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Top 5 Benefits of Wall Air-tight Swing Doors

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Wall Air-tight Swing Doors

Installing a wall air-tight swing door as an entrance to your commercial kitchen is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ideas for preventing grease, smoke, and smells from escaping. Even though installing swing doors isn’t a complicated job, in some cases it can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. However, the benefits of using this type of door are numerous, so it’s worth investing the time and effort needed to install them successfully. If you need more convincing on why you should install wall air-tight swing doors in your commercial space, read on. In this blog post you will discover some amazing benefits of investing in these doors. Keep reading to discover why they are the perfect solution for your business!

A Brief Guide to Wall Air-tight Swing Doors

Swing doors are also known as “end-swinging” or “offset” doors and are hung from hinges that allow them to pivot on a center axis. They are essentially hinged single doors – the only difference being that the hinges are offset from each other. This makes it possible to install one door on each side of a wall, which is essential for air-tight doors. They should be installed as close as possible to the wall in order to reduce the distance air needs to travel through.

Airtight Doors Stop Smells from Escaping

One of the main reasons to install an airtight door is to stop smells from escaping. The majority of commercial kitchens produce smells that most people would rather avoid. These smells are the result of grease and steam, which can quickly escape through gaps in the door. Some of the most common smells include onion, fish, grease, and smoke. One study found that the general public would like to be exposed to fewer smells in public areas. They also found that people feel that there are too many smells in restaurants, and that these smells are too strong. If you’re experiencing smells like these, you can use an airtight door to stop them from escaping.

Airtight Doors are Good for the Environment

If you’re worried about how your business impacts the environment, then you should consider installing an airtight door. Whereas a normal door lets steam escape, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, an airtight door prevents this. This means you are doing a great service to the environment by preventing these emissions. Keep in mind that airtight doors are not the same as a hermetically sealed door. They do not completely seal off the kitchen from the rest of the building. They are, however, better than conventional swing doors that don’t have any kind of sealing.

Airtight Doors are Good for Employees

Having an airtight door in your commercial kitchen helps to reduce noise pollution. This means that staff can talk to each other without having to raise their voices above the sound of the machinery. This is beneficial for employee health and wellbeing, as constant exposure to noise can cause long term stress and has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Some studies have even found that noise pollution can affect children’s abilities to learn. They found that increased noise pollution can lead to lower test scores in reading, math, and science.

Airtight Doors are Good for the Kitchen Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of an airtight door is that it protects the equipment in your commercial kitchen. If you have a normal door, the increased temperature and steam can cause the seals on the door to break down. This can lead to water damage and expensive repairs. With an airtight door, you don’t have to worry about this happening. The door itself is sealed and insulated, which means it protects the equipment from steam and hot air escaping. If you’re operating a bakery, you need to protect your ovens from steam. You should also protect your equipment from excess amounts of heat, or it will break down and need to be replaced sooner than it should need to be. An airtight door is the best way to protect your ovens from steam, and your equipment from excess amounts of heat.

Airtight Doors are Good for the Kitchen Environment

There are many benefits to choosing an airtight door over a regular door. However, the most important reason to go with an airtight door is that they protect the environment. One study found that kitchens that don’t have airtight doors are responsible for emitting 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This is due to the fact that the airtight door is the most effective method of preventing air leakage. If you’re worried about your impact on the environment, an airtight door is a must-have addition to your commercial kitchen.

A Conclusion

Wall air-tight swing doors are installed against the wall to create an airtight seal. They are one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent smells from escaping, and protect the environment, employees and equipment from heat and noise. If you’re worried about the smells coming from your kitchen, or you want to reduce the amount of energy your business uses, then you should consider installing wall air-tight swing doors. They are well worth the investment, and will pay for themselves in the long run.

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