Why Cleanroom Doors Are Essential For Your Business

Why Cleanroom Doors Are Essential For Your Business

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Cleanroom doors

Clean Rooms Doors designs cleanrooms doors in a range of styles:

Installations into hospitals, operating rooms, surgical suites, and cleanrooms can be quick and easy with Clean Rooms Doors cleanroom doors. They are suitable for health care, pharmaceutical, BSL-rated, and cGMP facilities, as they are simple to sterilize, maintain room pressure, and withstand common biocides and hospital-grade disinfectants.

Clean Rooms Doors offers a wide range of cleanroom door designs:

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Seamless, sterile door systems are manufactured by Clean Rooms Doors CleanSeam Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Doors.

All areas of the hospital, including operating rooms and surgical suites, can be accommodated by Clean Rooms Doors’s BioSafe CleanSeam doors, which are medical-grade, USP-compliant, and seamless. To prevent cracks and crevices where microbes thrive, the door is created with continuous-seam welds. The dual-pane window is flush with the door for easy cleanroom wipe downs.

A cleanroom door assembly.

Clean Rooms Doors’ doors are available with aluminum closers that meet ANSI Grade-1 and ADA standards. The UL leak-rated design includes a fully-concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring that room pressure is maintained on each side of the door.

We have a door design that meets cGMP, IEST, ASTM, and ISO 14644-1 standards.

Cleanroom doors are graded by ASTM and ISO.

Clean Rooms Doors's pre-installed swing doors feature a powder-coated steel or aluminum frame with a tempered glass or hospital-grade plastic panel. The single- and double-door models are available and can be customized with an optional double-action spring hinge that allows the door to open in both directions. Its white powder-coat finish, which surpasses ASTM and ISO paint standards for chipping, scratching, and fading, helps preserve the door's appearance.

Dortek's FRP Cleanroom Doors are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to match your needs.

Dortek's corrosion-resistant, water-tight, fibreglass (FRP) doors are seamless and free of ledges, cracks, and crevices, where microorganisms commonly collect. The one-piece encapsulated, closed-cell core creates a water-tight seal to meet FDA and GMP requirements. Dortek offers fire-rated, BSL-rated, and lead-lined sliding, swing-out, and bi-parting designs.

Part-time cleanroom doors are A1 quality.

CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek produce external-mounted and recessed double sliding doors that open in a bi-parting style to facilitate easy ingress and egress of bulky equipment and transport carts.

Double bi-parting doors that endure life testing for at least 1,000 cycles are equipped with load-bearing cast urethane wheels for long-lasting, smooth operation. A timing belt reinforced with fibreglass ensures durability and uniform performance. Elastomeric seals ensure longevity and operational consistency.

Roll-up cleanroom doors are available in A2 grade.

Cleanrooms and operating rooms that require high-volume traffic can benefit from automatic roll-up doors made of rigid stainless steel. The doors come equipped with a PLC touchpad for simple operation and an emergency stop button and a safety switch that engages if the door strikes an object.

Sliding cleanroom doors up to A3 size can be produced.

CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek offer a wide range of cleanroom-compliant sliding door designs for a variety of applications and cleanliness levels in an ISO-rated cleanroom environment.

CleanRoomsDoors produces pre-assembled cleanroom single- and double-door sliding doors, in either stainless steel or aluminum, for external or recessed frame installations.

Hands-free operation is achieved with a touch-sensitive door pad and a microprocessor controller that monitors door position and closing speed. In retrofit applications, pre-assembled headers and panels are well suited for quick and simple installation.

Cleanroom swing doors are produced to A4 standards.

Surgical suites, operating rooms, and cGMP laboratories can all benefit from the durability, longevity, and low-maintenance of swing-out and swing-in cleanroom doors manufactured by CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek.

CleanRoomsDoors manufacture several models of swing doors: automatic, manual, fire-rated, prehung rigid frames, single-wide and double-wide. A fully-concealed drop-down gasket seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring the door holds room pressure.

A single cleanroom door is B1.

CleanRoomsDoors builds custom single-wide sliding and swing-out cleanroom doors in standard 36” widths for cleanrooms, operating rooms, and surgical suites, among others. Cleanroom pressure cascades are supported by standard reverse and forward swing orientations with left- or right-hand openings.

Double door cleanroom doors (barn style) are available in B2.

CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek manufacture modular and brick-and-mortar cleanroom doors to industry-standard sizes in sliding and swing-out double door configurations. Double door designs are available in a wide assortment of types: automatic, manual, bi-parting, swing-out, and sliding. All E-ZONG double doors are interlocked using E-ZONGs electromagnetic interlocking system, which prevents cross-contamination by preventing two doors from opening simultaneously.

The door must ensure that a cleanroom environment is maintained at all times.

Cleanroom doors are operated automatically in C1s.

CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek offer automatic cleanroom doors in sliding, swing-out, single-door, and double-door configurations.

