The versatility of AHU aluminium profile-50mm

The versatility of AHU aluminium profile-50mm

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What is meant by AHU aluminium profile-50mm?

  • An air conditioning component composed of aluminium with a cross-sectional dimension of 50mm is referred to as an AHU aluminium profile- 50mm. The AHU's frame or casing is built using an aluminium profile, which comes in various forms, such as square, rectangle, and round. 
  • The AHU's design specifications and the volume of air it must handle are used to calculate the aluminium profile's size. AHU is a technical term for a return air system. It functions as follows: outside air is mixed with some interior return air, and then the mixture is filtered via a filter to remove dangerous things like dust, soot, and organic particles. 
  • The air in a building or other enclosed area is conditioned and circulated using an air handling unit (AHU) device. A frame that supports numerous parts, including filters, fans, and heating and cooling coils, is the basic structure of an AHU. The framework that binds these parts together and supports the AHU is called the frame. 
  • The frame's size and form are referred to as its profile. AHU frames may be created to meet a variety of requirements. They can be made of different materials, such as aluminium.

Many AHU frame profiles have the same characteristics:

Building air handling units may be accomplished using the lightweight and reliable AHU Aluminium Profile-50mm. It is affordable, simple to install, and provides several advantages, including enhanced airflow, improved thermal performance, and increased energy efficiency. When choosing an AHU for a particular application, it's crucial to consider the frame profile. It's critical to select an AHU with a sturdy and long-lasting frame to hold up the unit's parts and endure the strains of typical operation.

AHU aluminium profile-50mm
  • Materials used: 

AHU frames can be built of steel, aluminium, or other materials, each of which has pros and cons.

  • Material thickness: 

The AHU frame's strength and endurance will be influenced by the material thickness utilized in its construction. The frame's form might vary depending on the size and kind of unit. AHU frames can also have various profiles.

  • The frame's dimensions: 

AHU frames are available in various dimensions to meet the needs of various HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and building types.

What are the applications of AHU aluminium profile-50mm?

The air handling units (AHUs)' 50mm aluminium profile may be used for a variety of things, such as:

  • HVAC systems: 

It is frequently utilized in building air handling units, ducts, and ventilation systems for HVAC systems.

  • Industrial environments:

The profile can be employed in industrial settings to design air-handling systems for massive factories and plants.

  • Commercial buildings:

It is utilized in commercial buildings for ventilation and air conditioning needs.

  • Systems for cleanrooms: 

Wherever extreme air purity is required, the profile can be employed in cleaning cleanrooms.

  • Laboratories:

It is frequently utilized in labs where precise temperature control and air filtration are essential.

What are the key benefits of AHU aluminium profile-50 mm?

Aluminium profiles are renowned for their resilience, toughness, and longevity. Due to these qualities, they are a well-liked option for many applications, including HVAC systems, building, transportation, and industrial operations.

  • Durability: 

Aluminum is a resilient substance that can survive extreme weather conditions while maintaining its strength over time.

  • Lightweight: 

The 50mm aluminium profile is lighter than other materials, making it simpler to handle and install. Due to its low density and strength, it is lighter than other metals like iron and steel. Therefore, compared to carbon or stainless-steel profiles, aluminium profiles are more suitable for clean rooms with stringent weight requirements.

  • Corrosion resistant:

Aluminum is a material that may be used in wet and moist situations since it is corrosion-resistant.

  • Thermal stability: 

The aluminium profile is a great option for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems because of its high thermal stability.

  • Safe and free of allergies: 

Aluminum is a non-toxic metal that is also unaffected by allergies. It is used as an ingredient in both the culinary and medical fields. Aluminium materials can be used safely in medical and food-contact applications. Aluminium is commonly used in construction, decorating, and other industries since it is safe for human skin contact.

  • Cost-effective: 

The 50mm aluminium profile is an affordable alternative for air handling systems since aluminium is more affordable than other materials, such as stainless steel.

  • Simple to Clean and Preserve: 

Wiping down an aluminium profile with a wet towel takes only five minutes after it has been touched by hand or has dirt on its surface. Suppose you don't want water or detergent to clean your aluminium profiles. You only need a dry cloth or towel to remove dust or fingerprints without damaging their exquisite appearance.

Properties of AHU aluminium profile-50mm:

  • Aluminum has a built-in protective oxide coating that shields it against corrosion and rust.
  • Weather resistance: Aluminum is perfect for outdoor usage since it resists weathering and does not rust, distort, or decay.
  • Aluminium is appropriate for industrial and chemical processing applications because it is resistant to various chemicals.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio: Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it perfect for use in transportation, construction, and other fields where strength and weight are crucial factors.
  • Aluminum has a high level of fatigue resistance, which means it can sustain repeated stress and strain without breaking down.


AHU Aluminum profile-50mm is the best way to highlight the elegance and beauty of your home. Their strength, lightweight, and exceptional corrosion resistance make aluminium profiles a fantastic choice for interior and exterior applications. Aluminium profiles are a great material to use in many applications. It manufactures its products using a full complement of CNC machining equipment, and the caliber of those products is among the best in the industryE-ZONG now employs over 300 people and has more than 30,000 square plant meters in size. We have more than 26 years of experience in development and a lot of knowledge in managing and ensuring the quality of large-scale projects.

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