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What is a Clean Room Door?

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Doors are very common in life. Everyone knows that the role of doors is to prevent theft, heat insulation, sound insulation, and protect privacy. They are inseparable products in life. And there is a kind of door, which covers the characteristics of most home improvement doors, and has more high-quality functions by virtue of its own unique design and production process. Yes, you guessed it right, this is the clean room door! Clean room doors are an important part of the clean room because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they do not work properly, the clean room will face a higher risk of contamination.

In fact, in our daily life, the use of clean doors is not uncommon. It is widely used in biopharmaceuticals, laboratories, food and beverages, electronic equipment, education and scientific research, and other fields. With the continuous deepening of industrialization and the continuous improvement of people's health requirements, clean door products such as hospital clean room doors, pharmaceutical clean room doors, and electronic workshop clean doors are increasingly recognized and selected by everyone.

Compared with ordinary doors, clean doors have better heat preservation, sound insulation, dustproof, reduced air cross-contamination, and improved space airtightness. Whether it is in the fields of medical and health or industrial production, as long as it is a space with high requirements for cleanliness, we are striving to build a stable and reliable clean room door system to improve the sanitary barrier and safety guarantee of production and operation.

Clean Room Door

So what exactly is a clean room door? What are its specific advantages and characteristics?

Don't worry, this article will answer you one by one!

1. According to the material, the clean door can be divided into a steel door, HPL clean door, color steel plate clean door, and resin clean door. The steel door is simple, anti-collision, scratch-resistant, and has good corrosion resistance; the anti-fold special plate clean door fabric has silver ions to inhibit bacteria and improve the cleanliness of the panel; the color steel plate clean door uses high-quality Angang color steel plate, which is bright in color and high in quality; Resin clean doors have good fire resistance and are suitable for spaces with higher fire protection requirements. Color steel plates, HPL, and other fabrics can also be selected in different colors according to the application environment of the project and the preferences of customers, and the categories are rich, which can well meet the space color requirements.

2. The inner filling core material of the clean door can choose paper honeycomb filling, PU core material filling, and aluminum honeycomb filling. Paper honeycomb is a new type of sandwich structure environmentally friendly and energy-saving material, with less material loss during production, is lightweight, and recyclable. However, the paper honeycomb has poor fire resistance and is prone to moisture corrosion in an environment with high humidity. PU core material has good physical properties, high softness, and high strength, but it is not fireproof, and it has a pungent odor when burned, which is harmful to human health. The aluminum honeycomb is light in weight, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion, and its fireproof performance reaches A1 level, and its comprehensive performance is even better.

3. In the use of clean room door accessories, in addition to basic quality assurance, special attention is paid to choosing products with a high degree of cleanliness. Some of these products have the self-cleaning function after they are made by special processes, or they can be cleaned and decontaminated more conveniently by virtue of their unique design. Compared with the door fittings used daily, the clean room door fittings have higher standards for airtightness, cleanliness, and better durability.

4. Clean room door specifications generally have relatively fixed production parameters, but according to the different design requirements of different projects, special customized services can also be provided. Customers can also choose single-opening doors, double-opening doors, and dual-door doors according to the specific purpose of the clean door. Considering practicality and aesthetics, you can choose different shapes and sizes of clean doors and see-through glass windows. If there is a need for contact and traffic when it is put into use, automatic clean door products can also be installed. Automatic induction opening and closing, and equipped with safety light, anti-collision, and anti-pinch, high safety factor. In general, the clean room door has a variety of specifications, and it is more secure than it needs to be made according to actual engineering needs when selecting.

Clean room door

When you understand the relevant information about the clean door, you must think: How can we choose a good quality clean door? Which clean door supplier will be more assured?

Do you want me to give some suggestions? Then I must recommend to you E-ZONG Clean Door!

1. E-ZONG clean door adopts an aluminum alloy frame as a whole, and the surface is flat. Smooth transition, bright appearance, and easy to clean. The core material is a hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, which has excellent fire and moisture resistance, and no harmful gas is released. In addition, there are many closed cells inside the aluminum honeycomb, which block the airflow, reduce the transmission of sound waves, improve the sound absorption coefficient inside the core material, and have a better sound insulation effect. The physical fixed structure design of the observation window, special interlayer treatment, sterile spots, no fog, stronger perspective, and more beautiful.

2. E-ZONG clean room door accessories use high-quality clean room door hardware products. Innovative dust-proof hinge, nylon shaft is quieter, not easy to accumulate dust, and cleaning is more convenient. The door locks can be selected from high-quality split locks, handle locks, etc. The arc design is anti-collision and anti-pinch, and the door can be opened with the elbow to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Innovative lifting sweeping strip technology, unique double shrapnel design, smooth sinking, good airtightness, effectively reducing the risk of secondary air pollution.

To create a satisfactory clean room door system, you need a high-quality clean door supplier! Choose E-ZONG to build an escort for your clean room door system!

If necessary, you are welcome to consult us (EMAIL: jenny@yizhonglvye.com), and look forward to cooperating with you.

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