A comprehensive guide to packaged air handling unit

A comprehensive guide to packaged air handling unit

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What exactly is packaged air handling unit for?

An integral part of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that controls and circulates the air within a structure or facility is a packaged air handling unit (AHU). An all-in-one AHU, a packaged AHU, is a self-contained device that includes fans, filtration systems, heating and cooling elements, and other parts required to control temperature and air quality. They are a terrific method to enhance the air quality in any building, residential or commercial. They may be used for several purposes and are made to offer effective ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.

AHU's components and functionalities:

As the main element of an HVAC system, a packaged air handling unit (AHU) is a pre-assembled, factory-tested system. Each element required for ventilation, heating, and cooling is included. To satisfy the application's needs, the components of a packed AHU are chosen and set up. Several advantages, including energy efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings, are offered by these air-handling devices for enterprises and commercial buildings. Businesses may save installation and maintenance costs and improve indoor air quality by offering a full system in one unit. Usually, a bundled AHU has the following elements and capabilities:

  • Housing and insulation:

 To shield the internal components from the elements and other factors, the housing of a packed AHU is commonly composed of galvanized steel or aluminium. Moreover, the home has insulation to ensure constant inside temperatures and save energy use.

  • Fans: 

A packaged AHU generally has supply and exhaust fans to move air through the system. Depending on the use and building size, these fans can be centrifugal or axial and range in size and capacity.

  • Heating and cooling components: 

Heating and cooling coils are frequently included in packaged AHUs to control the temperature of the air flowing through the system. Depending on the use and structural needs, these coils may be electric, gas-fired, or water-cooled.

  • Filtration systems: 

A packaged AHU often comes with filters to purge the air of impurities like dust and other particles. Depending on the application and needs for air quality, these filters can either be pre-filters or final filters, and their efficiencies can change.

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers:

Depending on the intended interior humidity levels, a packaged AHU may comprise humidifiers or dehumidifiers that add moisture to the air or remove moisture from it.

  • Controllers and sensors: 

Controls and sensors that monitor and control the system's performance, temperature, humidity, and air quality are often included in a packaged AHU. These controls may be human or automated depending on the application and architectural needs.

Applications of Packaged air handling unit:

Packaged AHUs may be modified to match the unique needs of the building where they are placed and are intended to be simple to install and maintain. Depending on the building's size and occupancy, they come in various shapes and sizes. Energy economy, lower installation and maintenance costs, better indoor air quality, and the ability to provide accurate temperature and humidity control are a few advantages of packaged AHUs. Packaged AHUs are utilized in various settings, including offices, factories, and homes. They are frequently employed in the subsequent applications:

  • Offices and commercial structures:

Packaged AHUs are frequently used in offices, retail locations, and other commercial structures to control interior temperatures, air quality, and humidity levels.

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities: 

To maintain sterile conditions, control air pressure, and lower the danger of airborne pollutants, packaged AHUs are frequently used in hospitals and healthcare institutions.

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities: 

Packaged AHUs are frequently employed in industrial and manufacturing facilities to control temperature and humidity levels and eliminate airborne pollutants.

  • Data centers: 

To maintain constant temperatures and humidity levels and remove heat produced by the servers and other equipment, packaged AHUs are frequently used in data centers.

What are the advantages of packaged air handling units (AHUs)?

It is often put on the roof or ground in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The packed AHU includes the air filter, fan, heating and cooling coils, humidifier, and dehumidifier in a single cabinet, and everything else needed for air handling and conditioning. It may also have sensors and controls for regulating and monitoring air quality, humidity, and temperature. Packaged AHUs have several advantages, such as:

  • Space-saving: 

Compared to conventional HVAC systems that need separate heating, cooling, and air distribution components, packaged AHUs are self-contained devices that take up less space.

  • Energy-efficient: 

High-efficiency filters, thermal insulation, and variable frequency drives are just a few characteristics that make packaged AHUs energy-efficient and help save running expenses and energy consumption.

  • Simple installation and upkeep: 

Packaged AHUs have pre-installed components and need little site preparation, making them easy to install and maintain.

Packaged air handling unit
  • Customizable:

Packaged AHUs are adaptable and may be made to fit a variety of airflow rates, temperature ranges, and air quality standards. This allows them to be specifically tailored to the needs of a given application.

What are packed air handling unit's significances?

Packaged air handling units (AHUs) are frequently used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The following are some implications of packed AHUs:

  • Effective Air Conditioning: 

Packaged AHUs are made to circulate and chill indoor air. They use cutting-edge filtration technologies that can enhance indoor air quality by eliminating dangerous toxins and particulates from the atmosphere.

  • Small Design: 

Packaged AHUs are self-contained and compact, taking up less room than other HVAC equipment. They are, therefore, perfect for structures with limited areas, such as high-rise skyscrapers.

  • Simple Maintenance: 

Packaged AHUs may be serviced without disturbing the building's residents and are intended to be simple to maintain. This lowers maintenance expenses and minimizes downtime.


For both industrial and commercial uses, packaged air handling unit (AHU) is a way to provide and manage air conditioning. They frequently function as air conditioners, heaters, filters, and humidifiers. E-ZONG offers excellent goods and services. We produce air grilles with the highest standard of surface polish while also considering the clients' aesthetic value, cost, and other elements. We have a history of giving our customers the best items possible. We have years of expertise and understand what it takes to produce trustworthy, long-lasting products.

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