An overview: How to install a metal door frame?

An overview: How to install a metal door frame?

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What is meant by a metal door frame?

  • An enclosure for a door that is composed of metal is called a metal door frame. It secures the door and is often constructed of steel or aluminum. Metal door frames are a wonderful option for commercial and industrial buildings since they are sturdy and long-lasting. Even though it is a less usual usage, it may also be employed in residential buildings.
  • Metal door frames are generally less costly than wood ones and are fire-resistant. If you want to improve your property, these door frames are a terrific option for homeowners. Metal door frames are very strong and long-lasting and provide better security, fire resistance, and soundproofing advantages.

Why is metal door frames a great home investment?

A metal door frame is a great option for any house or business facility. Durability, fire resistance, and little maintenance are just a few of its numerous advantages. Additionally, it can boost security and has a lengthy lifespan. Installing a metal door frame is a long-term investment that will pay you. They are far stronger and more secure than wood frames, use less energy, are fire-resistant, and require very little upkeep. Metal door frames are available in various sizes and designs to suit the commercial or residential architecture. It offers a long-term solution that is resistant to damage from wear and tear, weather, and vermin, in addition to being a more secure alternative than wood.

  • These door frames are comprised of aluminum or steel, both robust and long-lasting materials. They can survive many use and tough conditions, extending their lifespan.
  • Compared to wooden frames, metal door frames require a lot less upkeep. They are not harmed by dampness or insects, nor do they decay, distort, or fracture. As a result, long-term costs for repairs and replacements can be reduced for homeowners.
  • Strong and long-lasting metal door frames can withstand forceful entrance attempts and break-ins. Homeowners and their families might benefit from an additional degree of security.
  • Insulation may be added to these door frames to make them more energy-efficient, which can assist in reducing energy expenses by lowering heat loss and eliminating draughts.
  • In terms of a home's curb appeal and general beauty, a new door may significantly improve these aspects. A sturdy, low-maintenance metal door frame may add value to a home's appeal when it comes to selling.
  • Whether the property requires a certain size or finish, metal door frames may be altered to suit those demands. A property's utility can be enhanced while also allowing homeowners to add a personal touch.
how to install a metal door frame

As a rule, the following actions must be taken to install a metal door frame:

Because installing a metal door frame may call for certain equipment and expertise, it is advised that you seek professional advice if you need more knowledge and experience. How to install a metal door frame is discussed below in the following steps:

  • Measure the rough opening: 

The aperture in the wall where the frame will be attached. Measure the width and height of the opening. You check if the aperture is square, be sure to measure the top, bottom, and sides.

  • Prepare the rough opening:

To prepare the rough aperture, any drywall or plaster should be removed using a reciprocating saw or Sawzall. After that, check to see if the opening is level and square using a level and a square.

  • Install the frame anchors: 

Typically, metal door frames have metal anchors that fasten the frame to the rough opening. The anchors should be inserted and fixed in the rough opening.

  • Set up the frame: 

Align the anchors as you insert the metal door frame into the rough hole. After ensuring the frame is square and level, use the included hardware to attach it to the anchors.

  • Install the door: 

After the frame is solid, the door may be put in place. With the help of the included hardware, insert the door into the frame and fasten it there. Make sure the door is level, plumb, and square, then adjust the hinges.

  • Finish: 

Once the door is firmly in place, you can complete the installation by adding any required trim or weather stripping, painting or sealing the frame as desired, and then closing the door.

Which benefits do metal door frame offer?

Suppose insulation is a priority for the project. In that case, metal door frames also have poorer insulating characteristics than wood frames, and utilizing other materials may be possible.

  • Durability: 

Steel or aluminum, two robust and long-lasting materials, are used to make metal door frames. They are perfect for commercial and industrial buildings since they can survive constant use and challenging conditions. 

  • Fire resistance: 

Metal door frames can assist in stopping the spread of fire within a structure since they are fire-resistant. This can offer extra security for the building's residents and the structure itself.

  • Low upkeep: 

When compared to wooden frames, metal door frames require relatively little maintenance. They are impervious to dampness and insects and do not decay, deform, or break.

  • Cost-effective: 

Due to their minimal maintenance needs, metal door frames are frequently less expensive than wood frames and can result in long-term cost savings. These frames can have a variety of finishes to complement the architecture of the building, including painting, powder coating, and anodizing.

  • Simple to modify: 

Metal door frames may be readily modified to meet the unique requirements of the structure. They may be customized to fit various door types and hardware and can be built to a precise width and height.


Metal door frames are more robust, secure, and long-lasting than conventional timber frames. They may be made in any size and design, making them a fantastic option for any residential or commercial building. This explains how to install a metal door frame in any place. Additionally, metal door frames require little maintenance and can endure a long period. Experts make these door systems and the associated parts at E-ZONG. Any requirement may be satisfied by the adjustable design options and flexible manufacture of our goods. We provide consumers with the greatest products on the market. A technical team checks each door's functionality as part of our thorough quality control procedure, ensuring the final product's quality.

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