Great Performance In Anti-Virus Contamination With Hospital Doors

Anti-virus performance with hospital doors is excellent

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Aluminum cleanroom door are available in various styles and sizes. These are ideal for offices that experience a lot of commotion. These types of doors are also very durable and can last for many years. They are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them a popular choice for cleanrooms.  Hospital doors are rigorously designed, constructed and operated to prevent the introduction, generation and retention of indoor dust and other contaminants. The first step to ensuring a safe and clean environment is a high performance cleanroom door.

Hospital Doors

High performance doors are designed to ensure the highest purity and quality in hospital clean room to meet regulatory compliance and product quality requirements. They help maintain a hygienic environment with a range of features seamlessly integrated into their design: 

Easy to clean

High performance doors are available in a variety of materials and are easy to clean. Stainless steel and fiberglass composites are easy to clean and reduce contamination from bacteria, viruses and other bacteria. In addition, composite materials are resistant to both corrosion and chemical attack. Several models are designed for a full wipe or rinse function. For example, stainless steel doors allow thorough rinsing, virtually eliminating potential sites for bacterial growth.

Contactless activation

High performance cleanroom doors offer a variety of contactless activation options not typically found on traditional doors. The hands-free operation of these doors minimizes hand touch areas to help control the spread of bacteria and viruses, reduce the risk of chemical contamination, keep employees safe, and increase productivity through more efficient circulation.

Sealed quality

Tight seals on high performance doors minimize air exchange between cleanroom areas and other areas and prevent entry of contaminants to help maintain cleanliness and ensure high quality production.

Differential pressure control

High-performance doors help maintain proper pressurization in cleanrooms to prevent cross-contamination between environments and prevent contaminants from entering production areas. Some models can withstand the pharmaceutical industry standard 0.10" W.C. of room pressurization.

Hospital Doors

Durable construction

Designed for high-traffic, high-traffic environments and engineered for everyday use, high-performance doors keep operations running smoothly without costly ongoing maintenance.

Control air pollution

High performance doors offer fast opening and closing speeds to minimize air intrusion and entry of contaminants.

Designed for simplicity

Whether you need to meet compliance regulations or minimize maintenance requirements, high-performance doors deliver the simple performance, reliability and ease of cleaning that cleanroom environments demand.

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.