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The cause of mildew on the clean door

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  • 2023-02-02
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Now when it comes to the clean door, we will not feel strange, because the clean door is now being used more and more widely. We will also have a certain understanding of the clean door, but it may not be clear why there is mildew on the clean door. There are also many reasons for the breeding of mildew on the clean door. No matter the weather conditions or our daily life style, it is likely to cause a large number of mildew on the clean door. So here's why.

(1) Cold and hot temperature difference causes indoor moisture, such as continuous rain, or southern plum rain weather, indoor moisture is generally more, even condensing water beads on the clean door, it is very easy to make the clean door mildew.

(2) Not only damp cause mildew on the clean door, clean door manufacturers say that the total number of spray paint on the clean door is actually less, or there are problems with spray paint itself, which will also lead to mildew on the clean door.

(3) We suggest that when cleaning, the water on the mop or rag is likely to splash on the clean door. Because in this whole process has not been paid attention to, with the advance of time, there are many small mold spots in the clean door.

(4) The clean door is often in contact with water, and it is relatively easy to breed mildew. For example, the possibility of contact between the clean door and water applied in food and beverage factories is higher than that of other places.

The mildew on the clean door not only affects the appearance, but also may cause other respiratory diseases. Therefore, we suggest that when you see mildew in the clean door, you can use dry toilet paper to wipe the mildew, or use a brush to wipe the mildew, and then use toilet paper to wipe. If the mildew has not been removed, scrub with a paper towel or towel. Special essential oil also has a good effect on mildew, you can first use a clean soft cloth coated with special detergent to remove mildew spots. After applying wax or essential oil to the mildew breeding area, and putting a bar of soap in the mildew position, you can also dry the tea leaves and get rid of the mildew smell.

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