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Reasons for choosing Hospital Fire Doors manufacturer for hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics:

Hospital fire doors are fire-rated doors that are part of a passive fire system.This reduces the spread of fire and smoke between different compartments of the building. And ensure safe evacuation from buildings, structures, or ships. The e design of these gates is unique. Its main purpose is not to ward off the flames above, but to ward off the passage of heat, smoke, and poisonous gases. These gases may contain dangerous chemicals. If you want to solve this problem, a hospital fire door manufacturer may be able to help you.


  • Wear-resistant: custom style, style and material can be made according to customer requirements.
  • Helps to save your vital assets from getting destroyed.
  • High durability:Interiors would be less likely to get damaged if it is left unopened for a long time.

Physical properties:

  • Normal height of door hole(mm): 2100
  • Observation window size(mm): 250×650、450×650、400×600
  • Opening angle: ≥50
  • Wall thickness(mm):≥50
  • The type of lock: Handle lock, Split lock, Push type panic bar, SUS handle
  • Door leaf thickness(mm): >40
  • Access Control :Exposed door closers, Interlocking, Electricswing door machine

Hospital Fire Doors manufacturer can increased level of safety:

When it comes to the safety of your employees in your hospitals, you should be very concerned. Oxygen tanks, volatile chemicals and highly flammable materials are often present in hospitals. In the event of a fire, all of these speed up the spread of the fire, destroying everything in its path. Installing a fire door in hospitals would provide a great level of safety to the occupants against severe injuries. It would save the patients, staff, and visitors from the rapid spreading of fire and smoke. However, because it is difficult to predict when will the fire, so suggest install fire door in the hospital.

Immediate evacuation:

It can also be called a high-end door because it uses better materials. Adopt special high-quality flame retardant material with, a fire rating of 90 minutes. Fire doors are less likely to damage the wood frame than regular doors. It facilitates evacuation because it can turn on the fire escape system. This operation is controlled by the airlock and lobby. This method of manufacture helps to prevent the spread of flames. This means you don't have to worry about spending time or money replacing or repairing it in the event of an emergency.

Comply with legal regulations:

Hospital fire doors are designated by regulatory bodies and need to meet fire safety standards. Because hospitals use chemicals for medical purposes. These require extra protection, they are often flammable or can cause damage if exposed to high temperatures. In the event of a fire, they have a direct impact on the safety of patients and staff. You must follow the building's local fire code. This is why it is necessary to install fire doors in hospitals where hazardous chemicals like oxygen or other flammables are present.

Safety and comfort on both sides:

Fire doors and soundproofing are here to provide occupants with greater safety and maximum comfort. Both are important to the hospital environment. With the soundproofing of fire doors, you can ensure maximum safety for the occupants and ensure their comfort. Not only does it not cause any loss of life or serious injury, but it can also help the hospital maintain a professional and elegant image. So if you're looking for a fire door, then this guide will help you make the right choice.

Easy maintenance and low cost:

Hospital fire doors are specially designed to withstand intense heat. In hospitals, these fire doors work as emergency exits and secure emergency rooms from smoke and fumes in case of an emergency. The hospital building occupies a huge space, with countless beds and long-term patients.Any fire in such a hospital can lead to large-scale casualties. This is why it is important that hospital buildings have adequate safety measures. Most hospitals cannot afford expensive sprinkler systems or alarm systems. But they can certainly invest in fire doors as they are very easy to maintain and offer top level fire and fire protection.

Available in the smoke seal for further protection:

Are your customers safe? Smoke containment is a second layer of protection for the most sensitive environments - like the heart of a hospital. While you can usually rely on an automatic fire detection system, having a smoke containment system will maximize redundancy and certainty. If you are looking for a trustworthy Hospital Fire Doors manufacturer, you can try to click here:

Provides escape routes and protected areas for occupants:

If there is a fire, exit signs will help you find your way out. In most hospitals, however, exit signs are often lost, deactivated, or even faded to the point where the DA is illegible. There are also built-in sprinklers and blocked exits. This can be dangerous. Highly toxic smoke may have filled the room before anyone could reach the escape hatch. A major cause of this is a seemingly innocuous but deadly safety device - the fire door. Fire doors are built to stop the fire from spreading from one area to another, Hospital Fire Doors manufacturers can buy you precious time and save your life.

Fire-rated doors with glass windows help to let the light in and also to see through:

Today, glazed fire doors are designed to do just that—to let light through while increasing the protection of the fire door. People often forget that in the event of an emergency, the patient and staff must pass through the hospital corridor They also tend to be very nervous and restless. There are various designs of glass door fire doors, you can easily find people in the glass rooms of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. During an emergency evacuation, especially during a power outage, a small amount of light can greatly reduce stress levels for patients and staff. Hospital fire door manufacturers offer you the choice of single or double glazing. It has perfect visual transmittance, UV protection, and other advantages.


The main advantage of installing fire doors for hospitals is to ensure that in the event of a fire emergency. Evacuees can leave the building as quickly as possible through emergency exits. Don't have to go through any major issues with fire doors.The faster the people will evacuate, less or minimum property loss or injury will take place.

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