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How to choose of the hospital clinic interior door?

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When asked to name a place with strict hygiene requirements, what would the first reaction in your mind be? I guess the answer most people blurt out is hospitals and clinics! This kind of place is responsible for protecting the lives and health of the people in daily life. The hospital clinics interior door have strict hygiene testing standards from simple daily sterilization to the selection of overall space facilities and instruments, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria in the space. Build a health barrier.

The door, which is often overlooked in the hospital clinic, plays a huge role in this health barrier that cannot be ignored. You're curious: how can such an ordinary door play such a huge role?

In fact, these hospital interior doors and clinic interior doors are not ordinary at all. If you have a certain understanding of medical doors, you must know that the interior doors of hospitals and clinics have excellent air tightness, antibacterial, anti-collision, sound insulation and other properties. Compared with ordinary doors, they have better comprehensive performance and stronger durability.

So how to choose of the hospital clinic interior door? How to choose a high-quality medical interior door supplier? Continue reading this article, the answers you need can be found in the text!

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Superior Air Tightness: Reduces Airborne Bacteria Indoors

Hospitals and clinics have a complex environment, and bacteria grow rapidly, especially through the air to achieve rapid spread.The hospital ward door enhances the sealing performance of the entire door by means of partitioning, enhancing the design of the door frame, sealing the door edge and adding a sealing strip at the bottom of the door leaf, effectively isolating indoor and outdoor air when the door body is closed, and controlling indoor and outdoor air flow to avoid secondary pollution

Powerful antibacterial function: create a good antibacterial environment

The selection of manufacturing materials for hospital ward doors fully considers the problem of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and reducing the retention rate of bacteria. The panel of the hospital ward door can be made of antibacterial and antibacterial board material, which has the antibacterial effect of silver ions, which can effectively weaken the growth rate of bacteria and reduce the number of bacteria in the space. The see-through window is double-sealed, effectively blocking the entry of air and preventing aseptic spots. And the panel and the perspective window are integrated into one, flat and beautiful, no dead corners are left when cleaning and disinfecting, and the cleaning is more comprehensive.

High-strength anti-collision: creating a clean and safe comfortable space

During the actual operation of the hospital clinic, the use of high-strength panel materials can effectively ensure the safety of medical staff and patients. Even in emergencies, it can play a considerable defensive resistance. An anti-collision belt can also be added to the door leaf, which can prevent the door body from being damaged due to collision when the medical equipment is moved and the hospital bed is transferred, and improves the durability of the ward door.

Considerable comprehensive performance: long-term use is more worry-free

Strict control of hygiene requires that the internal environment of hospitals and clinics must be cleaned with high frequency and intensity. The chemical disinfectants used in the cleaning process are often highly corrosive and irritating, and long-term use is likely to cause the door to be corroded or even fall off. High-quality hospital ward door materials have good durability, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can adapt to long-term chemical cleaning and changes in environmental temperature and humidity, are not easy to corrode, do not deform, and are more worry-free for long-term use.

Although you have learned some knowledge about choosing high-quality hospital ward doors, you will still be confused when you really want to buy them. After all, there are too many hospital ward doors, with many brands and various types ...

At this time, the best way is to focus on the brand and choose a well-known medical interior door supplier. Big brands are more trustworthy! Why not take a look at E-ZONG. It has been focusing on R&D and production of medical doors for more than 20 years, serving more than 3,000+ customers, and a big brand with a good reputation. It is the safe choice for medical door products.

E-ZONG medical door products use aviation-grade aluminum alloy profiles to make door frames and door leaf. The arc design is anti-collision and does not accumulate dust, making it easier to clean.The door leaf fabric can be selected from high-quality Ansteel color steel plate and American century-old brand Formica HPL, and silver ions are antibacterial and cleaner.The panel lamination process and high temperature lamination technology can also be used, leaving a realistic hand-touching wood thorn feeling, temperature resistance and no deformation, and it is very beautiful and durable. The filling core material is hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, which is fire-resistant and moisture-resistant. The closed cell of the aluminum honeycomb can also effectively isolate the sound transmission, and has excellent sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

In terms of details:

E-ZONG's medical door products use high-quality silicone sealing strips, which have strong stretchability and are not easy to age. When the door is closed, it can effectively isolate the internal and external air. Equipped with high-quality hardware products, it does not rust and is not easy to be damaged. The use of innovative hinges has changed the disadvantages of ordinary hinges that cause dust and abnormal noises, and improved environmental cleanliness from subtle points.

In terms of product types:

E-ZONG medical door products have a wide variety of products and are clearly classified by function, and can provide you with door products covering the multi-functional area of hospital clinics: such as ordinary ward doors, operating room doors, radiation protection doors, escape doors, etc. We will use our professional ability to provide you with the most suitable products for the construction of your hospital clinic. If you have special needs, we have an excellent design and development team to provide you with professional customized services and bring you unique and desirable products.

If your hospital clinic needs medical door products, please contact us, we will serve you with a professional attitude, so that you can choose high-quality medical doors better and faster!

Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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