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How strong is the antibacterial ability of interior decoration materials used in hospitals?

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antibacterial ability of interior decoration materials used in hospitals

As a public place with a large number of people, close personnel contact, and complicated indoor space transmission, hospitals can easily become a suitable environment for bacterial growth and residual, or even rapid spread. Therefore, the interior decoration materials selected in the hospital environment must be able to adapt to multiple washings of high-concentration disinfectant water and cleaning agents, and have excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

As one of the most important products in the interior decoration materials of hospitals, clean doors have attracted more attention in terms of antibacterial ability. However, how to reflect the antibacterial ability of hospital clean room chain doors, clean room automatic doors and clean room swing doors? How strong does the antibacterial ability need to be?

With your doubts, keep reading this article to find the answer!

The secret of antibacterial - door structure

The antibacterial strength of the clean door is first reflected in the structure of the door. A clean door with excellent comprehensive performance can maximize the design advantages, ensure that the contact surface between the door body and the air is flat, and there are as few bumps as possible. At the joint of the door frame and the joint of the door leaf, the materials are required to be strictly butt-jointed to avoid overlapping or leaving obvious gaps.

In addition to fully presenting a good door structure in the design and production, professional door opening measurement and door installation are also required to ensure that the door body is attached to the ground and wall and is vertically stable. Once the door opening is not accurately and correctly measured before installation, it will cause the door gap to be too large or the door body to be difficult to be stuck or even deformed, which will greatly affect the effectiveness of the clean door. The skew of the door body will make the hinge pressure bearing capacity unevenly dispersed, and long-term accumulation will lead to the overall deformation of the door, which is not only unfavorable for antibacterial and bacteriostasis, but even causes irreversible safety hazards in serious cases.

The secret of antibacterial - door leaf fabric

The door leaf of the clean door has a large contact area with the air flow in the space, which is the main place for the attachment and residual of environmental bacteria. Relying on frequent disinfection and cleaning can keep the clean door at a low bacterial density, but it will also easily cause corrosion and damage to the door leaf, and the appearance and performance will be damaged to a certain extent. In order to better reflect the antibacterial effect of the panel of the clean door, you can choose the antibacterial door leaf. The antibacterial plate with silver ion antibacterial can effectively inhibit the bacterial cells adhering to the door leaf, reduce their reproduction ability and speed, and effectively Reduce the number of bacteria.

Antibacterial secrets - see-through glass

According to different application functions, both clean room swing doors and clean room automatic doors can be equipped with see-through windows. In order to ensure that the clean door with see-through glass window will not spread or multiply bacteria through the glass window, the treatment of the glass window during the production process is very important. The see-through window on the clean door must be sealed around with 3M glue to ensure that there is no air and moisture ingress. In addition, molecular sieves are attached to the four corners of the insulating glass, which can effectively filter and absorb moisture, keep the interior of the see-through window dry, and cannot create conditions for bacteria to form.

Antibacterial secrets - accessories selection

The selection of accessories can be said to directly reflect the strict control of the antibacterial details by the clean door. The high-strength stainless steel split lock with a simple appearance is selected, with a simple structure and no cleaning dead ends. Moreover, the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of stainless steel are outstanding, and long-term disinfection and cleaning can also keep it clean as new.

Clean room interlocking doors are used in some special functional partitions of hospitals, and such requirements often pose huge challenges to the design and operation of doors. Clean room interlocking doors must accurately control the closing time of each door when in use to keep the indoor air pressure relatively stable. In this way, it can be ensured that bacteria will not infiltrate on both sides due to the large indoor and outdoor pressure difference, resulting in cross-contamination of the air.

Now, while there are many clean doors available on the market, their antibacterial levels vary widely in practical applications. Take the antibacterial board fabric as an example. Although many clean door manufacturers say that the antibacterial panels they use are antibacterial panels, in fact, the antibacterial panels are the patented panels of the American Formica Company, with unique silver ions. The antibacterial effect was also proposed by Formica HPL board. On the whole, there is still a certain gap between the bacteriostatic effect of ordinary HPL board and that of Formica HPL board.

Secondly, most of the clean doors at this stage are mainly steel doors. In the process of pressing the steel plate into a door leaf, the closed part of the plate will overlap and protrude, which will not only affect the appearance, but also easily become a gathering place for bacteria and dust.

As a professional custom manufacturer of clean doors with 26 years of experience, E-ZONG can provide you with professional solutions and services in the whole process from design, research and development to production. E-ZONG has also reached a good cooperation with the American Formica brand, so that customers who have higher antibacterial requirements for clean doors can use the highest quality products in the industry.

At the same time, E-ZONG can make a unique aluminum edging design clean door, and the aluminum frame and aluminum edging door leaf give a cleaner and high-end experience. It eliminates the disadvantage that the traditional steel clean door will have outstanding residual material, making the whole door more flush and easier to clean.

If you have any questions about clean doors, welcome to consult us. E-ZONG is committed to becoming a high-quality clean door cooperative supplier for your project construction!

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