Clean room door usually refers to easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial, and excellent air tightness door, suitable for a variety of hospital construction, biological medicine laboratory, food and beverage processing plants, equipment and electronics factories and other occasions with high air tightness demand.
Because the application place is more special, compared with the general home decoration door, the function of clean door is significantly very important.
Follow the clean room construction decoration is not easy to produce dust, dust, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, not crack, moistureproof mildew proof, easy to clean, energy-saving and environmental protection such as the total standard, clean the door to the overall performance is good, have good appearance smooth, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, the advantages of easy to clean, and easy and quick installation, good sealing.
Therefore, it can be seen that high quality clean door needs to be easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial effect, good air tightness basic advantages.
  • Steel Door

    Steel Door

    The aluminum hinge adopts a circular arc design, and a nylon sleeve is added to the axis, and there is no dust in friction. The unique sealing gasket of the door frame has strong sealing performance and good noise reduction and sound insulation effect, steel door panel, anti-collision, not easy to deform, but easy to clean, various styles, customized size.

  • Glass Swing Door

    Glass Swing Door

    It suit for super market, shopping mall, hospital, school, pharmaceutical factory and other place. It can install in each place, each exist, Utilize human instincts to open evacuation doors that are normally closed and quickly escape. When the glass is damaged by external force, it will be broken into honeycomb-shaped obtuse angles small particles, which not easy to cause harm to the human body.

  • Medical Lead Protection Door

    Medical Lead Protection Door

    This series doors are specially designed for hospital radiation protection. The lining inside of the door leaf and frame is lead plate which lead equivalent is 2-4mmPb. This design can resist the X-rays, protecting people from harm of many kinds of rays’ leakage. Besides, the whole door adopts smooth transition design to prevent shocking and make it easier cleaning.

  • Airtight Automatic Door

    Airtight Automatic Door

    This series of door design is according to GMP design and safety requirements. It is a custom automatic door and design for hospital operating room, hospital ward area, kindergarten. Select high efficiency brushless DC motor with small size, large power, low noise and long life. High quality sealing gasket is inlaid around door leaf, close to door sleeve when closed, with good air tightness.

  • Double Insulating Glass Window

    Double Insulating Glass Window

    Desiccant adsorbs water vapor in hollow glass sandwich, it can prevent the glass have mist from the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor (The traditional single glass have the mist from the temperature different between indoor and outdoor), keep the glass cleaning and brighter, to sure the window’s transparent performance. It suit for cleanroom, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, electronics factory, etc.

  • Air Ceiling

    Air Ceiling

    With reasonable and advanced structure, the laminar blower is developed referring to the technology standard and the size is also designed according to the laminar blower standard of the classⅠ, class Ⅱ and class Ⅲ at home and abroad. The product makes the air in the room well-distributed, which tally with the national testing requirement. The installation of laminar blower is simple and convenient with guarantee of quality, and the filter is also easy changed and maintained. Our laminar blower is assembled by the aluminum alloy frame, which is more solid, good-looking and durable than the traditional powder coating steel frame. With high tightness, good temperature retention, steady air outlet, outlet area reach 99% and easy clean, our laminar blowers meet the GMP design and safe requirements, which is the best choice for all kinds of operation room.

  • Medical Bed Head Unit SB013

    Medical Bed Head Unit SB013

    1. It made of high quality aluminum alloy material, surface finish is customized (powder coating, electrophoresis, anodized)
    2. Beautiful appearance, Wear-resistant, easy to clean.
    3. Gas and strong and weak circuits are separated by dual channels, safe and reliable.
    4. It can select the power outlet, flash light, call, intercom, gas terminal, etc. It can make the installation holes according to customers’ requirement.
    5. The color of panel and side panel is customized.

  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ5050
  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ7054
  • AHU Profile Installed by Pressing Panel GJ6750
  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ6050A
  • AHU Profile Installed by Pressing Panel GJ4730
  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ4025M
  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ5050TA
  • AHU Profile Installed by Screw GJ3027A
  • Aluminum Air Control Damper FK002
  • Round Ceiling Diffuser with Damper FK005

    Round Ceiling Diffuser with Damper FK005

    360° air flow diffusion.

  • Square Ceiling Diffuser FK003

    Square Ceiling Diffuser FK003

    We supply materials and accessories also.

  • Adjustable Doublesingle Deflection Air Grille FK008A

    Adjustable Doublesingle Deflection Air Grille FK008A

    Vertical or horizontal blades in front is available.

  • Drum Shape Jet Diffuser FK015

    Drum Shape Jet Diffuser FK015

    We supply materials and accessories also.

  • Linear Slot Diffuser FK013A

    Linear Slot Diffuser FK013A

    We supply materials and accessories also.

  • ABS-003A/B Round Diffuser

    ABS-003A/B Round Diffuser

    Screw hole cap Spin.

  • Open Hinged Air Return Grille PVC-001
  • Middle Connecting Profile JH468
  • Waterproof Profile on Ground JH157+JH155R
  • Door Frame JH039

    Door Frame JH039

    No information.

  • Door Frame JH178B

    Door Frame JH178B

    No information.

  • U Type Profile on Ground JH014B
  • Outside Wall Cover Profile JH011D
  • T Type Profile for Ceiling JH022
  • Aluminum Angle 38x38mm JH4205
  • Swing Door (Door Leaf Thickness 40mm)

    Swing Door (Door Leaf Thickness 40mm)

    This series of doors are designed to meet GMP design and safety requirements. No dust, easy to clean. Door leaf installed the high-quality sealing gasket, with good air tightness, easy to clean and air tightness at the same time has a strong impact, paint resistance, anti-fouling advantages. Apply to the pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop, electronics factory and the area which required clean, airtight.

  • Swing Door for Brick Wall

    Swing Door for Brick Wall

    This series of doors professionally designed for use in public places, the use of arc transition in the structure design, effective anti-collision, no dust, easy to clean. Panel is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, impact resistance, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, colorful and other advantages. Can effectively solve the public places or hospitals prone door knock, touch, scratch, deformation and other issues. It used in hospitals, kindergartens and apply to various places where cleanliness and airtight requirements are required.

  • Aluminum Profile-50mm GJ650M
  • Aluminum Profile-50mm GJ6752R
  • Round Swirl Diffuser FK025

    Round Swirl Diffuser FK025

    Blades are adjusting by turning inner core.

  • Jet Nozzle Diffuser FK026

    Jet Nozzle Diffuser FK026

    Back with fan blade damper is available.

  • Arc Profile JH001A+JH009

    Arc Profile JH001A+JH009

    No information.

  • Aluminum Profile JH174+JH175





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