Must-Have To Hospitals: Clean Room Door Hall Isolation Room

Must-Have To Hospitals: Clean Room Door Hall Isolation Room

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What Is Hall Isolation Room Used For?

A hall isolation room is a space that is used by healthcare facilities to isolate patients that have been exposed to an infectious disease. This room will be placed in a hallway or similar area and will help prevent the spread of disease. The purpose of this type of room is to keep people who have been exposed to an infectious disease away from other patients who might be at risk of contracting it themselves.

The main goal of a hall isolation room is to prevent any further contamination from happening in your facility. When someone comes into your facility with an infection, you want to ensure that they are not passing their illness onto others in your facility. This would cause more problems than one person carrying an infection could cause on their own.

Especially now that the epidemic is spreading, hospitals are getting a lot of attention for their efforts to keep patients safe and healthy. In addition to creating new rules for visitors and staff, many hospitals are also taking precautions by creating isolation rooms or hall isolation rooms. 

What Is AA Clean Room Door? Why Is It Essential For Hospitals?

A clean room door is a door that provides a barrier between the clean room and the rest of the world. The door itself is designed to be free of contaminants, and can also maintain a specified environment inside the room. Clean rooms are commonly used in hospitals, research labs, industrial manufacturing facilities, and other areas where contamination can have significant effects on production.

A clean room door is made with materials such as stainless steel or aluminum that prevent the passage of particles into or out of the room. These doors are often sealed with an O-ring gasket at the bottom to prevent dust from entering through gaps around the flooring. The door may also include special seals around its edges and handle to prevent contaminant entry through these areas.

Several features make a clean room door perfect for hospitals:

Low microbial counts:

A clean room door will have lower microbial counts than normal doors so that you don’t have to worry about catching anything from it or from others who come into contact with it. The microbes found on clean room doors include bacteria, viruses, and fungi such as mold and yeast.

Low dust levels:

Clean room doors offer less dust than standard doors. Because they do not allow particles through them as easily as regular ones do due to their tight seals.

Low noise levels:

Clean room doors also offer low noise levels compared to other types of doors. Because they are fitted with sound-proofing materials such as acoustic foam panels and glass panes. So any noise made inside does not escape outside through cracks around the door frame or hinges or gaps.

How To Make A Better Clean Room Door Hall Isolation Room?

What kind of doors would a Hall Isolation Room need? Do you know what fittings to add to this door?

Basic fittings:

  •  Observation window:

The observation window is a very important part of the door. It should be easy to install and remove so that it can be cleaned easily. You can choose transparent glass or frosted glass as an option. The observation window will allow people outside to see what happens inside without letting germs enter.

  • Cleaning strip:

The cleaning strip should be installed at the top and bottom of the door frame so that it can prevent dust from entering through gaps in the frame when opening or closing doors.

Door closers:

  •  Exposed door closers:

Exposed door closers refer to the body and arms of the door closer that are mounted outside the door frame or leaf. It can automatically close the door to protect the door, and adjust the tightness of the door closer to adjust the closing speed. When you use a lot of force, the closing speed will be faster, otherwise, it will be slower.

  • Floor spring:

If your Clean Room Door Hall Isolation Room is a door with 2 open directions, the door closing device can opt for floor springs instead of exposed door closers. Because the latter applies to doors that open in one direction. If a floor spring is used, it will work well at doors with high traffic. Because it provides a nice two-way swing.

Intelligent door motor:

  • Swing automatic door motor:

Some clean door suppliers offer smart ways to open doors. For example, E-ZONG will provide a way to open the door intelligently controlled by a microcomputer. It can be equipped with object or human body sensing sensors and has a non-contact automatic door opening and closing function with intelligent recognition.

  • Foot response switch:

Considering that whether it is a doctor or a nurse, they often have a lot of things on their hands, and a new way of opening doors has emerged. E-ZONG provides a switch that controls the circuit on and off through feet. It allows you to open and close the door with your foot when you can't touch it with your hands. This will make your Clean Room Door Hall Isolation Room more modern and smart.

  • Face recognition switch:

This method is more convenient than the first two methods. You only need to enter the face information of the relevant medical staff in this machine, and you can use face recognition technology to open and close the door in a few seconds. It automatically compares ID photos and provides face similarity values. The staff can judge whether it is directly passed or manually reviewed according to the level of similar values. This method requires neither hands nor feet, as long as you show your face.

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