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Why is the medical clean board so widely used?

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In daily life, people spend most of their time in reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, moving in small spaces separated by brick walls. However, we seem to unknowingly associate buildings with red bricks, cement, and sand, but ignore that there are many architectural spaces around us that are built with boards. Among them, the demand for the use of medical clean board has also increased, and the application fields have become more extensive, involving square cabin hospitals, pharmaceutical workshops, electronic workshops, and food processing workshops.

medical clean board

The medical clean board can be widely needed and applied by the society because, for most of the living, production and service places that have high requirements on hygiene and cleanliness, choosing to use the medical clean board can not only play a corresponding role in isolation and heat preservation, noise reduction and other effects, and can inhibit the growth of indoor bacteria, ensure the coefficient of environmental hygiene, and have considerable advantages in clean maintenance.

In order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the specific characteristics of medical clean boards, this article will systematically explain to you from the perspective of medical clean board manufacturing. I believe you will gain more in this reading journey!


Panel Selection

Medical clean board is also called purification board. The fabric can be made of color-coated board, stainless steel board, aluminum alloy board, PVC, etc. The material can be selected according to different application fields and strength during use. At the same time, purification boards are also divided into manual boards and machine-made boards, and they are different in production and component installation steps.

Handmade boards are made by hand. First, the board is processed by machine folding, and then the surrounding keels are manually installed, glued, filled with core materials, etc., and then pressed. The machine-made board is manufactured by bonding the edge of the color-coated steel plate to the core material at one time on a special production line and cutting it to a fixed length, using the mechanism as the forming method. At the installation site, the machine-made board has better cutability than the hand-made board, and the version can be changed according to the site conditions. The handmade board has more detailed workmanship and richer core material filling, showing better texture and performance.

Choice of Core Material

The choice of medical clean board core material is very diverse, which can meet the use of different conditions and environments. Rock wool, glass wool, silica gel, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, gypsum and other materials can be used as fillers. The most common core materials are rock wool and paper honeycomb. When you choose handmade board and machine board, the choice of core material is also determined immediately. Compared with machine-made boards, handmade boards have more choices in the use of core materials, and the filling of core materials is more abundant.

Choice of Performance

What material is selected and how many materials are used for compounding will play a key role in the selection and processing procedures of the performance of the medical clean board. No matter how the material is selected and processed, the medical clean board generally has excellent performance such as dustproof, antibacterial, antistatic, sound insulation and noise reduction. At the same time, through the combination ratio of different materials, a certain characteristic of the clean board can also be enhanced and the utility of enhancing its outstanding performance. For example, the "sandwich board" formed by connecting the color steel plate and the rock wool core material with a special adhesive has excellent fire resistance, and the fire rating can reach Class A. In order to enhance the anti-static ability of the medical clean board, a special coating can also be applied on the surface of the clean board to improve the electrical conductivity of the clean board and effectively avoid the fire hazard caused by static electricity.


Under normal circumstances, the medical clean board will be used with various clean door products to further enhance the airtightness of the indoor space and reduce the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, to ensure the maximum effect of space cleaning, not only the choice of the board, but also the choice of the clean door is very important! As one of the largest categories of clean door panels, medical clean panels also have high requirements for the selection of matching clean doors.

High-quality clean door suppliers will help them select, design and produce medical clean doors that meet the needs of this type of medical clean panels according to the specific characteristics of the customer's project and the choice of panels, to ensure that the gap between the clean door and the panels will not be too large, The board door is firmly embedded and not easy to fall off, and the door body has a suitable size to ensure smooth opening and closing, effectively control the air circulation when the door body is closed, and improve the airtight effect.

If you are choosing a medical clean board for your project, and the project has high requirements on the clean door used, you may try to cooperate with us. As a clean door supplier with 26 years of medical clean door design and manufacturing experience, E-ZONG can not only provide you with affordable and durable medical clean door products, but also have long-term cooperation with high-quality medical clean sheet suppliers, one-stop for you Provide medical sheet and clean door solutions, greatly shorten your procurement time and cost, and improve the overall efficiency of the project.

You are welcome to contact our online customer service at any time, we will be honored to cooperate with you!

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