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5 Medical Door Features You Should Consider

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In our daily work inventory, we keep track of the questions customers ask about medical door  products. We found that even though the ways people ask questions are different, they can be summed up in two ways: paying attention to the brand and paying attention to the product, its performance and high standards. Among them, the focus is more on how well the product works and how well it is made.

The medical door features like airtightness, crash resistance, durability, and after-sales service have become the most aspects when looking for durability and performance. They are the most important things that customers use to decide whether or not to buy. 

When looking online for a medical door that is either sliding glass door or a aluminum glass door, it is important to understand the quality, finishing and durability as the key aspects. Making sure the material meet the demands of medical precaution tests and also that the door can air tightly close from all the sides.

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1 - The Guarantee Of Airtightness Of The Medical Door

As far as the general ward door is concerned, the airtightness of the door body can be ensured through the following aspects.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the glass window on the door of the ward and the door leaf are flush and integrated, and the height of the surrounding frame is multiple sealed to ensure that there is no oxygen inside the window to cause the window to condense.

The second is to use high-quality and high-elasticity silicone strips for sealing around the door frame. So as to achieve the effect of efficiently isolating the air from inside and outside when the door is closed.

The third is to install lifting sweeping strips at the bottom of the door leaf. When the door is lifted, it rises smoothly, and the door is closed and descends smoothly to reduce the secondary air pollution caused by the opening and closing of the door.

2 - The Structure Of A Medical/Hospital Door

Finally, considering the whole door structure, it is necessary to ensure that the door body is flush during installation, so that the door frame and the door leaf are in the best matching position, which can not only average the force of the hinge, prolong the life of the hinge, but also make better use of the silicone strip. The elastic performance of the rubber strip can slow down the aging process of the rubber strip.

Compared with ordinary ward doors, patient room door, operating room doors have stricter air tightness control. Therefore, in the overall structure, the door of the operating room adopts the integrated design of the door frame and the anti-balance wheel. The opening and closing operation is more stable, and a slight thrust is applied to achieve a high degree of airtightness when closing. If you want to further enhance the air tightness, you can also configure the function of sinking inner buckle to better isolate the air and hinder the further flow of air.

3 - How is the anti-collision performance of the medical door reflected?

The choice of panel materials is the best way to show how safe a car is in a crash. Most medical door fabrics on the market are made of steel, color steel plate, special board that doesn't fold, or resin fireproof board. The impact resistance of all-steel doors and color steel plates is better than that of antibacterial boards with good silver ion bacteriostatic and resin panels with higher fire resistance.

The anti-collision performance is also shown by the choice of PU and paper honeycomb for the door body filling core. Honeycombs made of aluminum can be used as fillers in medical doors. But PU and paper honeycomb don't stand up well to fire, and burning PU makes toxic gas. Paper honeycomb also doesn't stand up well to water and moisture, so it's usually not a good idea. Aluminum honeycomb, on the other hand, can reach a fire rating of A1 and is resistant to moisture and corrosion. It can also stand up well to the weather and last for a long time.

4 - How to maintain the cleanliness of the medical door?

The use of medical doors, especially the selection of categories in hospitals, cleanliness is the first point of concern. Since there are many functional areas within the hospital, there are many types of hospital doors. Most hospital doors choose products with cleaning function or easy cleaning on the panel and hardware materials. Which can inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria to a certain extent and hinder their rapid spread.

Different types of hospital doors have some unique clean designs, such as the openable door frame design of the operating room door. Which can be opened at any time during cleaning without leaving a dead corner and no dust accumulation; the escape door adopts a push-down escape lock design, and the lock body has a simple structure. It is not easy to accumulate dust and is convenient to clean. Pressing the door to open the door conforms to the human body's instinctive escape gesture, which is clean and safe.

5 - ICU Door and Emergency Rooms Door Minimum Standards

When it comes to the ICU Doors and the emergency rooms door the standards and demands become more crucial. The quality can not be compromised, the environment should be highly maintained and of course there should be no compromise on the cleanness of the door.

When ordering ICU doors or emergency rooms door always make sure the doors are air tightened so there is no unnecessary gap on any sides. Make sure the quality of material is high so that it can be use safely in the intensive care units. Also the coating on a door should be antibacterial.

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