Why do you need an industrial air handling unit?

Why do you need an industrial air handling unit?

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What is meant by an industrial air handling unit?

In big commercial or industrial buildings, an industrial air handling unit (AHU) regulates and circulates the air. Typically, it comprises a fan, heating and cooling coils, filters, dampers, and controls. The outside air must be drawn in and brought inside by the AHU. It is then conditioned to the proper temperature and humidity level before being distributed throughout the building. Additionally, it can circulate air inside the structure, which can help lower energy costs by recycling conditioned air. AHUs can come in a wide range of sizes, from compact units that serve a single room to massive systems that manage the air circulation for an entire building or institution. AHUs are frequently customized to match the unique needs of a building. They are frequently utilized in commercial and industrial contexts like offices, data centres, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

How industrial air handling units can improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace?

Any substantial commercial or industrial building's HVAC system must have an industrial air handling unit (AHU). It is crucial for controlling and moving air to produce a climate that is cosy, healthful, and conducive to productivity indoors. An AHU may dramatically increase workplace efficiency and productivity by regulating indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity. And finally, an AHU can boost the efficiency of your machinery. The ambient conditions required for equipment to function properly can be maintained with the use of an AHU. As a result, production may increase, downtime may decrease, and maintenance expenses may decrease.

  • Better indoor air quality: 

An AHU can increase office productivity by guaranteeing better indoor air quality. An AHU can support maintaining a clean and healthy interior environment by filtering and conditioning the air. This can lessen the number of airborne contaminants, including dust, pollen, and bacteria, that can lead to diseases and respiratory issues. A healthier and happier workforce can increase productivity and lower absenteeism thanks to improved indoor air quality.

  • Consistent temperature and humidity control:

Controlling the temperature and humidity is also crucial for maximizing productivity in the office. Employee concentration and productivity can be improved by maintaining a comfortable and even indoor temperature and humidity level with the aid of an AHU. The output and operation of machinery can be impacted by temperature and humidity in industrial environments. An AHU can enhance equipment performance and save downtime by maintaining a constant atmosphere.

  • Control indoor air pollutants:

An AHU can assist in managing indoor air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in addition to lowering airborne contaminants. VOCs are released from a number of things, including furniture, building supplies, and cleaning agents. Employee health and productivity may suffer due to respiratory issues, nausea, and headaches brought on by VOC exposure. An AHU can assist in reducing VOCs and other indoor air pollutants by utilizing high-efficiency filters and other air purification technology, enhancing employee health and well-being.

  • Energy savings:

Additionally, an AHU can assist save energy, which can lower operating costs and boost profitability by recycling conditioned air and lowering the need for excessive heating or cooling; an AHU that has been properly designed and installed can aid in lowering energy use. An AHU can lower the amount of energy required to heat or cool new air from the outside by recycling conditioned air. Lower energy costs and a smaller carbon impact may result from this.

How an industrial air handling unit reduced maintenance cost?

It operates to move and clean the air in sizable industrial or commercial facilities. The AHU is usually attached to ducting that distributes air throughout the structure and is situated in a mechanical room or rooftop. Enhancing indoor air quality, safeguarding machinery, carrying out routine maintenance, and lowering energy usage, can assist in lowering maintenance costs. Businesses may increase the lifespan of their HVAC equipment, decrease downtime, and save money on maintenance and repair expenditures over time by investing in an AHU and keeping it in good working order. There are numerous ways an air handling unit (AHU) might assist in lowering maintenance costs:

  • Enhanced indoor air quality: 

AHUs can assist in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment by filtering and conditioning the air. This results in improved indoor air quality. As a result, less cleaning and maintenance may be required to prevent the accumulation of dust and other debris on machinery and ducting.

  • Equipment protection: 

By preserving a constant atmosphere, an AHU can aid with equipment protection. An AHU can assist in preventing equipment from overheating or being damaged due to excessive moisture by controlling temperature and humidity levels. This may lessen the requirement for upkeep and repairs.

  • Regular maintenance:

To guarantee optimal functioning, an AHU normally needs maintenance on a regular basis. However, businesses may increase the lifespan of their AHU and lower the need for pricey repairs or replacements by carrying out routine maintenance procedures, including filter replacement, bearing lubrication, and coil cleaning.


Controlling the temperature, humidity, and air quality in a workspace is quite easy when using an industrial air handling unit. In order to maximize efficiency and lower energy costs, it is crucial to have air-handling equipment that is correctly designed and installed. The purpose of these devices is to maintain clean air, assist with temperature control, and save energy. Businesses can choose the greatest option for their needs because they come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and styles. An AHU may maintain stable temperatures and humidity levels throughout a building, whether used as a new part of an existing structure or an update. Although they are most usually used to provide cooling, AHUs can also offer heating throughout the winter. Once they have been implemented, E-ZONG systems are a dependable, efficient, and affordable choice.

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