I will introduce the advantages of steel clean doors for you.


1, high airtightness in the installation process will pay attention to keep the door frame and wall in the same plane, around the door frame will be equipped with 3mm sealing strip, very in line with the air tightness requirements of medical institutions, food factories and other places. The airtightness of the steel clean door is good, and the door will not have a crack in the closed state, so that the air conditioning or heating will not be lost. This is conducive to creating a working environment where medical staff, patients and employees feel comfortable with the appropriate temperature and physical and mental comfort. Not only that, effectively avoid the loss of heating and cooling, but also can save some heating and cooling costs, really kill many birds with one stone ah.


2, strong durability door panel using wear-resistant, moisture-proof, stamping resistance, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, rich color and other advantages of the anti-multiple board, can effectively solve the public places or hospitals are very easy to appear, touch, scratch, deformation and other problems, greatly improve the durability of clean door. Arc design is adopted in the structure of the door handle, which can effectively prevent collision. Hinge is relatively easy to wear, are the use of imported hardware to ensure the life cycle of its products. And relative to other ordinary doors, steel clean door cost performance obviously has a great advantage.


3, the use of comfortable and reliable quality of steel clean door bearings are the use of advanced accessories, also with lifting type sweeping strip. Reduce friction, so that the clean door in the use of labor-saving, and open the door will automatically shut quietly, reduce the noise. Very good maintenance of the medical structure in the quiet atmosphere.


4, beautiful appearance of the door frame and the wall to maintain in the same plane in addition to strengthen air tightness, there is a feature is to be more beautiful. Steel clean door styles are diverse, can be customized according to customer needs, and a variety of colors can be selected according to the actual style of the site. Customers can choose whether they need the observation window according to their needs. The observation window is designed by double-layer hollow toughened glass, and the cracks on the four sides will be treated with silica gel. The four corners are 15 degrees of arc treatment, and the whole appearance is beautiful and generous.


Through the above description, we can understand that the steel clean door has a beautiful appearance and comfortable use but also has a high air tightness and durability. Compared with ordinary doors, the advantages of steel clean doors are really too big, both durability and cleaning are obviously much better than ordinary, and steel clean doors are normal service life is longer than other similar products on the market.


What are the characteristics of the clean door used in the purification workshop?

The clean door used in the purification workshop refers to the door that is used with the purification workshop project. It needs to have the characteristics of being able to do the basic requirements of the standard specification of the purification workshop, such as corrosion resistance, not easy dust, easy cleaning, safety, etc.


Purification workshops usually refers to the standard within a certain space dust particles in the air, damaging the air, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants removal, and the interior of the indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity, air, noise, vibration and lighting, electrostatic control within a certain demand standard, and for the special design of the space. According to this characteristic, the matching of the purification workshop clean door is also to be able to match.


Purification workshop clean door is specifically for purification workshop interior door easy disinfection sterilization, no dead Angle to design, door frame color choose thickness of 1.5 mm steel or stainless steel, doors and the use of 1.0 0.9 mm thick, color steel plate or stainless steel door leaf choose fire-retardant paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb filler material, door and door frame type adhesive sealing strip, The door bottom selection of lifting type sweeping strips, can ensure different grades of clean section of the door airtight.


In addition, the clean door of the purification workshop should also choose safety anti-clamping configuration, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, and the edge sealing of aluminum alloy profile can greatly improve the grade of the purification workshop door.


Colored GI panel

Color steel plate refers to the color coated steel plate, it is actually a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plate it can be divided into veneer and color steel composite plate and floor bearing board. Color steel plate is based on cold rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate as the base material, through surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning and chemical conversion treatment), continuous coating (roll coating method), baking and cooling products. Specific differences are as follows:


1. color steel plate using cold-rolled steel sheet as the backing material, degreasing and phosphating treatment about it and then on both sides under the protection of nitrogen on the hot dip galvanized, coated with a layer of more easily in the primer chemical conversion coating, strong adhesion and then coated with epoxy primer, a color coated with chemical corrosion resistance of paint, so as to enable it to shape. Color plate is a kind of color steel plate and coated with a layer of high molecular material. It can be divided into one side and two sides, mostly single side, the surface can also be printed with patterns.


2. In the process of refining is different from the base of the color steel plate it is used for coating the paint of the steel belt. Color steel plate before and after treatment is very important. Generally speaking, the two surfaces of color steel plate have higher requirements for color and coating performance and surface quality. Color steel plate it has a strong hardness and flexibility, its coating can resist mechanical action, such as scraping, friction, collision, pressing, etc. The coating of the color steel plate can be deformed with the substrate without damage.


3. The use of galvanized steel plate as the base plate color coated steel plate, in addition to zinc protection, zinc layer on the organic coating played a covering isolation effect, can prevent rust steel plate, service life is longer than galvanized steel plate, according to the introduction of coated steel plate service life is longer than galvanized steel plate 50%. However, in different areas and different use parts, the use of the same galvanized quantity, the same coating, the same coating thickness of the color coating plate, its service life will be very different. For example, in industrial areas or coastal areas, corrosion speeds up and service life is affected by sulfur dioxide gas or salt in the air. 


In the rainy season, the coating is soaked by rain for a long time, or in the temperature difference between day and night is too large and easy to condensation parts, will be corroded faster, and the service life will be reduced. Buildings or factories made of colored coated steel plates often have a longer service life when they are washed by rain, otherwise, they will be affected by the effects of sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust. Therefore, in the design, if the slope of the roof is greater, it is not easy to accumulate dirt and other dirt, the longer the service life; For those areas or parts that are not normally washed by rainwater, they should be washed regularly with water.


Color steel plate is widely used. With no pollution, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing and other characteristics. Color steel plate is widely used in construction, home appliances, transportation, packaging, mechanical processing, interior decoration, medical treatment, automobile industry, etc.


The door frame is made of high-purity aluminum alloy material

The commonly used surface treatment is divided into the following kinds:

1, electrophoresis

Electrophoresis is the electrophoretic coating in the Yin and Yang poles, under the action of voltage, charged coating ions move to the cathode and the cathode surface generated by the alkaline action of the formation of insoluble substances, deposited on the workpiece surface.

➤ Electrodeposition (precipitation) ➤ Electroosmosis (dehydration) ➤ Electrodeposition (precipitation)


2, anodic oxidation

Anodized aluminum profile refers to the process of forming a layer of oxide film on aluminum products (anode) due to the action of external current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific technological conditions.

Process: degreasing, chemical polishing, acid etching, blackening, anodizing, pretreatment, dyeing, pore-sealing, drying. The difference between anodic oxidation and electrophoresis: anodic oxidation is first oxidized and then colored, electrophoresis is directly colored


3, electrostatic powder spraying

The powder coating is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece with electrostatic powder spraying equipment. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powdery coating. The powdery coating is leveled and cured after high temperature baking and becomes the final coating with different effects.

Process : Surface pretreatment Spraying Baking and curing


What kind of door can be called a clean door?

Doors are very common objects in life. They are objects used to separate two Spaces. What is a clean door? Here is Yizhong's answer for you.


The definition of cleanliness refers to the elimination of airborne particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants within a certain space range, and the control of indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain range of demand.


And clean door refers to easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial, and good air tightness door, suitable for all kinds of hospital construction, biological pharmaceutical laboratories, food and beverage processing plants, machinery and electronics factories and other places with high air tightness requirements.


Because of the particularity of the place of use, compared with ordinary home decoration door, the function of clean door is particularly important.


Follow the clean room construction decoration does not produce dust, not easily dust, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, no crack, moistureproof mildew proof, easy to clean, environmental protection and energy saving requirements of the general principles, such as clean the door need to overall performance is good, has the beautiful appearance is flat and level, high strength, corrosion resistance is not heavy, not hair, and the advantages of easy to clean, dust and installation is convenient, quick, good sealing.


Thus, the high quality clean door needs to be easy to clean, self-cleaning and antibacterial, and the basic characteristics of good air tightness.


Easy to clean that is, the overall structure of the door is smooth, no gap, no dead corner, the surface of the decorative plate is smooth, no dust is easy to clean, convenient for daily cleaning and disinfection, no dead corner, one step in place, saving time and effort.


Self-cleaning bacteriostasis that is, the use of antibacterial and mildewproof function of the panel, can effectively reduce and inhibit the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms, avoid cross-infection, and contact with a place is relatively safe, especially in the crowded public places.


Clean door also needs to be equipped with high quality sealing tape, lifting sweeping strip, can prevent the internal and external media (rain, air, dust, etc.) leakage or invasion, can prevent or reduce the damage caused by mechanical vibration, impact, so as to achieve sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock absorption, better guarantee air tightness.


In addition, it should also have the characteristics of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Door fan core should use light and firm filling material, be out of shape by bump in case. Because clean space needs frequent disinfection and cleaning, clean door should have the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, the weak acid and alkali organic solvent wipe is not fading, not layered, not moldy decay, beautiful and lasting color.


Clean doors are widely used in all levels of hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, dust-free workshops, cosmetics factories and other clean Spaces, as well as crowded public Spaces such as schools and shopping malls. Convenient daily cleaning at the same time, can also reduce the breeding of bacteria and virus, reduce cross infection.


The above is about the introduction of clean door, through the introduction of the above hope to help you.

1. Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Mobile shelter PCR Laboratory


Wuhan Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd, Located in the National Biological Industry Base in Wuhan province, China. A leading IVD manufacturer, specializing in development, production and sales of POCT rapid diagnostic reagents and related equipment.


We have a strong and professional R&D team, with 100,000 grade clean workshop and international leading production lines. All our products line have been gotten ISO13485:2016 , CE certification, and more than 30 parameters of POCT rapid diagnostic products with SFDA registration. Also, we are the first company making bedside, rapid and quantitative detection in whole blood in China. And our products are selling more than 20 countries. Our intelligent management system provides hospital departments at all levels defections including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, infectious disease, endocrine and metabolic diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, and eugenics, physical examination and other comprehensive solutions.


Easy Diagnosis Bio-medicine Mobile shelter PCR Laboratory is a 12 meter long laboratory designed in strict accordance with the level II bio-safety laboratory. It has four independent areas: reagent preparation, sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification and product analysis. The air flow, people flow and logistics of the laboratory meet the requirements of single flow direction and meet the requirements of national bio-safety. It can be said that although a sparrow is small, it has five internal organs.


In the shelter laboratory, the size is flexible and the installation is convenient. Easy to carry out the function of area division, at the same time, it has good air tightness, which is conducive to the control of single flow direction in laboratory. The door frame is inlaid with high quality silica gel strip, which has good resilience. When closed, it is closely combined with the door leaf to ensure the air tightness of the space. With the patent hinge of arc design, it is stable and dust-free, and has better air tightness.


Yizhong clean door creates a good clean experimental space for mobile shelter laboratory, which is conducive to reduce the possibility of external factors affecting the experimental results, improve the accuracy of the laboratory, and reduce the risk of leakage of harmful samples during operation. Yizhong clean door is the first choice for all kinds of biological laboratories, scientific research institutions, hospitals, etc.


At the same time, Yizhong clean door also has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient transportation. It is convenient for the shelter laboratory to realize the mobile function, quickly complete the transfer and installation, and improve the assembly efficiency of the shelter laboratory. It can quickly settle in the key areas of epidemic prevention and control, and carry out detection at the first time, effectively reducing the flow of patients, reducing the sample transfer time, reducing the transmission risk and improving the detection efficiency.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our company has provided mobile shelter PCR laboratory services for nearly 100 companies and enterprises. Relying on high-quality products, professional attitude and considerate service, our company has won the unanimous praise of customers and industry partners, and is the preferred partner for various biological laboratories and hospital construction projects.

2. Yunnan Cancer Hospital Biobank and NGS Laboratory Project


Yunnan Cancer Hospital is the only tertiary, first-class cancer hospital in Yunnan Province that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention. It undertakes the tasks of tumor prevention and treatment research, talent training and academic exchange in Yunnan Province.


The biobank and laboratory integrates sample storage, scientific research platform and genetic testing, including information collection area, sample processing area, sample area and experimental area, etc., with a storage capacity of up to 500,000 samples.In the later stage, the biobank information management system will be further constructed to realize the information management of sample collection, storage, use and clinical information association.


The construction area of the project is about 355 square meters, the biobank area and the laboratory area are 95 square meters and 260 square meters respectively.The ventilation system of the project adopts the completely new air and full exhaust mode, which is completely different from the previous laboratory construction, to meet the special requirements of NGS laboratory for purification, and introduces the fully intelligent way of mobile phone APP to carry out real-time monitoring and management of the whole laboratory.


After the project is completed and put into use, it will lay a solid foundation for the standardized management of the biobank laboratory of Yunnan Cancer Hospital, and provide strong data support for the hospital's construction of the biobank and laboratory in the A5 plot of Site 53, which covers Southwest China and South and Southeast Asia internationally.


Solution: In the hospital bidding scheme, the hospital put forward strict and clear technical service standards on the material properties, processing technology, aesthetics and practicality of the products.Yizhong Clean Technology has a deep understanding of the business characteristics and needs of Yunnan Cancer Hospital, and has proposed the most reasonable solutions for hospital construction.


Hospital door: Yizhong clean technology hospital door has the advantages of antimicrobial mildewproof, collision resistance and wear resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic gas release, flame retardant and so on. Compared with other products, it has obvious advantages in waterproof, mildewproof and antimicrobial. At the same time, advanced manufacturing technology makes the product cleaner in the process of use simpler and longer service life.Unique design and high quality material selection is also one of the reasons that Yizhong products can stand out in a number of peers.


At the same time, Yizhong Clean Technology has 26 years of professional clean aluminum profile research and development, design, production experience, can provide dozens of clean room construction system solutions, suitable for hospital rooms, biological pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, food factories, dust-free workshops, schools and other public places with requirements on air density.


Yizhong has a series of aluminum profile die opening, exquisite aluminum profile surface treatment technology, professional product research and development team, will clean aluminum profile design, production details to the extreme, a complete range of products to meet the needs of customers on various occasions.


This cooperation project is another important recognition obtained by Yizhong Clean Technology in the field of public medical space construction.In the future, Yizhong will, as always, strictly implement the craftsman spirit of excellence, strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in brand, products, services and other aspects, so as to better serve customers and the society.

3. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, founded in 1835, is a Class A comprehensive hospital.The South Hospital was officially established and put into operation in January 2002, covering a total area of about 18,800 m2, with a construction area of 117,000 m2. Currently, there are 1,053 open beds, and the annual outpatient and emergency visits are more than 700,000, the annual inpatient visits are nearly 40,000, and the annual surgical cases are nearly 30,000.With strong medical technology, strong radiation influence and strong brand penetration, it has made outstanding contributions to the protection of people's health.


The pediatric surgery department of south hospital is a specialized surgical treatment department for infants and children suffering from congenital malformation and tumor and other diseases, mainly engaged in pediatric general surgery, pediatric urology, neonatal surgery and other aspects of clinical and scientific research work.


According to the requirements of the hospital and the usage characteristics of the scene, Yizhong customized a set of hospital door solution for Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital.The product is mainly used in the children's clinic area. The whole door adopts the lake blue design, which echoes the lovely pattern on the wall, creating a warm and loving medical environment and helping to relieve the nervous mood of young patients.


In addition, the door panels are colored coated by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with polyester coating, thick paint film and acid and alkali resistance, which are suitable for hospital areas where cleaning and disinfection are often needed.In addition, aluminum honeycomb is used in the middle of the door, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong impact resistance.The whole door adopts smooth design, easy to clean, and prevent scratch and accidental injury.


The whole glass automatic door is used in the corridor area, which is safe and stable, sound insulation and noise reduction, and good air tightness.The face fan is made of toughened glass panel, whose strength is 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass. When broken accidentally, it will become obtuse Angle particles, which can reduce the risk of secondary injury caused by glass splashing. Meanwhile, it is helpful for medical staff to know the situation in the ward at any time and deal with emergency situations in time.




4. Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital (New pulmonary isolation room)


Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital, as the largest general hospital featuring infectious diseases in South China, has now become the hospital of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou for the treatment of pneumonia patients infected by Novel Coronavirus. It is the main battlefield of medical treatment for the epidemic.


Among them, COVID-19 isolation room is easy to clean, self-cleaning and bacteriostatic clean door and clean aluminum profile.This series of doors are designed for hospitals and public places. The circular arc transition design is used in the structure to effectively prevent collision, not accumulate dust and easy to clean.High quality sealing tape is installed around the door, which has good air tightness and can also prevent clamping.The panel is made of wear-resistant, moisture-proof, impact resistant, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, colorful and other advantages of anti-multiple special board.Can effectively solve public places or hospital doors are very easy to knock, touch, scratch, deformation and other problems.It is suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, and all kinds of places where cleanliness and airtight are required.It not only provides convenience for cleaning and disinfection, but also provides a clean and secure medical environment for patients and medical staff, and protects life with quality.



5. Guigang City People's Hospital


Guigang City People's Hospital is A national level-A general hospital, an A-level teaching hospital, the Eighth Clinical Medical College of Guangxi Medical University and the Eighth Affiliated Hospital, Guigang City Emergency Center, Blood Purification Treatment Center, Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center, Pathology Consultation Center, Rehabilitation Center for Hemiplegia, and Training Center for Further Education. It is the only tertiary class A general hospital in Guigang City and the first batch of hospitals in Guangxi to pass the "tertiary class A" reexamination. It is responsible for the important tasks of medical treatment, first aid, prevention, health care and rehabilitation for more than 5 million people in the city.


As a professional manufacturer of high-quality medical doors and Windows, Yizhong provides diversified space solutions, from ordinary flat door to barrier-free automatic door, from operating room to safety escape door, to jointly build high-quality medical space.


The hospital has the attributes of large flow of people, and pays special attention to safety and durability in the selection of medical door materials. Yizhong antimicrobial door using the United States hundred years of brand Fumejia anti-multiple special board, environmental protection and safety, wear-resistant anti-collision, effective bacteriostatic while no harmful matter release. In addition, the door is fixed with patent structure, which makes the door more solid and stable, guarding the safety of the hospital and protecting the health of patients.


Your port people's hospital medical door overall design with "simple, clean, bright and comfortable" design concept, easy to the choose crystal green mass-tone, adopt different door model of the resistance times the treatment of patients with reasonable division of space and the medical staff's working space, create a clean, bright and warm medical environment, patients and medical workers feel more comfortable.


