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Air Diffusion Products Overview

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  • 2022-05-24
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Are you entangled in the decoration to use what air diffusion products?

Do you still know little about all kinds of tuyere products?

Are you still considering the suitability of air diffusion products in buildings?

If you still have these considerations, don't worry, this article will be based on the product characteristics of several common tuyeres as the foothold, on the basis of the analysis of their respective structures and advantages, for you to solve the doubts of the tuyere and building collocation, to help you build efficient air diffusion circulation system.

Air diffusion products like adjustable single / double layer diffusers can set different air supply distances and different diffusion Angle, used for air supply in air conditioning systems. This kind of tuyere is widely used in daily residences, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other buildings, applicable to a wide range of fields.

Vertical louver diffuser can in the room with positive pressure automatic exhaust, usually weight of Venetian blinds and natural prolapse, isolated from indoor and outdoor air exchange, when the indoor air pressure is greater than the outside air pressure, air blown open and outward will shutter exhaust, whereas the indoor air pressure is less than the outside air pressure, airflow can't reverse flow into the interior, with a one-way check. This air diffusion system is mainly used in the front room of the fire elevator and fire stairs to isolate smoke and help people escape.

Air Diffusers Products Overview

Round ceiling air diffuser has the characteristic of a uniform diffuser, which changes the discomfort caused by direct blowing from the air supply port. The inner core can be detachable for easy installation and cleaning. Suitable for classrooms, libraries, hospitals, general office buildings, shops and other places.

Air jet nozzle diffuser adopts the best dynamics design, the nozzle can rotate, the air supply direction can swing Settings. It is suitable for places with large space and high requirement for air circulation effect, such as airport, concert hall, museum, theater, exhibition center and large conference room.

Round swirl diffuser has the characteristics of a large induction ratio and fast wind speed attenuation. Through large air volume and large temperature difference, the number of tuyere can be greatly reduced. It can play a role in air supply within 3 meters or secondary height air supply, which is often used in the ventilation system of industrial plants.

If you want to know more about the HVAC air diffuser products’features and specific use of Tuyere, you can continue to pay attention to the update of our article or consult online customer service staff, I believe we can provide you with a high-quality air diffusion system.

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