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  • The normal width of door hole(mm): 800 / 950(Single door)、1200 / 1350(Unequal double door)、1500 / 1800(Double door)
  • Normal height of door hole(mm): 2100
  • Opening angle:0°-170°
  • Type: Sandwich panel / Handicraft panel
  • Wall thickness(mm):50, 75, 100
  • The type of panel: Colored GI panel
  • Door leaf thickness(mm):50
  • Observation window size(mm):250 × 650, 450 × 650, 400 × 600
  • The type of lock: Handle lock, Split lock, Push type panic bar, SUS handle
  • Access Control: Exposed door closers, Interlocking, Electricswing door machine

special door frame structure:

The doors are mainly made from 3mm-4mm thickness stainless steel.SUS304 stainless steel plate forming, no dust accumulation, no produce dusting, which is way far from the ordinary Zinc plating, Stainless steel door no need to 24 hours vacuum sandblasting before formwork and painting, can be directly formwork, formwork plus suspended conveyor. save up to 60-80% of total production cost.


It is a newly developed product from THE BEST CLEANROOM STEEL DOOR MANUFACTURER , with the unique cylindrical shape of the door leaf and the three-dimensional curved structure. It is a good combination of technology and art.  The door leaf conforms to the ergonomic design, pushes and pulls lightly, and has good dynamic stability. It USES advanced automatic welding technology and door a body, strong toughness.You can hear the firm voice of rolling steel through the annealing performance of structural steel. Its appearance is naturally black, and its texture is delicate.

Production material:

The door is stainless steel. The surface is NO. 4. Stainless steel plate or SUS304 mirror plate stainless steel coating plate and core layer are made of polyurethane foam, so that the door body is light and warm.

Arc welding technology:

Arc welding is the welding of steel before the material is melted, and flat welding is the melting and forging of the material. After you change both methods, you make a gate. Compared with other shutters, arc welded doors are more flexible in size and production. It has many advantages, such as anticorrosion ability, vibration resistance, and noise resistance. This is why arc welding has become a mainstream technology in global product development. Today, arc welding technology appear in a variety of clean rooms with flat steel joint structures. Used to produce stainless steel door of clean room, so that the whole door is smoother.

High strength, strong uniqueness:

Because of its high strength, it can make different types of doors that would not be possible with other materials. It's no secret that glass is a very strong material. There are many other material appears in the Windows and doors hu in the making.If you want to install glass at home, though, you would need to use tempered glass due to its high strength. It can be made into specific types of doors that use other materials cannot achieve. Its resistance to shattering is extremely high, thus making it very hard for burglars to use and break it. Not only that, its ability to resist corrosion and staining means that you don't have to worry about it as much in the long term.

preservation system:

Cleanroom steel doors usually appear in a clean room or a laboratory. It's not only easy to clean like a common steel door, but also can combine with a porthole glassdoor strengthening and heat preservation system, which makes it have completely different features compared with a common steel door.

Easy to clean and maintain:

The new clean room door adopts a double-layer structure design and is used in the center of the clean room. It consists of two sets the outer frame and the inner frame. The outer frame adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate molding, the inner frame adopts hollow window structure. The lower part of the body can use the No. 4 stainless steel. Brush plate, reduce door cleaning time. Easy to clean and maintain.

Good effect and low cost:

Can according to your request custom door core. Our honeycomb paper silk sponge foam is made of fiberglass paper, which has excellent thermal insulation and low cost. This design makes the steel doors more durable and suitable for all kinds of weather. Steel door has the characteristics of high safety, energy saving and light weight. According to the different needs of customers to create, such as fire prevention, safety, sound insulation, etc.

Application field:

The most serious stainless steel door manufacturers have to know that the cleanroom stainless steel door has the ability to control the environmental conditions and at the same time meet the requirements for cleanliness. Cleanrooms appear in a variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing facilities, and other fields where environmental control is essential.

Fast response and high safety:

In recent years, Door accidents in residential and commercial buildings have increased significantly. The main reasons behind these accidents are the failure of clean rooms and steel doors which can cause serious injuries or even death due to swift actions which require minimal time to react. These materials just fail to withstand the pressure of pulling action within their lifespan. That's why, there is a need to have a product that guarantees safety in your everyday life, and there is THE BEST CLEANROOM STEEL DOOR MANUFACTURER that has the ability to offer you good results.

No contact installation:

Installed on the door fan, do not touch, prevent derailment accidents, make the door fan open and close smoothly. This design can help prevent Doors from off-track accidents, thereby increasing safety when you enter or leave your home.


Overall, our clean room stainless steel door manufacturer is a good choice for the clean room. It has strong corrosion resistance, no rust in the environment and has excellent sound insulation, and voice transmission is very easy to maintain. Clean room steel door with the advantages of transparent tempered glass, higher transparency, smooth and delicate surface, and excellent architectural performance.

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          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.