Adhering to the concept of customer first, Yizhong actively cooperated with the project requirements and completed the product delivery on time, which was highly recognized by the hospital and the engineering side. Yizhong focuses on creating clean products, constantly innovates products and improves product quality, so as to bring better products to the medical space and bring more possibilities to the medical construction.



6. GuangDong Second People's Hospital 


Every day, more than 400 COVID-19 nucleic acid tests are carried out here by the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province. As the first provincial emergency hospital in China, the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province has a WHO international emergency medical team with rich experience in fighting the virus. The P3 laboratory is one of the secret weapons of the hospital's "hand tearing virus".


"There is zero contact with the virus," he said. "The lab is completely sealed and under negative pressure. We like to describe it as' third flow '-- the one-way flow of people, logistics and air to make sure that contaminants inside don't leak out and contaminate." Lin Jianguo, director of the P3 laboratory at the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, referring to the P3 laboratory.


P3 laboratory is the abbreviation of biosafety protection level 3 laboratory, level 3 is suitable for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins that can cause serious or even fatal diseases to people mainly through respiratory route. The whole laboratory is completely sealed, and the room is under negative pressure, so that the internal gas will not leak to the outside and cause pollution, that is, the one-way flow of "air flow". The key is air tightness.


The laboratory is built on the use of easy air tightness good clean doors, clean Windows and clean aluminum profiles. Yizhong clean door inlaid around the high quality sealing tape, the bottom is equipped with lifting tight strip, all-round protection of air tightness of the space. It provides a good airtight and safe experimental environment for the experimenter, and builds an invisible defense line for the smooth progress of virus testing.


The whole laboratory is completely sealed, and the room is under negative pressure, so that the internal gas will not leak to the outside and cause pollution, that is, the one-way flow of "air flow". The key is air tightness. The construction of the laboratory has selected Yizhong clean doors, clean Windows and clean aluminum profiles with excellent air tightness, providing a good air tightness and safe experimental environment for the experimenters, and building an invisible defense line for the smooth conduct of virus testing.



How to choose a clean door for medical use?

Now there are more and more medical clean door manufacturers in the market, leading to many consumers do not know how to choose, then how can we choose to make ourselves satisfied with the quality of medical clean door? We can choose from the following three aspects:


1. Look at the material of the medical clean door

Nowadays, the more popular engineering door material mainly has steel door, wood plastic door, resin door, ecological door, composite wood door. But it is suitable for hospitals with high demand for waterproof, anti-collision, wear-resistant and anti-steel doors. It is recommended to adopt a medical clean door formed with a frame, which is more solid and durable, looks more concise and elegant. In terms of functions, it is also necessary to choose more abundant safety anti-clamp configuration to ensure the safety of pedestrians.


Yizhong medical clean door adopts anti-multiple plate, which has the advantages of wear-resisting, moisture-proof, impact resistance, flame retardant, antibacterial, stain resistance, rich color and so on. The door frame adopts smooth transition design to prevent collision and easy to clean. Around the door frame is equipped with high quality sealing tape to ensure air tightness in all aspects. The door adopts split lock, can open the door by elbow, stable performance, safe and reliable, anti-collision, anti-pinch hand.


2. Look at the strength of medical clean door manufacturers

Medical clean door general demand is relatively large, small businesses are difficult to provide such a large order business, if a few small businesses together to do a project, the late maintenance problem is more troublesome, there will be late maintenance is difficult to go on, so we must choose a medical clean door manufacturer with strength, And have a wealth of installation service experience and improve the ability of after-sales service, professional manufacturers to provide product quality, stability and life more guaranteed.


Guangzhou Yizhong Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a clean technology enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales and after-sales of clean aluminum products, focusing on providing system solutions for clean room and medical construction. The company's main products are: clean room purification aluminum profiles, air conditioning unit frame aluminum profiles, tuyere aluminum profiles and clean room doors, medical clean doors, automatic doors, ecological doors and other products, the products are widely used in medical and health, biological pharmaceutical, food and beverage, mechanical and electronic industries. 


Yizhong has a production base covering an area of about 30,000 square meters. The production team of nearly 300 people, with an average of more than 20 years of clean aluminum profile production experience. In addition, Yizhong introduced dozens of global advanced machinery production equipment, the shipment is stable, flexible arrangement of production. And by virtue of scientific management system, strict testing standards, has become the South China clean industry benchmarking enterprises.


About the choice of medical clean door style, medical clean door with aluminum alloy edge sealing, can greatly improve the grade of indoor door, medical clean door to glass window, increase the brightness of the hospital, but also can facilitate the medical staff through the glass window to view the indoor situation.


Yizhong medical clean door has various styles and rich colors, which can meet the different needs of different places.

Should the radiology department use lead protective doors ?

Radiation-proof lead door is a professional equipment to prevent radiation damage to human body. At present, it is widely used in kouqiangke , X-ray room, CT room, DR room, pet hospital, hospital industrial inspection room, school radiation-proof laboratory, etc.


The type of lead protective door on the market is very much, be like side door, double door (side door is divided into left door and right door), sliding door, electric sliding door; The interior of the ray protective door is made of steel frame, lead plate and density plate, and the exterior is mainly made of stainless steel decorative surface and aluminum plastic decorative surface. The thickness of the lead plate used inside the lead door and the external decorative materials determine the quality of the protective door, therefore, the price of the lead protective door also has a greater difference.


Lead doors are mainly used to prevent radiation damage to the human body, especially for medical personnel who have been working in the radiology department of hospitals for a long time. The radiation damage to human body is invisible, so in the construction of lead door, it is particularly important to choose the professional construction unit with the qualification issued by the state.


Our country now also has very strict requirements in this area, all hospitals are required to report radiation protection to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, its professional staff will be put into use in the hospital lead protective doors for testing. Qualified test, no ray leakage. CDC will issue a qualified test report to the hospital, after getting the report can be put into normal use.


When buying protective doors, we must choose regular manufacturers. Formal manufacturers generally use a machine to press the lead plate protection door, some informal workshops with hand will be the lead plate and density plate pressure together. In the process of pressing, the lead board and the density board are not adhering firmly, and the lead board on the density board is uneven, which directly affects the quality of products and the radiation protection of the lead door. After the lead door is used for a period of time, the lead board may sink.


In addition, the lead protective door is a special protective door, it is different from the door of our home. The weight of the lead protective door is relatively heavy, so it needs a very professional and experienced teacher to install it, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation, sinking, packing exposure and many other problems.

What should medical prevention notice when radiation lead door is used?

With the development and innovation of modern medical technology, high quality medical radiation-proof lead doors are gradually known and widely used by the public. Compared with the traditional lead door, the modern medical radiation-proof lead door has the characteristics of more flexible and faster use and stronger radiation-proof. The medical radiation proof lead door belongs to the high level professional technical equipment, in order to more comprehensive display its use effect, to bring the biggest contribution to the medical cause, the user had better understand some matters needing attention in the use process before using.


1, regular cleaning and maintenance. The dust on the medical radiation-proof lead door should be cleaned regularly, and the medical protective door, glass and hardware should be kept clean and bright. Because even stainless steel, once contaminated with dust and dirt, the chemicals will corrode the surface of stainless steel, if it goes on like this, it will make the steel body bad, rotten, affecting the operating performance of radiation protection automatic door.


2, pay attention to the selection of cleaning products using the process of traditional Chinese medicine with anti-radiation lead door automatic door is easy to catch similar to oil stains and other cleaning difficult substances, at this time many people will choose to use highly acidic sulfuric acid to quickly clean, but the strong acid material is easy to destroy the protective layer on the lead door. The correct approach is to choose alkaline cleaning products to wipe, this approach will not lead to lead door surface corrosion and gloss decline and other phenomena.


3, the strength needs to master moderate in the opening of the medical radiation prevention lead door, the strength should be moderate, try to keep the opening and closing speed uniform. Usually in and out of the medical radiation-proof lead door automatic door, taboo rampage, try to avoid hard objects hit medical radiation-proof lead door automatic door or scratch the surface of profile.

How to choose clean room clean door?

Clean doors are an important part of a clean room because they are responsible for sealing a controlled environment. If they don't work properly, clean rooms are at higher risk of contamination. For customers without this experience, choosing the right clean door can be tricky. The following is the matters that should be considered in choosing the right clean room clean door.


1. The surface is smooth

Choose doors that are completely flat on both sides. If there is no edge for dust to enter, it is easy to clean and good hygiene is maintained. The best option is a door with a smooth inset window that is flush with the clean room wall.


2. Thickness of door panel

Choose doors that are resistant to bending and impact. It is recommended that clean doors use thicker door panels, which can provide strength and reliability in most industrial environments, so color steel plate is a particularly durable material.


3. The air tightness

Clean door around the installation of sealing tape, so as to further improve the air tightness. Durable, cold and heat resistant, not deformation, super high temperature resistant characteristics.


4. Clean

Clean room clean door will receive a variety of chemical substances every day strict cleaning, to ensure a high level of hygiene. Like any other clean room surface, a clean door must be able to resist the routine use of any cleaning product and need to avoid any reaction between the door and the chemical.


