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How can hospitals, clinics, and laboratories be upgraded at the lowest cost to fight the COVID-19?

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hospitals, clinics, laboratories

Various types of hospitals, clinics, laboratory upgrades

The new crown epidemic sweeping the world is constantly challenging the construction of human medical and health systems, and it is also testing various medical hardware facilities. However, in many countries and regions in the world, there are still a large number of hospitals, clinics and laboratories with long construction time, backward facility configuration and relatively simple medical environment. The COVID-19 often does not have enough resistance, and cannot play the role of due protection and treatment.

It is necessary to upgrade and transform various hospitals, clinics and laboratories quickly and at a low cost in advance of the epidemic, so that they can play a better role in guaranteeing treatment and become a key means of epidemic prevention and control in various places! So the question is, how can we achieve low-cost upgrades?

The upgrading of hospitals, clinics and laboratories actually includes three aspects: personnel, equipment and environment. Since personnel and equipment are involved in the government's system allocation and scheduling, we first put aside these two aspects and focus on the upgrading of the environment. The biggest purpose of environmental upgrading and transformation is to improve defense, isolation and protection capabilities, and to create a guaranteed sanitary and clean space. Therefore, the upgrading and transformation of indoor doors and windows is very important! Hospital access ward doors, clean room safety doors, hospital automatic doors and other products have become the protagonists of upgraded construction, and quality control is the most critical.

In the face of the COVID-19, the air tightness, cleanliness and durability of high-quality hospital door products will be fully demonstrated. Taking hospital automatic door products as an example, hospital automatic doors can also be called operating room doors. Compared with ordinary ordinary doors, the requirements for material selection and the stability of various indicators are higher. In order to ensure the airtightness of ordinary ward doors, high-elasticity and high-density silicone strips are used to seal the three sides of the left and right tops of the door body, and the airtightness of the door body can be further enhanced by adding sweeping strips at the bottom of the door leaf.

In addition to the air tightness configuration of the hospital automatic door and the ordinary ward door, it incorporates the air tightness design from its own internal structure to ensure the degree of sealing in the overall structure of the door. The guide rail of the hospital automatic door is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with precise specification control, and strict assembly with the door frame and door leaf, leaving no gaps, and the air is not easy to circulate. The integrated design of the door frame and the swing stopper wheel is adopted, and the door body runs smoothly, effectively blocking the air circulation when the door body is opened and closed, and preventing the rapid flow of indoor and outdoor air. The door body is equipped with the function of sinking inner buckle. When the door body is closed, the door leaf and the door frame are closely attached, and the door body senses and automatically realizes the sinking inner buckle, realizing the complete closure of the surrounding of the door body, leaving no space for air to flow, and greatly improving the airtight effect.

Inside the hospital, in addition to the standard ward door configuration, clean room security doors should also have a place. In emergencies, high-quality clean room safety door products can not only help indoor personnel escape quickly, but also play a greater role in isolation and defense. Generally speaking, the safety door of the clean room will be designed with all-tempered glass, and the double-sided transparency is convenient to quickly observe the indoor and outdoor conditions for accurate judgment. Tempered white glass has high strength, and when it is impacted by external force, it will only form small obtuse-angle fragments, which can reduce the damage to the human body and improve the safety of the environment.

The edges and corners of the entire door are designed with arcs, which to a certain extent avoids collision damage caused by rapid passing in emergency situations. The lock body of the safety door of the clean room uses a press escape lock, which conforms to the instinctive gesture of human escape, and has a small touch area. It can be opened with an elbow, which can also reduce the residual breeding of bacteria in daily use and greatly improve indoor hygiene and safety.

After reading this, you may think that it is difficult enough to find a high-quality clean door manufacturer according to the standard, not to mention the low cost. How to do this?

E-ZONG Clean Door Supplier

If you choose the right clean door supplier, it is not difficult at all to choose a low-cost high-quality clean door. You don't need to question this. If you still don't believe it, then come and see E-ZONG's products. With more than 20 years of craftsman quality, more than 3000+ customers, excellent reputation and affordable price, it must be your low-cost clean room door. The best choice among suppliers.

Through years of precipitation, E-ZONG has formed a complete set of efficient processes from material selection to production. It has fixed cooperative quality and reliable raw material suppliers, and has formulated strict production technical specifications, monitoring the whole process, and accurately controlling product production. quality. With good material selection, production system and excellent mass production capacity, E-ZONG can obtain high-quality materials from suppliers at a more favorable price. In actual production, dozens of foreign advanced production equipment introduced by E-ZONG can produce products with high efficiency, higher precision, less material loss, and greatly reduced production cost. There is no need to increase the sales price to transfer the loss caused by production loss. , truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers, and provide customers with low-cost clean room doors with quality assurance.

Whether you want to know the price of ordinary ward doors, the price of automatic hospital doors or the price of clean door safe rooms, you can get answers by contacting the online customer service, E-ZONG can guarantee you the absolute fairness and transparency of the price, and ensure that you use the preferential price To provide you with a good product of absolute quality.

At a time when the COVID-19 is still affecting people's lives in the world, Yizhong is fully committed to the R&D and production of clean room door products, and is committed to using continuously upgraded technical design to allow more customers to use low-cost and high-quality clean room door products. Let clean room door products become the security guards guarding human health, join hands to resist the attack of the epidemic, and work together for a bright future of world health and safety!

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.