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Pharmaceutical Workshop, Food Workshop Application Solutions

Pharmaceutical Workshop

The improvement of the world's industrialization and the prosperity of economic exchanges have gradually transformed people's lives from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality. In this revolution in purs uit of quality of life, health and hygiene have become everyone's pursuit of a better life, and they have begun to have greater expectations and more requirements for the products they purchase.

Among them, it has also caused people's serious concern about the hygienic quality of food and medicine. However, how to ensure the quality of food and drug production to the greatest extent and ensure the long-term security and health of the society has become the top priority in the construction and production process of the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Pharmaceutical Workshop, Food Workshop Application Solutions

To ensure the hygiene and safety of products, building a hygienic production environment is the key!

As a top supplier of modular clean room products in China, E-ZONG has rich experience in building pharmaceutical workshops and food workshops, and can provide you with complete clean room application solutions.

Common Problem

Products for the food and pharmaceutical industries, cleanroom facilities for microelectronics and semiconductor applications require strict environmental controls due to the sensitivity of their products. These cleanrooms also house extremely sophisticated and expensive equipment such as lithography machines, etching machines, cleaning machines, doping machines and cutting machines. Therefore, any defect in the cleanliness specification can affect the entire production process. At the same time, in some pharmaceutical workshops and food workshops with poor sanitary conditions, the content of fine particles in the air is high, and there is a lack of constant control of temperature and humidity, which is extremely easy to cause the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

These bacteria and dust particles will not only adhere to and hide in sophisticated production equipment such as heat exchangers, slicers, and pellet machines in the workshop, but will not only erode mechanical parts and hinder normal production operations, but also lead to product contamination. harm the rights of consumers. At the same time, it will also be absorbed by practitioners, resulting in a direct impact on the human body.

Pharmaceutical Workshop


E-ZONG, as a clean room product supplier with 26 years of professional production experience, has formed a team of experienced internal engineers to provide expert-level design and construction plans and suggestions to ensure the rigor of the clean room internal structure and the use of materials organic options. Our in-house engineers will help you meet the quality standards of compound sterile preparation (CSP) according to your actual use requirements of the clean room and the functional division of each area, and assist you in selecting the correct components and functions to meet your needs. Our cleanroom walls can be equipped with windows to monitor employee compounding activities from the outside, helping to maintain a sterile environment and helping your project get official certification!

Quality and Reliability

In the construction of the clean room, E-ZONG's double-layer tempered glass windows can be used to match the wall panels of the clean room. E-ZONG's double-layer glass can achieve close integration with the wall, preventing the circulation and mixing of gases in different spaces. The interior of the glass window is made by a special process:

· No viable bacteria

· There will be no fogging and spotting

· Good sealing

· Good sound insulation

· Strong permeability, you can clearly observe the indoor and outdoor conditions from the outside

· Monitoring the production process, no need to repeatedly enter the air intersection caused by different spaces, resulting in the pollution of the sterile environment

In order to make your project meet the specifications in the whole and details, E-ZONG can provide professional customized services, according to the functional partition and characteristic requirements of your pharmaceutical and food workshop clean room, design the pharmaceutical research and manufacturing that you need , packaging and storage facilities. E-ZONG is equipped with a design team of 50 people, which can quickly produce drawings and connect production, so that you can implement cleanliness standards in every link and ensure the hygiene and safety control of the whole process.

Your Trusted Partner

Through the application solutions for pharmaceutical workshops and food workshops provided by E-ZONG you can ensure that the construction of your clean room meets the indicators of ensuring air tightness, effectively realizing ultraviolet filtration, reducing air particle retention and preventing the spread of pollutants, etc. hygienic production.

After years of hard work, E-ZONG now has a strong R & D and production capacity and a huge professional technology and production team, providing many customers with efficient solutions for clean rooms in food and drug workshops, and has accumulated rich experience.

Choose E-ZONG I believe we will be your trusted high-quality partner in the construction of clean room in food and drug workshops!


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      We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.