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What Are the Characteristics of E-ZONG Clean Room Door?

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Imagine that this is a sharing session of E-ZONG clean room door products. You are sitting in a seat under the stage, to ask us questions. What do you want to ask questions most?

Is it the material for the door of clean room?

Or is it the specific parameters of the clean room door?

Or is it the installation and use of clean room doors?

You asked many questions at once, and it seems that you are very interested in our E-ZONG clean room door products! Don't worry, today we will talk in detail about the characteristics of the E-ZONG clean room door. Your questions can be answered here!

If only two characters can be used to form the product of E-ZONG clean room door, it must be beautiful and practical. believe me, customers who have used E-ZONG clean room door products think that E-ZONG products are both practical and beautiful, and have a very good comprehensive experience.

Let's first understand the appearance of the E-ZONG clean room door

The most prominent part of the clean room door is its panel. The material and color of the panel will greatly affect people's first impression of the clean room door. E-ZONG clean room door products use steel panels, Angang color-coated panels, and anti-fold special panel fabrics, which are selected and manufactured according to customer needs and specific use places. Different fabrics have different performance characteristics: the steel panel is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is simple and elegant, resistant to impact and abrasion, and has good durability; Angang color-coated board fabrics are available in a variety of colors, with bright colors and beautiful appearance. Cold-rolled steel plate is selected as the core material, which has high strength, good flatness, uniform color, good stretching ability, excellent thickness control, and high quality; American century-old brand Fumeca anti-fold special board, with silver ion antibacterial effect, effective Prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure the overall cleanliness of the space.

E-ZONG clean room door has a variety of door types to choose from. You can choose clean room single door, clean room double door, clean room door, and an unequal double door. With different types and sizes of see-through glass windows to meet your personalized customization needs.

E-ZONG Clean Room Doors

The performance advantages of E-ZONG clean room doors reflect strong practicability

It has always attached great importance to R & D and innovation and has Seven core technologies for independent product development.

1. The door of clean room adopts an aluminum alloy edging and arc design, which is anti-collision and scratch-proof, making it easier to clean.

2. Both the panel and the observation window adopt a unique physical fixed structure, the card is more tightly inserted, and the stability and airtightness are better guaranteed.

3. The observation window uses a special process to prevent aseptic spots from fogging and has a better perspective. Even if the temperature and humidity of the environment vary greatly, it will not affect the use.

4. The panel material is clean and antibacterial, and the panel surface is not easy to form dust, and it can efficiently adapt to indoor and outdoor environmental changes.

5. Unique and innovative hinge dust-proof design. Compared with ordinary hinges, the structure is simpler, the joints are not easy to hide dust, and the cleaning is more convenient.

6. The core material is made of a high-purity hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, which is corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant, has good fire resistance, and has a fire rating of A1.

7. In addition, the door of clean room is also equipped with a lifting sweeping strip, double shrapnel design, stable lifting, silence, which can effectively ensure air tightness and prevent secondary air pollution. Good hardware accessories are also required for quality clean room doors. The stainless steel split lock and handle lock are used, and the arc design is not easy to be bumped, and the door can be opened with the elbow to prevent the transmission of bacteria. The high-density silicone strip is used for the tightly closed connection, which has good elasticity and excellent flexibility. When the door is closed, it can effectively isolate the air and ensure airtightness.

E-ZONG clean room door under of global medical and health care the construction

The outbreak of the epidemic has sounded the alarm for the construction of health defenses around the world. In the post-epidemic era, E-ZONG has also been upgrading its products to match the continuously upgraded and optimized medical and health system.

Hospital room door products are a good embodiment of the upgrade of E-ZONG clean room door products to match modern medical care. The ward door product has the same comprehensive performance as the clean room door. In addition to steel, color-coated board, and anti-fold special board, the film-covered board can also be used in the choice of the panel. The "high-temperature bonding" physical film-coated laminate has a realistic touch of wood thorns, a bright appearance, strong stretchability, high toughness, and good durability and weather resistance.

In places where the hospital environment is complex and bacteria are prone to breeding, Clean Doors exhibit excellent antibacterial cleanliness and high durability and better serve the construction of modern medical systems.

After reading this article, you have a more comprehensive understanding of E-ZONG clean room door! Do you still feel that you don’t know enough, and you still want to know more? definitely no problem!

Continue to pay attention to the updates of our articles, you will get more product information about E-ZONG. If you want to know immediately, then consult the service immediately (EMAIL: jenny@yizhonglvye.com), we have been waiting for you for a long time!

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