The hands-free operation on CleanRoomsDoors's automatic doors is controlled by a motion sensor and control pad. The controller regulates the door's opening and closing speeds to ensure user safety and a blow-open function to satisfy NFPA 92B smoke ventilation standards. The ADA-compliant controller includes an advanced power assist function to support minimal operator effort when the door is opened manually.

Dortek offers a wide range of innovative door options and security features, including microprocessor controls, safety photo-cells, and built-in safety sensors.

A manual cleanroom door is C2.

CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek offer a wide range of pre-hung cleanroom doors, including sliding, swinging, bi-parting, single-door, and double-door configurations. Pre-installed on a rigid, aseptic door frame, pre-hung cleanroom doors are optimal for retrofit cleanroom lab constructions and new constructions.

Non-pre-hung doors are available for installation in CleanRoomsDoors modular cleanrooms, and framing is required.

The orientation of cleanroom doors should be D (return to chart).

Cleanroom doors for the left-hand side are required to be D1.

With either the left or right hand, CleanRoomsDoors’s left-hand cleanroom swing doors can open into or out of the cleanroom. The door handle connects to the right side of the door, so the operator can open the door with their left hand.

A cleanroom door with a right-hand opening.

Cleanroom CleanRoomsDoors and Dortek swing doors are designed to open into or away from the cleanroom using either the left or right hand. The handle of a right-handed door mounts on the left side of the door frame so that the operator may open the door with his or her right hand.

Pre-installed in a door frame E1

Pre-hung cleanroom doors are optimal for retrofit projects and new lab build-outs of brick-and-mortar cleanrooms, as the door frame is pre-installed on a rigid, aseptic door frame for quick installation.

You must frame at installation.

Non-pre-hung cleanroom doors are available for installations on CleanRoomsDoors modular cleanrooms.

The material used to construct cleanroom door frames should be of low-alloy, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

304 grade stainless steel cleanroom doors are used in F1 racing.

304-grade stainless steel doors are resistant to biocides and hospital-grade disinfectants, promoting aseptic conditions and longevity. They are rigid and durable.

Cleanroom doors made of 316L stainless steel

316L grade stainless steel is corrosion resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and durable.

Cleanroom doors made of aluminum F3.

Non-outgassing, chemical-resistant, and high-tensile-strength cleanroom doors made of aluminum are lightweight.

Powder-coated aluminum cleanroom doors are F4s.

E-ZONG’s proprietary white powder coating exceeds ASTM and ISO standards for chipping, scratching, and colour retention.

Powder-coated steel cleanroom doors are F5s.

E-ZONG's resilient white powder coatings can withstand common alcohol-based cleaners, do not deteriorate over time, resist corrosion, and meet ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards.

F6 fiberglass-reinforced plastic cleanroom doors are available.

Dortek’s FRP is available in several colours to meet the needs of different hospital areas, and its chemical- and water-resistant formulation meets FDA and cGMP standards.

The material used for cleanroom door panels is _______.

304 grade stainless steel cleanroom door panels are rated G1.

304 stainless steel is long-lasting, durable, aseptic, resistant to biocides and hospital-grade disinfectants, and provides privacy.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Door Panels of grade G2 - 316L.

316L stainless steel doors offer privacy and corrosion, chemical, and temperature and humidity fluctuation resistance.

Acrylic Cleanroom Door Panels are available in G3.

Transparent, economical, lightweight cleanroom doors made of acrylic provide durability and excellent clarity. However, acrylic panels provide limited chemical resistance and poor electrostatic discharge protection.

Polycarbonate Cleanroom Door Panels are graded G4.

A transparent polycarbonate door offers high impact resistance and thermal resistance (up to 200°F) as well as chemical resistance to common disinfectants.

Cleanroom Polypropylene Door Panels are made of G5 material.

Polypropylene in white colour provides user privacy and resistance to harsh acids, bases, and solvents.

Polysim Cleanroom Door Panels are produced using G6 glass.

Dortek offers a variety of automatic swinging and sliding doors that let you enter your building quickly while keeping unwanted pests out. You can upgrade to keycard readers, motion sensors, iris scanners, or building management integration.

Cleanrooms can be divided into two categories: Class 100, which is the most stringent level, and Class 10,000, which is the least stringent level. It is important to keep these two classes separate, since they have completely different requirements. Doors play a key role in keeping these two classes separate, so they must be made of the right material. We can help you create the right doors. Our doors are available in a variety of materials, and can be customized to meet your needs. We can help you create the right doors for your facility. If you need help, just give us a call.

E-ZONG’s tough white powder-coat material resists common alcohol-based cleaning products, does not deteriorate over time, prevents corrosion, meets ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards, and complies with ASTM paint specifications.

Static-dissipative PVC cleanroom door panels for the G8 summit

SD-PVC door panels are made of transparent, static-dissipative PVC to prevent static buildup that attracts airborne particles and fibers, making them easier to clean. SD-PVC does not hold a static charge, is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, and is easy to clean. It retains a surface resistivity of 108 ohms per square indefinitely, rather than the coatings that wear off after prolonged use.