5. Glass Windows

In a clean room, safety is Paramount. Therefore, every part of the product should be designed to meet the highest safety requirements. Clean door with glass window, clean door glass window with double hollow tempered glass, which means that if the window is broken, it will stay in place, and there is no risk of scattered.


6. Anti-static surface

Anti-static surfaces ensure that doors do not attract dust and microcontaminants. In order to keep the clean room as clean as possible, all surfaces, including the clean door of the clean room, should be anti-static.


7. Good quality accessories

It's not just the surface of the door that needs special attention. Also need to pay attention to clean the door used accessories, such as locks, door handles and hinge smaller parts should also be of good quality, to ensure durability and easy maintenance.


8. After-sales service

After determining the clean room clean door specifications, it is time to choose suppliers. Whether it's a small company or a large one, look at the after-sale service offered. If problems arise in the future, ensure that all necessary accessories and parts can be ordered and delivered. This will avoid having to replace the door at a much higher cost.

Some common problems in measuring doorways?

Whether a clean door can be installed smoothly or there are no other problems after installation, which has a great relationship with the door measurement work at the beginning. Generally before the installation of clean, there will be professional staff to accurately measure the door opening, so as to produce the right clean door, the installation will be very smooth.


Measurement of clean door opening also should take other factors into account, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble in the installation process. Clean door size requires accurate, regular and reliable manufacturers will be the total width, height, wall thickness of the door into the standard size, so the need for installation personnel to cooperate with each other.


1, the precise measurement of the door hole is slightly more complex the first height: with the tape measure vertical accurate measurement of the space up and down the door (accurate measurement to prevent deviation of the tape measure) need to take repeated accurate measurement of different measuring points with small value as the standard size, as the height of the size. 


Furthermore, the precise measurement of the width of the door: the space between the left and right walls of the door to take accurate measurement, and the need for different measuring points to take repeated accurate measurement with small value as the standard size of the width of the door size. Note: in the precise measurement should also pay attention to the precise measurement should pay attention to the ground treatment of the specific situation and the thickness of the wall, if the wall still needs to be decorated, then the door wall should be added to the thickness of the decoration material.


2, the requirements of clean door door wall vertical no deflection, the thickness of the upper and lower sides of the wall is consistent, and in a vertical end of the surface, or there may be a clean door overall installation deflection or seam between the line and the wall and uneven size of the phenomenon.


3, The measuring personnel will put forward relative rectification requirements according to the size of the door opening assessed on site. The user shall be asked to specify the size of the door opening for installation, and the user shall assign the istallation team to carry out rectification and construction for it.


4, Different product series clean doors have different structural specifications and sizes. It is necessary to pay attention to the junction position of different materials when installing.


5, such as the user wool wall thickness, width or height in the measurement of the value and the requirements of the combination of specifications and size does not match, the installation personnel in the clean door admission before the installation of independent construction, can be used board, steel plate for the first system, such as chipped wall, widen/reduce the door, to avoid the clean door can not be successfully installed.

How to solve the common problems of medical air-tight doors?

Medical air-tight doors may encounter some common problems in daily use after installation. Then the following is to teach you how to solve some common problems in the use process.


When the medical air-tight door opens and closes slowly in use, it is generally due to the low setting value of the speed knob of the device regulating the opening and closing. Walking friction resistance is very large; The conveyor belt is relatively loose, and the tension is not enough. In this case you can adjust the speed knob; Cut off the power supply, forcibly move the door fan to check whether the moving parts are obstructed; Adjust belt tension.


When the medical air-tight door opens and closes automatically in the process of operation, it should be because the interference exists in the sensor detection area, which overlaps with the detection area of other sensors, and the door fan is in the detection area. At this time, the interference in the sensor detection area can be removed. When the door is running, the door will open and close itself. Then there are interference in the sensor detection area, which overlaps with the detection area of other sensors, and the door fan is in the detection area. So you can remove the interference in the sensor detection area, change the sensor interference prevention button, adjust the sensor detection area and sensitivity.


If the door collides badly during the operation of the medical air-tight door, it may be because there is a problem with the motor or the control device. At this time, it is necessary to replace the motor or the control device.


When the door does not move, the reason should be the power supply contact, connector connection is poor, locked or can be double door interlock. Check the power supply, connectors, make sure they are in good contact, unlock the door or wait for another door to close.


When the medical air-tight door cannot be closed in use, it is necessary to check whether the sensor detection area has interference; There are impurities in the light receiver of the safety photoelectric sensor, and the linear optical axis deviates; The control device fails; Resilient force set value is too low, so you can remove the interference in the sensor detection area, replace the sensor, clean up the optical device, adjust the linear optical axis, turn off the power and restart many times, but also can not close the door to replace the control device, adjust the rebound force.

Choose stainless steel or aluminum door frame good?

Before we have many customers in the procurement of clean doors require the use of stainless steel door frame, his starting point is to hope that the door frame can be used for a long time without rust. In fact, this is a lot of customers inherent cognitive errors, aluminum alloy is more suitable for the door frame, its quality and performance are higher than stainless steel. It is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:


1, better fitting stainless steel toughness is strong, after processing after a certain recovery, used as a door frame, once recovered, can not be closely fitted with the door. And the aluminum alloy is not easy to deformation, higher fitting degree.


2, lighter weight under the same volume, the weight of aluminum alloy is only 36% of stainless steel (theoretical weight of aluminum alloy profile: 2.852/cm3, theoretical weight of stainless steel profile: 7.98/cm3), installation and transportation are more convenient.


3, easier to clean Stainless steel door frame is easier to leave fingerprints and other traces, cleaning and maintenance need to spend more effort. And once there is a collision depression, there is no way to recover, affecting the appearance. Aluminum alloy door frame strong corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, daily cleaning is easier and simple.

The above is my choice of stainless steel or aluminum door frame some small suggestions, I hope to help you.

How to maintain the air-tight automatic door clean?

In order to avoid frequent replacement of air-tight automatic door, the relevant personnel should do a good job of its maintenance work at ordinary times, in order to extend its service life. The following is to introduce the basic maintenance methods of air-tight automatic doors.


Medical airtight automatic door, mainly used for CT room, X-ray room, operating room, testing room, such as medical can be divided into single opened door to open the door, there is electric and manual transmission way, this kind of door for hospital laboratory, has an important role, is also very demanding in terms of quality and service life, for the sake of its service life, we must understand its cleaning and maintenance methods.


1, medical airtight automatic door in the process of use, found abnormal should stop the operation of the door opening machine in time.


1. The dust on the medical air-tight automatic door should be cleaned regularly, and the door, glass and hardware should be cleaned. Because even stainless steel, once contaminated with dust and dirt, the chemicals will corrode the appearance of stainless steel, in the long run, it will make the steel body bad, rotten, affecting the operating performance of the radiation door.


2. Once the medical airtight automatic door is polluted with oil stains and other things that are difficult to clean, it can be scrubbed with Gerer, rather than cleaned with strong acid or alkali solution. It is not only easy to damage the appearance of the airtight door, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware and cause the rust of the hardware.


4, should promptly clean up the medical airtight automatic door frame inside particles and other debris, so as not to block the merger of the door, the consequences of serious will also affect the operation of the door, shorten the service life, but also there are hidden dangers.


5, When opening the medical airtight automatic door, the strength should be moderate, and the speed should be uniform when opening and closing.


6, At ordinary times, when entering and leaving, avoid impatience and rampage, try to prevent solid objects from hitting the medical airtight automatic door or scratching the appearance of profiles.


7, at least 3 times a year to regularly check whether the medical airtight automatic door in operation, sliding and other parts are in normal state, and according to the needs of timely refueling, in order to ensure the normal use of the medical door.


8, When the medical air-tight automatic door is opened, the strength should be moderate, and the opening and closing speed should be uniform as far as possible.


9, medical airtight automatic door and door machine must not touch with acid, alkaline solution, in order to prevent corrosion of the door appearance.


In order to avoid the medical airtight automatic door can not be used because of serious wear and tear, usually do a good job of its maintenance and maintenance work, regular cleaning, regular finishing, so as to prolong its service life.

How To Choose The Right Clean Room Door For GMP Pharmaceutical?

Clean room doors are different from ordinary home doors. It is beyond the reach of ordinary household doors in terms of performance, accessories, and manufacturing technology. Due to its superb and complicated clean room environment, many customers have a headache when buying clean room doors. 

Purchasing clean room doors is a technical task that tests the knowledge and experience of buyers. Buyers need to compare data from multiple aspects when measuring its value. Of course, this alone is not enough to choose a high-quality clean room door. 


Previously, wood, laminate, steel, and fiberglass were used in the pharmaceutical industry.Although some pharmaceutical factories still use ordinary family doors, GMP pharmaceutical regulations prohibit the use of wooden doors in many areas, and few people see family doors in modern clean rooms.  


Today, clean room doors have become the main choice for the pharmaceutical industry. In all aspects, the performance of clean room doors is much better than other home doors. In fact, household doors do not perform well in terms of anti-VHP and drug disinfection. Many large pharmaceutical companies have begun to replace existing household doors with clean room doors before the end of their life cycle. 


Clean room doors comply with GMP requirements. Due to their smooth and seamless structure, they are easy to clean the room and do not carry bacteria. Clean room doors that have been exposed to disinfectants, chlorine release agents, and VHP that have not been lifted, rusted or rotted for a long time. 


