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Features and application areas of clean doors.

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Perhaps, without any special observation, you can sum up the inner monologue of people when they choose products: they need good quality, high performance, beautiful appearance, and affordable prices. At the same time, I believe that this is the case when you choose a clean door. I hope there is a clean door that can meet all your purchase expectations. Think about it carefully, you can directly understand the appearance and price, but how about the quality and performance? At this time, the first thing to understand must be the characteristics of the clean doors!

Based on the product, this article will comprehensively and systematically analyze the characteristics and application fields of clean doors for you, and show you how high-quality clean doors can become special laboratory doors, pharmaceutical doors and hospital doors.

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Air tightness of clean doors

Airtight performance is one of the most basic performances of clean doors, and it is an important means for clean doors to ensure long-term cleanliness of the interior of the space.

The airtight performance of the clean door is mainly reflected in the overall structure of the door, the door edge sealing strip and the sealing of the see-through window. The whole surrounding of the door is sealed with a frame, and the door frame and the door leaf are connected by hinges, which can effectively fix the door body and is not easy to fall off and deform. At the same time, in order to further strengthen the air tightness, the door frame sealing strip uses a highly elastic sealing strip, which automatically rebounds under pressure to fill the gap between the door leaf and the door frame, which can better block the circulation of internal and external air when opening and closing.

For a clean door with a see-through window, the sealing performance of the whole door is closely related to the sealing performance of the see-through window. The interior of the see-through window of the clean door needs to be specially treated, which can effectively avoid fogging and bacterial growth caused by temperature difference. When assembled, the surrounding areas are filled with glass glue to seal, pour glue or fill with nitrogen to ensure that air cannot enter the interior of the glass window to the greatest extent.

In spaces that are prone to bacterial transmission, such as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical workshops, they have very high requirements for air tightness, and the air tightness characteristics of laboratory doors, hospital doors and pharmaceutical doors are relatively more prominent. Testing is also more stringent.

Self-cleaning and bacteriostatic properties of clean doors

In addition to controlling the circulation of indoor and outdoor air to ensure the overall cleanliness of the space. The clean door can also reduce the number of bacteria on its surface through the self-cleaning and antibacterial performance. This self-cleaning and antibacterial performance is mainly achieved through the following three aspects:

  • one is the panel material.
  • the second is the use of hardware accessories.
  • and the third is delicate detail design processing.

Generally speaking, there are various choices of clean door fabrics, such as steel plate, color steel plate, film-coated plate, anti-fold special plate, fireproof plate, etc., but through craftsmanship, making the surface smooth and smooth can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial retention. probability. Different materials have their own outstanding special properties. For spaces with stricter requirements on cleanliness, you can choose antibacterial boards with silver ion antibacterial effect, upgrade cleanliness, and more effectively prevent bacterial growth.

For places with high cleanliness requirements such as laboratories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, etc., the self-cleaning performance of clean doors can be well used.

Sound and noise reduction performance of clean doors

The clean door can achieve good sound insulation and noise reduction performance, which is inseparable from its ingenious material selection and design. The hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core material is used, and the honeycomb-shaped closed cell can block the sound, weaken the transmission of noise, and achieve the effect of noise reduction. A lifting and sweeping strip is added at the bottom of the door leaf, and the double-shrapnel design runs smoothly and does not produce noise. The rubber strip at the bottom is closely attached to the ground, effectively isolating indoor and outdoor connections and blocking sound transmission.

As a place with many spaces, complex functional areas and high population density, hospitals pay more attention to the sound insulation and noise reduction performance of hospital doors. Therefore, hospital doors with good sound insulation are more likely to be favored by everyone.

In general, the application range of clean doors is quite wide, and clean doors with good quality and excellent performance can meet the space requirements of different conditions and different application fields.

If you don't believe that some businesses on the Internet are boasting about their own clean doors, then you should look for a clean door supplier that has served tens of thousands of customers in different fields. E-ZONG, it should be your ideal choice!

E-ZONG has been engaged in the design, production and research and development of clean doors for 26 years, serving more than 10,000 customers, and the service industries cover many fields such as biomedical, food processing, electronic manufacturing, experimental testing, etc. The quality can stand the test, and the products are trustworthy!

I hope this article can help you. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact the online customer service and look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with you!

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