Cleanroom Tempered Glass Door Panels—G9—are specially designed to keep a room completely sanitary.

Impact-resistant, temperature-resistant, non-outgassing, and high visual clarity are all features of tempered safety glass.

Vinyl cleanroom door panels made of G10 are used for making cleanrooms.

E-ZONG’s cleanroom-grade, lightweight vinyl fabric roll-up doors support rapid opening speeds.

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic cleanroom door panels are used to create an airlock between the cleanroom and the corridor.

Dortek’s FRP formulations, which are water-resistant and chemical-resistant, are available in dozens of colours, enabling architects to choose the right colour for their specific project. Seamless moulded designs meet FDA and cGMP requirements.

The viewing window style on cleanroom doors can be improved.

A cleanroom door from E-ZONG is designed without windows for full patient or research privacy, with partial windows spanning the top half of the door panel and full windows spanning the entire height of the door (for busy, high-traffic corridors).

Dortek offers a range of automatic doors with microprocessor controls, safety photo-cells, and built-in safety sensors.

E-ZONG and Dortek produce cleanroom doors in accordance with standard 81” tall cleanroom door designs and application-specific doors ranging from 74” to 120” in height (for the transportation of bulky equipment). E-ZONG's in-house engineering team works with clients daily to design customised products to suit the user's needs.

E-ZONG stocks standard single-wide cleanroom doors, manufactured to 36” wide, and standard double-wide cleanroom doors, manufactured to 72” wide, for immediate shipment. Dortek provides special-purpose single doors, available in 32” to 48” widths and special-purpose double doors, available in 60” to 80” widths.

Fire-rated cleanroom doors are rated K1.

E-ZONG’s BioSafe fire-rated manual swing doors are used in facilities requiring up to three hours of fire protection. E-ZONG’s fire-rated cleanroom doors are constructed with thermally insulated honeycomb padding for added structural strength.

Fire Rated Cleanroom Doors are available for browsing.

45-minute fire doors.

90-minute fire doors

A building must have at least 180 minutes of fire protection to meet the requirements of the International Building Code.

UL Certified Cleanroom Doors to Meet K2 Standards

Each E-ZONG cleanroom door is leak-rated and contains a fully-concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring room pressure remains on both sides of the door.

Cleanroom doors may be mounted externally.

Sliding cleanroom doors that are externally mounted are optimal for cleanroom remodeling or for retrofitting existing stick-built or modular cleanrooms with replacement doors.

A cleanroom door recessed into the wall is referred to as a K4 door.

Sliding doors that are recessed mounted are ideal for small areas or hallways where there is limited overhead space.

Cylindrical Lock Cleanroom doors are available in K5 models.

E-ZONG’s single- and double-wide fire-rated doors are equipped with a cylindrical lock prep, rated at government 161, with a 2 x ¾” backset.

Mortise locks are a type of lock used on doors.

E-ZONG’s single-wide fire-rated doors are equipped with a mortise lock prep with a 2 x ¾” backset trim cut-out.

Push bar for exiting k7.

Hands-free egress from a cleanroom is supported by E-ZONG’s BioSafe CleanSeam cleanroom doors, which include an optional pre-installed exit push bar manufactured of stainless steel.

Two-way cleanroom door swing.

E-ZONG and Dortek cleanroom doors feature an optional double-action spring door hinge to support the two-way opening and closing of swing doors.

Crevice-free cleanroom door design is available from K9.

Medical-grade, USP-compliant BioSafe CleanSeam doors and Dortek FRP hygienic doors are suitable for all areas of the hospital, including operating rooms and surgical suites. All continuous-seam welds are used to eliminate cracks and crevices where bacteria thrive. The window is mounted flush with the door for easy wipe down.

An electronic cleanroom door interlock is K10.

E-ZONG’s cleanroom doors can be used with E-ZONG’s electromagnetic interlocking system to prevent cross-contamination resulting from two doors being opened at the same time.

Breakaway cleanroom doors.

E-ZONG emergency breakaway panels are provided on cleanroom sliding and swinging doors to ensure that personnel can quickly exit the facility in the event of a fire or power failure.

A hermetically sealed joint that provides a BSL-rated seal is required.

The doors from Dortek are hermetically sealed and can be used in BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities where air leakage is controlled. The wraparound frame includes an integrated neoprene seal that is rated to withstand pressure differentials of up to 250 pascals.

You can shop for Cleanroom Doors online.

E-ZONG is a leading expert in the creation of critical environment applications. E-ZONG can provide certification and testing services for cleanrooms, cleanroom doors, pass-throughs, windows, and roll-up doors.

View a wide range of cleanroom doors in different frames, styles, and opening-closing mechanisms on line.

Please contact a E-ZONG cleanroom specialist for product configuration or application compliance assistance via web chat, email, or phone.

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