One of the biggest challenges in designing clean room doors for pharmaceutical clean rooms is to create strong, lightweight, and easy-to-clean high-performance doors. These factors must be considered when designing clean room doors for all areas, but in a clean room, one of the most important considerations is the weight of the door. The core material is the most important factor that determines the overall performance of the clean door. 


The biggest complaint we hear about clean room doors from pharmaceutical customers is its ease of use. Secondly, in the pharmaceutical clean room, the most critical point is the sealing performance, and the clean room door is no exception. Good sealing performance can maintain cleanliness, produce high-quality medicines, and create more value and profits.


Tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the positive and negative air pressure levels have reached level 6, which is more suitable for some clean and tightly sealed environments. 


Taking into account the life cycle cost, the clean room door is very easy to be damaged during construction and opening and closing, and it needs regular maintenance to ensure that it does not affect the performance of the clean room. Similarly, if the clean room door is damaged by impact, it is easy to sag. Any repairs/replacements must be done during the closure of very expensive facilities, and time is precious. 


We are clean room doors manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. 

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Cleanroom Door ?

One of the biggest challenges in designing cleanroom doors for the pharmaceutical industry is to create a sturdy door with a high hygienic properties that is light and easy to clean. 


These factors need to be considered when designing sanitary doors for all areas, but in a clean room environment, one of the most important considerations is the weight of the door. Making a door that meets fire protection regulations increases the weight of the initial product, making it difficult to open. The air pressure difference in the clean room also exacerbates this problem, so it is important to consider whether it is necessary to install an automatic access control on each door. 


In general, the most important factor to consider when designing a clean room door is the material used. 

Why is GRP door better than steel? 

In the past, wood, laminate, steel and fiberglass could all be used in the manufacture of doors in the pharmaceutical industry. Although wooden doors still exist in some pharmaceutical facilities, health regulations now prohibit the use of wooden doors in many areas, and wooden doors are rarely seen in modern clean rooms. 


Today, steel and fiberglass doors are now the main choice for the pharmaceutical industry. In the field where hygiene is very important, there is really no comparison between the two; in all aspects, I believe that the performance of GRP doors is much better than steel doors, and our customers have specified GRP doors and will never return steel. In fact, many large pharmaceutical companies have begun to replace existing steel doors with GRP doors before the end of their life cycles, because GRP doors are poor in ease of use and sanitary performance. 


The GRP door meets all the latest GMP requirements for pharmaceutical and nutrition facilities, and is easy to clean and free of bacteria due to its smooth, seamless construction. GRP doors are completely waterproof, and long-term use of disinfectants, chlorine release agents and VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) will not warp, rust or rot. 


The construction of steel doors will leave gaps, especially around the vision panels and the top and edges of the door. These can breed bacteria and are difficult to clean, affect the hygienic performance of the door, endanger the cleanliness of the material and the effectiveness of any research conducted in the clean room. They will also oxidize under frequent cleaning. 


In daily use, GRP doors are also easier to use than steel doors. However, the biggest complaint we hear about steel doors from pharmaceutical customers is about its ease of use. The weight of steel doors and the arrangement of the hinges (in some cases piano hinges) make steel doors difficult to operate, especially in the case of fire protection levels. Whether fire-resistant or not, the weight of GRP doors is usually much lighter than steel doors, and the differential air pressures have much less effect on their ease of use. 


This series of airtight sliding door design is according to GMP design and safety requirements. It is a custom automatic door and design for hospital operating room, hospital ward area, and kindergarten. Select high efficiency brushless DC motor with small size, large power, low noise and long life. High quality sealing gasket is inlaid around door leaf, close to door sleeve when closed, with good air tightness. 

4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Hospital Door 

Hospitals require the highest hygiene standards, and cleanliness and design are more than just improving hygiene fact. The design of modern hospitals involves many key issues, including efficiency, cost, materials, and speed. In this blog, we will introduce four basic considerations before investing in a hospital door so that you can make the right decision that meets all design criteria. 


1. Weight and durability 

Before investing in a hospital door, the weight of the door is one of the most important considerations, because people usually pass through these doors very often, and the way they open and close will vary. The door you choose should open quickly and be durable enough to withstand repeated shocks. In most cases, nurses or hospital staff use their shoulders, heels, or back to push the bed, wheelchair, and trolley backwards through these doors to push the doors open. The most important consideration here is that the door must stand out in terms of ease of use and durability. 


2. Functional efficiency 

Hospital decisions can be as fast as lightning. In many cases, reaction time may be a matter of life and death. Therefore, the design of the hospital door must have the best speed and efficiency while maintaining its durability and hygiene. The speed of a swing door usually depends on its weight, the resistance provided by the swing buffer and bearings. For example, the lighter the weight, the faster the door opens. 


3. Material 

Another key consideration is the material of the hospital door. With new technology doors, many surface material choices include veneer and paint. In addition, laminated doors are the latest trend in hospitals and healthcare facilities that are ready to be installed at any time. Doors with radiation shielding and sound insulation properties are also necessary. They are ideal choices for architects and designers in the medical field. 


4. Hygiene 

Hygiene is a factor that must be considered when choosing a hospital door. This is due to the simple fact that everything in a hospital is related to health and hygiene, and it is one of the most important aspects that determine the reputation and credibility of a hospital. You need an easy-to-clean door with antibacterial properties to avoid further spreading any infections. 


We are hospital doors manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. 

The cause of mildew on the clean door

Now when it comes to the clean door, we will not feel strange, because the clean door is now being used more and more widely. We will also have a certain understanding of the clean door, but it may not be clear why there is mildew on the clean door. There are also many reasons for the breeding of mildew on the clean door. No matter the weather conditions or our daily life style, it is likely to cause a large number of mildew on the clean door. So here's why.


(1) Cold and hot temperature difference causes indoor moisture, such as continuous rain, or southern plum rain weather, indoor moisture is generally more, even condensing water beads on the clean door, it is very easy to make the clean door mildew.


(2) Not only damp cause mildew on the clean door, clean door manufacturers say that the total number of spray paint on the clean door is actually less, or there are problems with spray paint itself, which will also lead to mildew on the clean door.


(3) We suggest that when cleaning, the water on the mop or rag is likely to splash on the clean door. Because in this whole process has not been paid attention to, with the advance of time, there are many small mold spots in the clean door.


(4) The clean door is often in contact with water, and it is relatively easy to breed mildew. For example, the possibility of contact between the clean door and water applied in food and beverage factories is higher than that of other places.


The mildew on the clean door not only affects the appearance, but also may cause other respiratory diseases. Therefore, we suggest that when you see mildew in the clean door, you can use dry toilet paper to wipe the mildew, or use a brush to wipe the mildew, and then use toilet paper to wipe. If the mildew has not been removed, scrub with a paper towel or towel. Special essential oil also has a good effect on mildew, you can first use a clean soft cloth coated with special detergent to remove mildew spots. After applying wax or essential oil to the mildew breeding area, and putting a bar of soap in the mildew position, you can also dry the tea leaves and get rid of the mildew smell.

What is the effect of the clean door ?

Although we are not the only ones who can manufacture clean room security doors in the country, there are many fewer manufacturers who can do a good job in controlling the quality of clean doors produced. Mainly because many manufacturers have different requirements for the quality of the clean door, and we can provide customers with high quality clean doors, so many large customers have chosen us, and feedback that the effect of the use of the clean door we produce is very good.


Clean door is a stainless steel door commonly used in purification workshop, using stainless steel door frame, color coated steel plate or stainless steel door fan. Excellent material selection, excellent production and processing, the overall performance of the product is good, with good appearance design, good flatness, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, easy to clean and other characteristics, and the installation is simple, fast. Opening method a door is divided into left open type and right open type. The double door is divided into inner opening and outer opening. Windows and controllable air outlets can be added separately.


The production organization of clean door is simpler and the freight logistics is more smooth. Can be used to the needs of modern production and continuous improvement, in line with the man-machine working principle, so that the relevant field staff operating specifications, comfortable, the idea of the environment and the idea of the rapid realization, it has the characteristics of simple, robust, clean surface anti wear.


The raw material of the clean door is stainless steel, because there are many advantages such as: steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water and chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt and so on. In the actual production and use process, the clean door also has the characteristics of flat, safe, high strength, beautiful, durable, acid and alkali resistance, which greatly increases the service life of the clean door.

Why are more and more hospital door frames made of aluminum ?

Ward almost every day there are wheelchairs, stretchers, medicine delivery car in and out, it is hard to avoid knock, touch, paddle the door and the door frame. Therefore, the quality of ward door is particularly important. Otherwise, the project will not be put into use for a long time, and the door and door cover will appear different degrees of damage. The longer it takes, the worse the damage. We often say that the "new building broke the door" phenomenon. Due to the particularity of the use of ward door, its use characteristics should be satisfied to a large extent in the process of design and production. Therefore, the advice of Yizhong clean technology is: all the door frames, door sash frames, surrounding corners are made of aluminum alloy profile edge sealing. Compared with the traditional paint door sealing edge, PVC sealing edge, its advantages are:

1, edge quality is good

There is no effect on the quality of the edge sealing when the door and sleeve swell or shrink.

