Product name : Aluminum profile

Model : GJ4730

Length : 5.8-6 meters

Tolerance : ±1%

Shape : Angle

Processing services : cutting

Surface treatment : Mill Finish etc

AHU Profile Installed by Pressing Panel GJ4730


Aluminum profile for frame of air conditioning unit

In order to keep the required temperature and humidity, wind speed, pressure and cleanliness in the clean room, the clean air conditioning system will continuously send a certain amount of processed air into the room to eliminate all kinds of heat and humidity interference and dust pollution in the clean room.

Dust in the air on human health and the quality of the products have influence, especially in some special industries, such as instrument, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, a high place to air cleanliness requirement, also some of the exhibition hall, airport and other large space, adult flow, this request according to the requirements of different industries in different places to choose air handling units. Air treatment unit has the advantages of large air volume, high air quality and energy saving. A good air treatment unit should have the characteristics of less space, more functions, low noise, low energy consumption, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance. However, because of its functional sections, complex structure, to do this without losing the other, it requires designers and construction units in the material, manufacturing process, structural characteristics, selection and calculation of multiple comparison, in order to achieve more satisfactory results. So when choosing air treatment units, we should refer to some actual cases to see whether the air treatment units in real life can meet your needs, good use and other problems.

GJ4730 (2).jpg

  Air Handling Unit Aluminum Profile & Accessory 
A This aluminum accessory is installed together with GJ4730 series profile. 
B Aluminum profile :Aluminum profile thickness between 0.8mm or 2 mm.
C Variable shapes and sizes for option , fit for 25 mm,30 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm ,50 mm thickness sandwich panel. 
D Color:anodized/mill finished /white spray  
E AHU widely used in hotel, Hospital, Offices, Malls, Electronic Industrial, Restaurants Clubs, Halls etc.  
F Way joint used for air handling unit. It's installed very easy.  
G The unit is designed as structure compact, good looking, low noise, light weight 
H This model is used often in many countries. 
I Accessories for AHU body like handle, hinge, panel block, gasket, plastic pushing, plastic connector...... also can be manufactured by ourselves.  



Product name Aluminum profile
Model GJ4730
Tolerance ±1%
Length 5.8-6 meters
Shape Angle
Processing services Cutting
Surface treatment Mill Finish etc
Certificate ISO9001:2015
Delivery Actual weight


What's the standard length of your aluminium profiles be shipping?
The standard length of aluminium profiles is 6meter, we can cut to specific length as you need.
What's your MOQ?
We can accept trial orders for prototype, there are plenty of stocks in factory, and can be shipped very fast.
What's the lead time for small order and mass production?
5-15 working days for small order, and 15-25 working days for mass production of material.
What is your standard time to develop new dies?
For normal size profiles, it takes about 10-25 to fabricate the dies and make the qualified samples.
How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;

Always final Inspection before shipment;

Can you please send me your quotation?
As you known aluminium profiles are non-standard products.We need to know your quirements first,such as aluminum grade, finish, quantity.It will be appreciated if you can send us drawings.




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