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Where We Need Air Diffusion Products?

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What if all the building's air diffusion products disappeared overnight?

Perhaps it's the dreary, suffocating air in a confined high-rise building, or the still air in a small space and struggling to breathe. Yes, you can't imagine that this seemingly simple diffuser for air vent has long been an integral part of our lives. If you want to play the maximum utility of small air diffuser, just around high-quality and bright appearance is not enough, but also according to the specific use of air diffuser environment and choose the air vent type, matching the best application of different air vents. This article describes air diffusion products.

air diffusion products

1. Application of air grilles linear slot diffuser

Air grilles linear slot diffuser are mostly used for air supply in public areas. Slot diffuser are located at the end of the duct in each room, allowing heated or cooled air to enter the space. Each slot diffuser has a linear plenum, or fits a box above the ceiling. This plenary space helps to improve air flow and allows air to enter the space at a uniform and stable speed.

In relatively large public spaces such as air-conditioning systems in office buildings, large shopping malls, apartments and hotels, air grilles linear slot diffuser have become an important direction for such architectural spaces. It plays an important role in improving indoor air quality and more efficiently controlling the local thermal and humid environment in large spaces. It can also reduce building energy consumption and reduce the cost of redecorating when the use of the space changes. At the same time, shopping malls and hotels use straight rod style delivery grids, which can better ensure the healthy circulation of internal air.

2. Introduction and use of air jet nozzle diffuser

The air jet nozzle diffuser is very suitable for large spaces that require long-term shots. It provides adjustable nozzle jet diffusers for various applications, including airports, indoor swimming pools, sports facilities, shopping malls, theaters, atriums, etc. The great combination of aesthetics and performance makes architects and engineers pleasing to the eye.

The air jet nozzle diffuser is an adjustable nozzle jet diffuser designed for surface mounting. Its hidden screw fastening system and stylish design are some of the reasons why air nozzle diffusers are so popular with architects. It is usually installed on the wall to provide air at a level or at an angle. Its aluminum structure makes it a perfect product for high humidity environments such as swimming pools and aquatic centers. The basic air nozzle diffuser model can be adjusted manually. The other two versions of this product are controlled by actuators and adjusted by electric or pneumatic devices.

Air jet nozzle diffuser, except that there is no flange and hidden screw fastening system. It is designed to be inserted directly into a circular duct opening. This is why we often see diffusers in buildings with large open ceilings and visible pipes. The air nozzle diffuser can also be provided as a diffuser that is manually adjustable, actuator controlled or pneumatically adjusted.

air diffusion products

For example, airport terminals are designed to accommodate a large number of people, which means they have very complex HVAC systems with complex controls. In addition, the occupancy classification of the terminal building is also different, requiring different levels of air exchange, temperature and humidity. Therefore, there are many types of diffuser for air vent used in the air ventilating HVAC system of the airport. Among them, the air jet nozzle diffuser is responsible for the ventilation, heating and air conditioning of different functional places, so as to achieve a healthy and effective air system of the airport. cycle.

In fact, there are many practical uses of air diffusion products products. If you want to learn more about it, you can continue to pay attention to our article updates. If you have actual purchase and use requirements, you can also consult E-ZONG Manufacturer online customer service immediately ( EMAIL: jenny@yizhonglvye.com ) , we sincerely look forward to serving you!

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