2, anti knock scratch performance is good

Due to the aluminum alloy edge sealing all arc transition design, the door frame, the door frame, the surrounding corners will not appear deformation, pit or scratch phenomenon even if the knock. Fundamentally solved the problem of breakage of edges and corners in the process of use.

3, keep the water balance of the wood inside the door and the sleeve

Because the edge is tight and the edges and corners are not damaged, there is no imbalance factor of local moisture absorption and discharge. Always maintain the water content inside the product in the factory state (gradient water balance). Even if due to seasonal reasons or central air conditioning on, indoor temperature, relative humidity change. Doors and sleeves can also expand and contract in equilibrium.

4. The overall effect is good after installation

Because of the use of wrap Angle and jointed edge sealing, there is no glue seam, black line and other lax phenomenon, each part of the edge sealing connection integrated whole, horizontal and vertical.

How to choose the standard specification of medical door ?

When the manufacturer designs and produces medical doors, in order to meet the needs of users, it will carry out according to certain specifications and standards to avoid problems in the later use. Below, Yizhong Clean technology, as a medical door manufacturer, will briefly introduce to you how to make the specifications and standards of medical doors.


Door: the thickness of the door is generally 40mm or 50mm. The structure is one-time mechanical occlusion molding. There is no exposed welding point on the surface of the door, and no screw or rivet connection. The thickness of the material is 0.8mm color steel plate or anti-double special plate, the plate surface is smooth, anti-collision, wear resistance, corrosion resistance; Door fan core material selection of high strength, high density aluminum honeycomb core material, the use of high strength environmental adhesive bonding, so that aluminum honeycomb, keel, door fan steel plate firmly bonded into a whole, to ensure the strength and impact resistance of the door fan, percussive without hollow sound, long time use can keep silent without deformation; The doors and Windows are made of double-layer toughened glass, the strength of which is 3~5 times that of ordinary glass. After more than 10 kinds of special processing, the temperature difference will not produce fog phenomenon, no plaque, easy to clean.


Door frame: the door frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy, circular transition design, anti-collision and anti-scratch, forming a plane with the door, no dust, easy to clean. The door frame is equipped with high quality silica gel sealing strip, and the bottom is equipped with lifting sweeping strip to ensure better air tightness in all areas.


Hardware accessories: door should be equipped with 304# stainless steel anti-collision strip, high quality hinges, door handles, door locks. The installation position is correct, complete and firm, the whole door has enough strength and beauty, flexible opening and closing, no noise.


Medical doors should be produced in strict accordance with their specifications, to ensure their quality and functionality, and no damage or failure in long-term use. Only in this way can we provide a better medical construction environment for the personal safety of patients and medical staff.

Does hospital door choose clean door and need not wooden door reason ?

There are many kinds of hospital doors, including clean doors, wooden doors, stainless steel doors, etc., but with the development of the medical industry now, clean doors and wooden doors are widely used. Society has been developing, so how do hospitals choose doors? I believe you can choose the right hospital door through the following description.


Features of wooden doors:

Woodiness door looks from make craft, the design that can make is more, the appearance color that can choose is very much also, design chooses much also. Same, window also is to have more choose, square, round, long, even the window of specific shape can be applied.


But wooden doors have instability, if the work is not good will easily appear deformation and cracking. Woodiness door is used long, the color of the surface still can appear fade phenomenon. There is a wooden door is not waterproof and moisture-proof, it is easy to rot. And wooden doors have a unique problem, that is, there will be termite corrosion of wooden doors to increase the daily maintenance of the door. Wooden doors are not impact resistant, the service life of the damaged back door is greatly reduced, so we must strengthen the technical processing of anti-impact.


Characteristics of clean doors:

In contrast, the color of the clean door is more variety, and the clean door is made of color steel plate, which will be more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, resistant to weak acid and alkali, not easy to corrosion and discoloration, beautiful appearance and longer service life. The filling material of the clean door door fan is made of aluminum honeycomb or paper honeycomb, which increases the impact resistance. Clean door installation is also very convenient, usually clean is also very easy.


When choosing a door for a hospital, it is not only beautiful, but also the function and practicality of the door. Through the above description, the clean door is very suitable for hospital doors. The clean door is not only beautiful in appearance but also cost-effective.

Brief introduction of six parts of the airtight door

Airtight doors are often used as medical doors, because airtight doors have good air tightness and permeability, which can reduce indoor space pollution by the outside world. Air tight door can prevent indoor space and external air direct convection, general indoor pressure than outdoor pressure is small, so the use of outdoor air pressure on the door, can make the door tightly shut, so as to ensure air tightness.


Parts of Airtight Door:

1. Door body : most of the door body of the air-tight door is made of paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb filled in the middle of the color steel plate. The thickness of the door plate is about 5 centimeters, and the color steel plate on one side is about 0.37mm. We can also according to the actual need to make a single open or double open, color can also be determined according to the need, the surface paint can be. The door panel painted carefully is particularly beautiful and generous.


2. Observation window : The function of observation window is mainly to facilitate people to see the general situation inside the door without opening the door. The general design is double-layer hollow toughened glass (conventional size is 400*600mm). The four sides of the gap are processed by silica gel, the gap is close, the four corners are processed by 15 degrees radian inside, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.


3, anti-collision belt : the anti-collision belt of airtight door has two aspects, one is beautiful, the other is anti-collision.


4, sealing rubber strip : sealing rubber strip is used as the seal around the door body, close to the wall to avoid air leakage. And with high efficiency of pressing technology for processing, to ensure the airtight door effect;


5, single/double door : the door of the airtight door has two kinds of single door and double door, we can choose according to the actual situation of their own site, how convenient to come.


6. Slide rail : the slide rail on the airtight door is used to move and fix the door body, and also has the function of hiding the motor.

How to check the quality of the clean door ?

Many customers will be very confused when they buy clean room doors for the first time. The reason is that they do not know how to make the right choice among many clean door manufacturers. At present, there are many clean door manufacturers advertising on the Internet to prove their company's strength, and there will still be a lot of manufacturers' strength and product quality is not reliable. So before choosing a clean door manufacturer, we must know how to test the quality of clean doors. So let's talk about how to check the quality of clean doors.


1. Inspection appearance:

Door fan appearance clean, color symmetry the same, no corrosion, spots and stains, no spots, scratches, bumps, dents, rust, no burrs, flying thorns, spray paint, spray surface smooth and smooth, no bubbles, joint close, thickness symmetry, line thickness the same, smooth, beautiful and generous. Door fan installation close, sensitive switch, no obstruction, rebound and other bad problems.


High quality clean door welding solid, welding spot distribution symmetrical; There should be product labeling, product quality inspection labeling and quality system certification (accreditation) labeling at the specified parts. The products that are not up to the standard look weak and uneven distribution of solder joints; Spraying is not smooth; There is no product label or product quality inspection mark in the specified part.


2. Check the sealing strip:

Qualified clean doors should be installed with sealing rubber strip, the sealing rubber strip should be flat, no arch, and there is a qualified inspection report produced by China's grade identification institutions; The unqualified products are not installed with sealing rubber strips, or the sealing rubber strips are not smooth or arched, and there is no qualified inspection report produced by China's grade identification institution.


3. Inspection Figures:

Professional cleanoom door manufacturers will have special personnel to go to the scene to understand some of the dimensions of the door, and then draw drawings for reproduction. During installation, the vertical error between the door frame mullion and the ground should not be greater than 2MM, and the upper and lower error of the frame mouth should be less than 1.5MM. The gap between the door fan and the four sides of the door frame, the gap between the two sides is not more than 3MM, the upper gap is not more than 4MM, the lower gap is 8-10mm, the gap between the double door is not more than 4MM.

What are the advantages of clean doors in industry applications ?

Clean doors are widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, daily chemicals and other common industries. Especially in hospital places, clean doors are indispensable. What advantages does the clean door have to let you choose? Here's what advantages does the clean door have. 1, first of all, the choice of clean door material belongs to green environmental protection color steel plate, non-toxic and tasteless, the key also does not contain formaldehyde and toluene, material environmental protection is also very healthy. The use of rough and single color of the material of the door now has not met the needs of people. The organic coating on the surface of colorful steel plate has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, bright color, high strength and easy processing.


2, compared with wooden doors, the use of clean doors will be more environmentally friendly, because the door fan of clean doors is filled with paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb. Because of the special structure of the honeycomb core, it has good heat insulation, sound insulation, heat resistance, anticorrosion and heat preservation effect, so it is very common to fill the clean door with paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb. The use of clean doors can greatly reduce the use of wood, reducing the use of wood is also a great help to environmental protection.


3. The overall performance parameters of the clean door are excellent, with neat appearance design, good flatness, high strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, easy to clean and other characteristics, and convenient and fast assembly, the width of the door frame of the utility model can be adjusted, and the sealing performance is good.


4. The surface of the clean door is formed by a large hydraulic press, with a strong three-dimensional sense, and can provide a variety of styles. The product lines are smooth and the diversity of art is small.


5, the product is practical. The clean door has the advantages of high strength, no deformation, and very durable. Compared with some inherent problems of the wooden door, it has the advantage, so it is favored by people.


6. The installation of clean door is very convenient. After the production of the product is good, it can be installed and used. Clean door installation after no pollution, no residual smell, can let customers feel at ease to use.


