How much does a clean room door price?

How much does a clean room door price?

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What is meant by a clean room door?

  • A clean room door is a specialized door used in clean room settings where it's crucial to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sterility. Clean room doors are created to avoid contamination by offering a tight seal to remove particles, dust, and other pollutants that might undermine the sterile environment. Clean room doors can include several characteristics to improve their performance in clean room situations.
  • They are commonly composed of materials like stainless steel or aluminium. For instance, to reduce the chance of particle collection, some clean room doors include interlocking seals and automated door closers or are made to be flush with the wall. The clean room door price can differ significantly based on various elements, including its size, materials, and the degree of cleanliness necessary.
  • The cost might also change based on the source or manufacturer. Depending on the particular needs of the clean room environment, the design and characteristics of a clean room door may change. To accommodate the demands of various applications, clean room doors could also be offered in various sizes, forms, and designs.

The types of clean room door systems are:

For many firms, maintaining a clean and sterile environment is essential; hence establishing a clean room door system is necessary. It assists in preventing contamination, meets regulatory standards, and can improve energy efficiency by providing adjustable options to match specific requirements. Clean room door systems are essential for a lab or industrial setting to develop and maintain a sterile environment. They provide several benefits, including improved air pressure management, improved cleaning, and decreased energy costs. They also help to reduce noise levels and foster a safe environment.

  • Door swings:

 A swing door is the most common type of cleanroom door system. They need little setup, operation, or upkeep. Swing doors commonly come in single- or double-leafed configurations, depending on the door opening size. These are ideal for locations that must be visited frequently, such as staff entrances and areas for transferring products.

  • Sliding doors:

Swing doors can be swapped out for sliding doors in rooms with restricted space. They are designed to slide down a track built above the door opening. Sliding doors are the ideal choice if there must be large openings and swing doors cannot be put in. They are typically utilized in material transfer areas, clean halls, and storage areas.

 What is the Price of a Clean Room Door?

Any facility with a clean, dust- and contaminant-free environment must have clean room doors. Clean room doors are a crucial component of many sectors because they provide a place where the atmosphere can be regulated to ensure the safety and quality of products. The type of door, material, size, and other aspects affect how much it will cost to install a clean room door. A clean room door price can vary significantly based on various variables, including its size, the materials it is made of, the degree of cleanliness required, and the supplier or manufacturer. Because of this, it is easier to provide precise pricing with further details. According to the considerations above, clean room doors can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more. When planning a budget for a clean room door, consider installation and maintenance expenses. You are advised to contact clean room door providers and get a quote based on your unique demands and specifications to obtain a more precise cost. To ensure you receive a fair price for the goods and services you need, it is also a good idea to compare pricing from several providers. 

The price to install a clean room door might differ significantly based on several variables, such as:

It's crucial to remember that the installation price could also include other costs like shipping, delivery, and extra services like maintenance or repairs. It's advised that you speak with a seasoned installer or manufacturer to acquire a quote based on your unique demands and specifications to obtain a more precise estimate of the price of installing a clean room door. Several variables, such as the type of door, material, size, and other aspects, affect how much it will clean room door price to install.

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  • Type of door:

The type of cleanroom door, such as sliding, swing, or revolving doors, may affect the installation cost.

  • Material: 

The cost of installing a clean room door may also change depending on the material utilized, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials.

  • Size: 

The clean room door's size may also impact the cost of installation. Larger doors could cost more to install since they need more time and work.

  • Customization required: 

The installation price may be greater if you need a clean room door that is specially designed or requires changes.

  • Installation process complexity: 

The installation cost may also be influenced by how difficult the procedure is to complete. For instance, the price may be greater if the installation requires additional electrical or plumbing work.


Any clean room setting must have clean room doors. They are intended to act as a barrier, keeping out impurities like dust and grime. Before buying, it's critical to comprehend the clean room door price. They also provide other benefits, including improved security, less noise, and improved energy efficiency. The design of the door system must be carefully considered to ensure compliance with the cleanroom requirements. At E-ZONG, professionals build these systems and the related parts. We can meet any demand because of our products' flexible production processes and design options. We offer the best items available to consumers. A technical team assesses each system's performance as part of our stringent quality control process to guarantee the level of the finished product.

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