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The cause of mildew on the clean door

clean doors

Now when it comes to the clean door, we will not feel strange, because the clean door is now being used more and more widely. We will also have a certain understanding of the clean door, but it may not be clear why there is mildew on the clean door. There are also many reasons for the ... Read more

Key Requirements for Hygienic Efficient Hospital Doors

hospital building blocks

Hygienic, safe and durable.These three dimensions can be said to be the three golden elements that must be understood in the selection of hospital doors. Among these three elements, hygiene requirements come first and become the top priority in the selection of efficient hospital doors. Among the many hospital customers we serve, most of the ... Read more

Zhuhai International Health Port

aluminum frame steel door

International Health Port Case overview Project Name: Zhuhai International Health PortProject location: Zhuhai, GuangdongProduct category: aluminum frame steel door, escape door, double insulating glass window

How strong is the antibacterial ability of interior decoration materials used in hospitals?

As a public place with a large number of people, close personnel contact, and complicated indoor space transmission, hospitals can easily become a suitable environment for bacterial growth and residual, or even rapid spread. Therefore, the interior decoration materials selected in the hospital environment must be able to adapt to multiple washings of high-concentration disinfectant ... Read more

Steel door

We have been receiving feedback from many customers all the time, Ask when do we make all steel door products? Suggestions from clients and friends, We have always kept it in mind. After a series of design, production and technology upgrades, E-ZONG steel door products are officially launched! Product concept The design of this series ... Read more

Large Chemical and Pharmaceutical Clean Space

color steel plate clean door

Pharmaceutical Clean Space Case overview In the pharmaceutical clean space area of this project, our company's lake blue color steel plate clean door is selected. The lake blue panel is bright and saturated, showing sensory comfort. The double-layer hollow clean window is flat, beautiful and atmospheric, and the four corners are attached with molecular sieves ... Read more

Features and application areas of clean doors.

Perhaps, without any special observation, you can sum up the inner monologue of people when they choose products: they need good quality, high performance, beautiful appearance, and affordable prices. At the same time, I believe that this is the case when you choose a clean door. I hope there is a clean door that can ... Read more

Why is the medical clean board so widely used?


In daily life, people spend most of their time in reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, moving in small spaces separated by brick walls. However, we seem to unknowingly associate buildings with red bricks, cement, and sand, but ignore that there are many architectural spaces around us that are built with boards. Among them, the demand for ... Read more


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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.