7. Compared with ordinary wooden doors or other types of doors, the price of clean doors will be higher. The most important reason is that the environment used by the clean door is special, which is better for the quality of the product and the accessory materials used, so the clean door is also a door with particularly high cost performance.


In general, because the clean door has the advantages of beautiful and practical, no pollution and environmental protection, high strength, corrosion resistance and so on, let us choose.

Create a medical space with temperature -The Fifth Affiliated Hospital Sun Yat-sen University

The 5th Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, formerly known as Zhuhai Medical Center, was established in 1992 and officially affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University in 2001. It is a large tertiary, first-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and research.


The medical department of Sun Yat-sen University is well known at home and abroad, and its affiliated hospitals are well known all over the world. Hospital depends on the sun yat-sen university and the zhuhai municipal government's strong support, give full play to the sun yat-sen university of medical talents, discipline, management, and technical resources advantages, to carry out the medical characteristics of high and new technology and services, attracted a large number of patients, Hong Kong and Macao and the surrounding areas is the international medical aid fixed-point units, is also a group of foreign embassies and consulates to specify zhuhai treatment units.




When Yizong provided solutions for the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, it arranged and equipped the operating room door, the examination room door, the ward door and other wooden grain medical door solutions, which not only ensured the functional characteristics of the medical door, but also considered the decorative and unity of the space, adding a bit of temperature for the overall medical medical personnel will keep switching in each functional space, which puts forward higher requirements for the reasonable layout of the medical space door in the hospital. When creating the medical door system in the medical space, Yizhong carefully considers every detail, which not only meets the functional and decorative features, but also grasps the user's comfort and satisfaction from the perspective of humanity, reflecting the care and love for every patient and medical staff.


On the premise of ensuring the function of the medical door, it is our constant pursuit to consider the psychological needs of patients, rationally arrange medical solutions in space, provide high-quality services and create a good atmosphere for diagnosis and treatment. Yizhong is willing to make continuous efforts to create a more comfortable, higher quality, more temperature medical environment!

Hezhou People's Hospital


Hezhou People's Hospital is located at the junction of Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan provinces (regions), adjacent to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The hospital was founded in 1926, covering an area of 36,110.85 square meters, with a construction area of 84,934.78 square meters. It is the only tertiary class A general hospital in Hezhou and the network hospital of international emergency rescue center. It is the center of emergency first aid, medical research, teaching and training in Hezhou.


The main hospital covers an area of 36,110.85 square meters, with a total land area of 201.95 mu and a total investment of 1.53 billion yuan, the east branch hospital is advancing the construction in an orderly way. With the realization of leapfrog development, the hospital will gradually form the development strategic layout of "one hospital and five districts" (the hospital headquarters, Chengdong Branch, Pinggui Branch, the city's first nursing hospital, the city's second nursing hospital, and the city's sixth people's hospital).


Hezhou People's Hospital has complex and special internal space and many types of departments, so higher requirements have been put forward for medical doors. Easy to clean the door is not only flexible to open and close, antibacterial easy to clean, anti-deformation ability is strong, but also can be customized according to the characteristics of different space use, in order to ensure the medical door functionality while taking into account the aesthetic unity of medical space.


We provide space for the hospital decoration solution, reasonable layout of the assembly room door, door, door access door and other medical surgery, and in the choice of the color, we warm for hospital is equipped with a quiet sky blue color medical door, can make people calm and soothing, to ease the tension in the process of treatment, with warm color department metope and floor, broke the dreary cold feeling of the space, Professionalism and comfort coexist.


Modern medical space is not only a place for treating patients, but also provides psychological comfort and anxiety relief for patients. At the same time, as an extension of social public welfare undertakings, it provides health prevention, medical care and other services for healthy people.


Therefore, Yizhong medical space solutions have been adhering to the concept of "people-oriented" in the implementation of the landing, and constantly carry out product innovation and improve product quality. Starting from the details, Yizhong brings a series of high-quality and clean products to the medical space and brings more possibilities to the space.


Guangxi Guiping People's Hospital


Guigang city people's hospital is the national level 3 general hospital, was founded in 1937, its predecessor is the guangxi provincial hospital invertors states, is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention health care, rehabilitation, which integrates modern large comprehensive hospital, is guigang city more than 200 people's medical treatment, emergency treatment, prevention, health care centers and public emergency emergency medical rescue center.


As a designated hospital for isolation and treatment of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia, the Jiangbei New Hospital of Guiping City People's Hospital is planned to cover an area of 150 mu and a floor area of about 230,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. It will be built in three phases.


The appearance and comfortable indoor environment of modern medical buildings will often leave a good working and medical experience for doctors and patients, and more likely to gain the recognition and trust of patients. Following the people-oriented principle, Yizhong helps Guiping People's Hospital to create a medical space environment that can heal the body and mind.


The door type selection of medical space and different use space are inseparable. According to the requirements of different scenes, Yizhong assembled the operating room door, ward door, consultation room door, access door, toilet door and other medical doors, to build a simple, efficient and humane medical system and create a coordinated and comfortable medical environment.

Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd


Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. established in 1999, is a group enterprise integrating pharmaceutical manufacturing, retail and wholesale. On July 31, 2017, Dashenlin was officially listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As of the end of August 2019, it had more than 23,000 employees and 4,153 stores in Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other domestic provinces. 


The pharmaceutical factory requires the surface in the clean area to be smooth and smooth, no cracks, tight interfaces, no particles falling off, mildew, antistatic, avoid glare, and can withstand cleaning and disinfection. The junction between the wall and the ground is curved to reduce dust Accumulation, easy to clean, the doors and windows of the clean automatic door room area should be simple, flat, not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean; decoration materials such as clean room doors, windows, partitions must not use wood products, etc. E-ZONG The high quality and meticulous service create user reputation, and the facilities of Dalin Pharmaceutical Factory have been improved. 

Guangzhou Shengkou Biological Technology Co.Ltd


With the development of modern biomedicine, the requirements for the control of the number of bacteria and microbial pollution in dust-free workshops are also increasing for most clean door room manufacturers, so as to ensure a good production environment for medical and pharmaceutical, biological research, food production and other industries.


Modern cosmetics mostly contain proteins, vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, etc., which provide favorable conditions for the breeding and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria and molds, and are prone to microbial pollution. Therefore, the production environment of cosmetics is one of the important factors affecting the quality of cosmetics.


Guangzhou Shengkou Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of product research and development, production, sales and service in one of the cosmetics OEM/ODM modern innovative cosmetics manufacturing enterprises, with more than 10,000 square meters of 100,000 class dust-free workshop, has passed THE GMPC and ISO22716 international quality management system.


Dust-free workshop and electronics, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, medical and health, food, cosmetics and military industry are inseparable, to provide a controlled environment to meet the needs of production, will directly affect the quality of products. Yizhong provides shengkou Biological with a clean door and window matching solution to build a 100,000-level dust-free workshop, providing a strong material guarantee for the clean environment required by its cosmetics production.


Yizhong double hollow clean window uses 5mm thick tempered glass, the strength is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, not easy to break. When broken by external force, the fragments will become honeycomb like obtuse fragments, reducing the risk of serious injury to the human body. Secondly, nitrogen is filled in the middle of glass sandwich, and molecular sieve materials are added to effectively absorb water vapor, to prevent the phenomenon of fog caused by temperature difference and moisture in glass Windows. The glass window is bright and transparent, which is easy to observe and understand the situation in the workshop.


Workshop as a whole are using color steel plate clean door, with smooth and easy to clean, light impact resistance, sound insulation fire, easy to install the characteristics. Easy to clean the door is through the European Union CE certification fire color steel plate, at 1000 degrees Celsius, effective flame retardant 280 minutes, fire rating up to A2-S2. The door core adopts aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb core material, which has the advantages of light weight, pressure resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction.


Yizhong has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective clean doors and Windows solutions, to create a higher quality, high standard of clean space and unremitting efforts.

Foshan Nanhai Ninth People's Hospital



Foshan Nanhai No.9 People's Hospital is a comprehensive second-class a hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention, health care and rehabilitation with perfect equipment and complete functions.


The central hospital covers an area of 27.4 acres, with a total construction area of 30,000 square meters and fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan. The hospital has been renovated and expanded according to the standard design of modern grade II hospital. The newly increased construction area is 28,000 square meters, and the medical room area is about 25,000 square meters. The newly built outpatient department building and inpatient Department building have been put into use. Phase three will renovate the four-storey complex.


Yizhong has been adhering to the development road of originality and quality, providing high-quality hospital special door solutions for the reconstruction project of The Ninth People's Hospital in Nanhai District, and establishing a green, environmental protection and personalized medical space. It is of great significance to further perfect hospital medical and health infrastructure and improve people's medical conditions.


Yizhong has more than 20 years of deep farming experience in the clean industry, the introduction of a series of advanced automatic production equipment at home and abroad, from product research and development, production, sales, after-sales completely independent, with a relatively perfect after-sales sales system, product quality is guaranteed.


Easy public has been adhering to the principle of creating high-quality clean products, adhere to the small things to do fine, the details to do through. From design to production, raw materials to processing, are unique.


