Your Trusted Clean Room Aluminum Profile Supplier: E-ZONG

Your Trusted Clean Room Aluminum Profile Supplier: E-ZONG

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E-ZONG, formerly known as "SANHE," has been a pioneering force in the clean industry for over 26 years. Established in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in 1996, E-ZONG has since expanded its presence with branches and factories located in Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, and Taishan. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, E-ZONG has evolved into the most professional and comprehensive clean-room aluminum profile supplier in southern China. Clean room aluminum profiles, often underestimated in their significance, play a pivotal role in creating controlled environments essential for industries ranging from manufacturing to research. These profiles, when precision-crafted and meticulously designed, enable the establishment of sterile and regulated spaces that adhere to stringent criteria. E-ZONG's dedication to delivering high-quality clean-room aluminum profiles underscores our commitment to facilitating precision, adaptability, and dependability in cleanroom applications across various industries.

Products and Services

Range of Clean Room Aluminum Profiles Offered

At E-ZONG, we offer a comprehensive range of clean room aluminum profiles designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our product line includes various profiles such as T-slotted, square, and rectangular shapes, each meticulously engineered to ensure precision and reliability in cleanroom applications. We understand that different projects require different profiles, and our selection caters to a wide spectrum of applications.

Customization Options

Recognizing that no two cleanroom projects are alike, we provide extensive customization options. Our team of experts works closely with clients to tailor clean room aluminum profiles to their exact specifications. Whether it's modifying dimensions, adding specific features, or incorporating unique slot patterns for accessory attachment, E-ZONG's customization capabilities ensure that your cleanroom solution aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Additional Services and Support

Beyond supplying top-notch clean room aluminum profiles, E-ZONG offers comprehensive services and support to enhance your project's success. We provide expert guidance throughout the design and implementation phases, helping you select the right profiles, jointing methods, and sealing options. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to ongoing technical support, ensuring that your cleanroom environment operates at peak efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Emphasis on Quality Control

Quality is paramount at E-ZONG. We employ rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, from material selection to the final product inspection. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each clean room aluminum profile we deliver meets the highest industry standards. You can trust in the durability and reliability of our profiles for your critical cleanroom applications.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials

To guarantee the longevity and performance of our clean room aluminum profiles, we exclusively use corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, such as 6061 and 6063. These materials not only offer exceptional strength but also withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for cleanroom environments where durability is essential.

Compliance with Industry Standards

E-ZONG takes pride in adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our clean room aluminum profiles are manufactured in strict compliance with established industry norms. This commitment ensures that your cleanroom construction aligns seamlessly with industry requirements, providing a safe and controlled environment for your critical processes. E-ZONG (Yizhong) has garnered multiple certifications and accolades since its inception, including "Appearance Design Patent Certification," "Invention Patent Certification," and "Practical Patent Certification." Additionally, our commitment to quality is affirmed by our successful attainment of the "ISO9001" quality management system certification.

Advantages of Choosing E-ZONG

Precision Performance

E-ZONG stands as a beacon of precision, offering clean room aluminum profiles that excel in precision performance. Our profiles are meticulously engineered and manufactured to ensure exacting standards, contributing to the creation of controlled environments with minimal tolerances. This precision is critical in industries like semiconductor manufacturing and medical research, where accuracy is paramount.


Trust is the cornerstone of E-ZONG's reputation. Our clean room aluminum profiles are crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, and our rigorous quality control measures ensure their reliability. Dependability is not just a promise; it's a guarantee, ensuring that your cleanroom infrastructure remains solid and secure, even in the most critical applications.


E-ZONG's clean room aluminum profiles are designed with adaptability in mind. Whether you need to modify dimensions, add specific features, or integrate unique slot patterns for accessory attachment, our customization options provide the flexibility to meet your exact requirements. This adaptability extends to various industries, from healthcare to aerospace, making our profiles suitable for a wide array of applications.

Industries Served

Hospital Construction

Clean room aluminum profiles play a crucial role in creating sterile operating theaters and specialized medical environments where maintaining high cleanliness levels is imperative for patient safety.

Biomedical Laboratories

These profiles provide the foundation for controlled research spaces, ensuring that sensitive experiments and investigations are conducted in contamination-free settings, vital for accurate results.

Food Processing Plants

Food safety is paramount, and clean room aluminum profiles are instrumental in upholding strict cleanliness standards in food processing and packaging facilities to prevent contamination.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Ensuring adherence to stringent hygiene requirements during drug production, clean room aluminum profiles help maintain the purity and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Various High-Cleanliness Environments

Beyond the mentioned industries, clean room aluminum profiles are essential for any place that demands exceptional cleanliness and airtightness, including semiconductor cleanrooms, aerospace facilities, automotive manufacturing, nanotechnology labs, and optical instrument assembly.

Contact Information

For inquiries or to learn more about E-ZONG's clean room aluminum profiles, please feel free to reach out to us:


Room 8053, Junfeng Business Center,

99 Hualei Road, Liwan District,

Guangzhou, China.

Phone: +86-13500038195


We are committed to providing exceptional service and support for all your cleanroom infrastructure needs. Don't hesitate to contact us; we look forward to assisting you.

Unlock Excellence: Choose E-ZONG for Your Clean Room Aluminum Profiles Today!

In E-ZONG, you've found more than just a supplier; you've discovered a trusted partner dedicated to delivering excellence in clean room aluminum profiles. With precision, dependability, and adaptability at our core, we stand ready to meet the diverse needs of industries and applications where cleanliness and airtightness are paramount. Elevate your projects with E-ZONG, your unwavering source for top-quality clean room aluminum profiles.

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        We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

          We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.