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How to Choose Air Handling Unit Components?

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In the all-air system, the equipment that makes the air entering each area space is processed in the machine room, we call it the air handling unit, which is extremely important in the indoor air circulation. Different air handling unit components are combined to form an air handling unit system, which is responsible for the operation of air circulation, filtration, heating and cooling inside and outside the space, and is a commonly used air handling method in modern buildings.

The air handling unit is mostly composed of fans, heaters, coolers, and various filtering devices. The air contained in the air after several continuous steps is greatly reduced, and the air is fresher and has a more comfortable temperature. Therefore, when selecting the air handling unit profile, carefully comparing the air handling unit size and the air handling unit specifications of the air handling unit assembly can effectively improve its overall operation and improve the air handling efficiency.

The recommendations for selecting air handling unit components are as follows

1. When selecting the air handling unit, multi-wing or backward-curved blades can be considered according to the specific air supply volume to ensure that the noise of the fan is reduced and the best air supply index is achieved. The multi-wing air handling unit has high efficiency, stable operation, low noise, and more energy-saving use; the back-bending air handling unit conforms to the fluid mechanics design, produces less resistance, and runs more smoothly.

2. The air filter section has coarse and medium efficiency filters. There are two types of coarse-efficiency filters: plate filters and non-woven filters: plate filters are composed of synthetic glass fibers, with large capacity and long service life, and are mostly used in primary filtration; non-woven filters are oriented or random Fiber composition, can be disassembled clearly at any time, easy to install. Medium-efficiency filters usually use non-woven bag filters. By using the pore size of the filter medium to intercept or even adsorb substances smaller than the pore size of the medium, the filtering effect is more detailed.

3. The surface cooling section is used to cool and dehumidify the air, and a water baffle is set at the air outlet to prevent moisture from being carried in the air. The surface cooler can be arranged in different ways in the air handling unit. In addition to the conventional order placement, you can also choose the air handling unit with the surface cold plate installed on the side. At the same time, you can also set up an inspection door in the upstream f function section of the cold plate to make maintenance more convenient.

4. To have a good thermal insulation effect, it is necessary to carefully choose the air handling unit panels. The sandwich panel with polymer thermal insulation core is selected, which is easy to form, light in weight, efficient and easy to install. The thickness of the sandwich panel is generally: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and so on in order of increasing, the thickest can reach 200mm. After the heater and cooler adjust the temperature of the air, the sandwich panel can firmly lock the air temperature to ensure that the air is still at the most comfortable temperature.

5. The sealing performance of the box structure reduces the air leakage rate of the box and improves the air conversion efficiency. The box structure is composed of a panel and an aluminum alloy frame or angle steel welding frame, which avoids insufficient air supply caused by air leakage and allows untreated air to enter the air supply system, ensuring the quality of system operation. The high-quality aluminum alloy profile is not easy to be deformed by temperature difference and has high corrosion resistance. The frame of the air handling unit can adapt to environmental changes and has high durability.

Air Handling Unit Components

Do you think that there are too many links to pay attention to when selecting air handling unit components, and it takes too much effort to select a good air handling unit and a reliable air handling unit manufacturer? It's better to learn about the air handling unit of E-ZONG, which will save you the complicated comparison process and provide you with high-quality products.

The components of the air handling unit parts of E-ZONG are made of high-purity aluminum alloy produced by the company, which is strong against impact and not easily deformed. And it has good chemical resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong environmental adaptability. The unique cold bridge design process is used to efficiently reduce heat conduction, better achieve thermal insulation, reduce cold consumption, avoid condensation on the high-temperature side, and better achieve indoor temperature stability and improve human sensory comfort.

In addition, E-ZONG can also provide you with professional air handling unit parts and aluminum profile customized production services, and professional design according to your specific use space and location, environmental conditions, and functional characteristics of the air handling unit. Match with, provide tailor-made high-quality air handling unit for your project. Choosing E-ZONG means choosing a professional custom air handling unit manufacturers!

If this article provides you with assistance in selecting air handling unit components, we will be very honored. If you are interested in E-ZONG's products, you are very welcome to ask us questions, our staff will provide you with services online, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.