Easy to clean the door material is very elegant. The panel adopts the century-old American brand - Fumeijia antibacterial board, antibacterial, wear-resisting, anti-collision is its biggest characteristic. The door frame aluminum is made of 6063 T5 aluminum with high purity, high hardness and long service life. The filling core material of the door fan is aerospace material -- aluminum honeycomb, light weight, pressure resistance, waterproof and flame retardant. The fastidious achievement of material quality is leading.


In addition, Yizhong also provides personalized customized services for the ninth Hospital in Nanhai District. According to the functional characteristics of the hospital use area, customized hospital special doors of different styles: mainly flat door and induction automatic door. Non-contact induction automatic doors are used on one side of the emergency channel, which is conducive to barrier-free and rapid passage when emergencies occur, and strive for treatment time for patients.


Yizhong will adhere to the development concept of quality leadership, pay attention to every detail, to create personalized, high-quality medical space, improve the people's medical environment and make unremitting efforts.

Beijiao Hospital, Shunde District, Foshan City


Beijiao Hospital, Shunde District, Foshan City, was founded in 1959. On March 28, 2005, a new hospital in the new urban area of Beijiao was officially put into use and is still in use today. Beijiao Hospital is a second-class a comprehensive public hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and public health services. It is also a designated hospital for social security in Guangzhou and Foshan, a baby-friendly hospital and a garden-style hospital in Shunde District.


"Garden-style" hospital attaches importance to greening in the hospital indoor and outdoor environment, through greening to improve the quality of indoor and outdoor environment, for patients and medical staff to create a healthy and pleasant medical and working environment; Use rich plant communities to coordinate landscape functions and create healing gardens that relieve mental stress.


Good green rate index is the foundation of garden hospital. Reasonable functional partition and convenient medical flow line are the premise of garden hospital. Because hospitals are public buildings that serve special populations. Based on the principle of people-oriented, the medical door solution provided by Yizhong shunde Beijiao Hospital is based on automatic doors to create a smooth medical flow line and ensure barrier-free passage for patients and medical staff.


Easy automatic door has the characteristics of safety and stability, sound insulation and noise reduction, good air tightness, convenient installation, is conducive to creating a safe and reliable, green environmental protection, barrier-free, convenient access to the medical environment. At the same time, because the hospital flow of large, high frequency of use, the hospital door to consider easy management and maintenance. Easy to clean the door design smooth, easy to clean, and waterproof corrosion resistance, daily cleaning and maintenance is simple and convenient, suitable for frequent cleaning of public areas.


Finally, the function and diversity of hospital space should be considered to ensure the independence of each functional area. Easy clean door has good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, is conducive to reduce external noise nuisance, for medical staff to create a quiet and reliable diagnosis and treatment environment. At the same time, the patient's emotional factors are fully considered to provide them with a quiet, comfortable medical treatment and rest space.

PCR Laboratory, Longchuan CDC

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of Longchuan County, Heyuan city, Guangdong Province is a public institution engaged in basic public health services. It is a comprehensive public center for disease control and prevention that integrates medical treatment, clinical practice, prevention, health care and scientific research into one.


Since the launch of COVID-19 prevention and control work, the County Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as a professional institution for infectious disease control, has given full play to its functions and functions, taken multiple measures, focused on prevention and control work priorities, spared no effort to prevent the importation and spread of COVID-19, and protected the lives and health of people in the county.



In order to ensure continuous epidemic prevention and control and further enhance the CDC's emergency response capacity to public health emergencies, the Longchuan COUNTY CDC built a PCR laboratory. PCR laboratory adopts easy automatic door, which has the characteristics of good air tightness, safety and efficiency, sound insulation and noise reduction, and easy cleaning, creating a good experimental environment for disease prevention and control and detection.


Easy to use the automatic door is non-contact switch, better to avoid bacteria and viruses due to contact cross infection, at the same time can avoid outside bacteria into the laboratory, reduce the possibility of external factors affecting the results of the experiment.


In addition, easy automatic clean room door air tightness is excellent, the door is surrounded by high-quality sealing tape, close to the door, has good sealing, is conducive to prevent the leakage of harmful substances in the process of the experiment, to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel.

Shenzhen People's Hospital

Shenzhen People's Hospital, founded in 1946, has developed into a class III, Class A general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and health care. As one of the first batch of key constructions in the "Climbing peak Plan" of high-level hospital construction in Guangdong Province, The People's Hospital shoulders the important mission of driving and improving the level of primary medical services in guangdong province, especially, and creating the "indomiable and upright" medical and health pattern in Guangdong province.


With the increase of outpatient service and emergency service, the demand for medical technology room such as examination and inspection also increases greatly. The existing outpatient service room of municipal People's Hospital can not meet the needs of existing outpatient service and emergency patients, and can not adapt to the development trend and modern requirements of medical science.


Leading into a science, for the people's hospital construction, intelligent level of first-class comprehensive hospital of green, energy saving, high standard construction of the project, the construction will be in the near future to carry out the transformation extension project of shenzhen people's hospital, with international vision and forward-looking thinking, creative design, to complete the project high level planning and construction of high standard.


In order to cooperate with Shenzhen People's Hospital to adapt to the development needs of the city's medical treatment, starting from the hardware construction, the overall construction of the hospital has carried on a detailed understanding, combined with the use of the hospital's existing buildings, Yizhong provided customized solutions for the medical door.


The door type selection of medical space is inseparable from the space use area. According to the needs of different scenes, Yizhao assembled the ward door, the door of the examination room, the door of the passage and other medical doors, to create a simple, warm and comfortable medical environment.


Ward door is easy wall single door. While ensuring the smooth passage of doctors and patients, it also has the characteristics of flexible opening and closing, easy to clean and antibacterial, and strong and durable.


The door of the clinic and the door of the passageway are sons and mothers. The size of the door is flexible, daily access can be through the main door, the auxiliary door can be opened when necessary, convenient wheelchair, hospital bed and other large items in and out.

The Fourth Military Medical University

The Chinese people's liberation army air force military medical university (the fourth military medical university) hereinafter referred to as "air force military medical university", "SiYiDa", is located in the ancient capital of xian, China's people's liberation army air force directly under the focus of comprehensive medical university, is the national "world first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities", national "211 project", and all the army "2110 project" key construction of colleges and universities.


The university is also a pilot university of "Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program", and is the cradle for the military to train high-level and middle-level medical professionals. The school has made remarkable achievements in medical work, and its medical institutions are all grade III, GRADE A hospitals.


School places are relatively special places. Students and teachers spend nearly two thirds of a day in the classroom, so it is necessary to provide students with a good learning environment. The choice of school doors is quite important.


The clean room security door solution provided by Yizhong for Xi 'an Air Force Military Medical University fully considers the particularity of the campus environment, and the door type selection gives more consideration to safety and mobility. The internal open door is adopted to facilitate access and save corridor space.


Campus students are more, after school walking is more frequent, the school door inevitably knock, touch, delimit the door and door frame, easy to customize the classroom door, passage door, the use of scientific physical structure fixed design, good mechanical properties, strong impact resistance, the campus like security guards to protect the safety of students and teachers.


In addition, the teaching environment on campus is also very important. Easy to the school door with a good sound insulation noise reduction function, is conducive to creating a quiet and comfortable learning and experimental environment for many students, for the country and society to cultivate military professionals to create a good environment.

Yangchun People's Hospital

Yangchun People's Hospital, founded in 1933, is the only three-level general hospital in Yangchun. It is the city's medical, teaching, scientific research, health care center and 120 emergency center. The hospital covers an area of 31,265 square meters, with a construction area of 83,630.8 square meters, and has fixed assets of about 404 million yuan.



Yizhong with rich industry experience, quality products and perfect service in many medical door brands stand out, won the trust of yangchun People's Hospital leaders and project construction side. In the hospital operating room area, ward area, delivery room, waiting room, isolation delivery room are easy to use the clean door.


Yizhong medical airtight door has excellent air tightness, which effectively blocks the inflow of outside air and is conducive to creating a clean sterile environment for the operating room.

Use area : operating room

Products : Medical airtight door

Product features :

1. Excellent air tightness, surrounded by sealing silicone strip, plus sinking internal buckle function, all-round protection of air tightness;

2. Efficient DC wireless motor, smooth and efficient, smooth opening, energy saving and noise reduction;

3. Fumeijia Silver ion antibacterial panel, bacteriostatic and mildew proof;

4. Wear resistance, impact resistance, moisture and corrosion resistance.


Yizhong to double doors, children and mother door door size flexible, there is a need to open at the same time, the door maximization, convenient for pregnant women hospital beds or wheelchair access.

Use area : delivery room, waiting room, delivery room

Products : double door, child door, single door

Product features :

1. Antibacterial panel, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, clean with water without fading;

2. Aluminum honeycomb core material, light impact resistance, not easy to deformation;

3. Arc design, scratch and collision proof, easy to clean;

4. The window is clean and free of plaque for easy observation.


Yizhong all glass automatic door, open and close smoothly, sound insulation noise reduction, is conducive to create a quiet and comfortable treatment environment for patients. At the same time, it is also convenient for medical staff to observe the situation in the ward.

Use area : ward area

Products : glass automatic door


1. High efficiency DC wireless motor, stable and efficient, smooth opening, energy saving and noise reduction;

2. Full glass panel, clean and transparent, clear vision;

3. Tempered glass, 3-5 times high impact resistance

4. Convenient installation, without affecting the construction period.




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