Cleanroom Door

  • Steel Door

    Steel Door

    The aluminum hinge adopts a circular arc design, and a nylon sleeve is added to the axis, and there is no dust in friction. The unique sealing gasket of the door frame has strong sealing performance and good noise reduction and sound insulation effect, steel door panel, anti-collision, not easy to deform, but easy to clean, various styles, customized size.

  • Glass Swing Door

    Glass Swing Door

    It suits supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical factories, and other places. It can install in each place, each exists, utilize human instincts to open evacuation doors that are normally closed and quickly escape. When the glass is damaged by an external force, it will be broken into honeycomb-shaped obtuse angles small particles, which do not easy to cause harm to the human body.

  • Medical Lead Protection Door

    Medical Lead Protection Door

    This series doors are specially designed for hospital radiation protection. The lining inside of the door leaf and frame is lead plate which lead equivalent is 2-4mmPb. This design can resist the X-rays, protecting people from harm of many kinds of rays’ leakage. Besides, the whole door adopts smooth transition design to prevent shocking and make it easier cleaning.

  • Airtight Automatic Door

    Airtight Automatic Door

    This series of door design is according to GMP design and safety requirements. It is a custom automatic door and design for hospital operating room, hospital ward area, kindergarten. Select high efficiency brushless DC motor with small size, large power, low noise and long life. High quality sealing gasket is inlaid around door leaf, close to door sleeve when closed, with good air tightness.

  • Double Insulating Glass Window

    Double Insulating Glass Window

    Desiccant adsorbs water vapor in hollow glass sandwich, it can prevent the glass have mist from the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor (The traditional single glass have the mist from the temperature different between indoor and outdoor), keep the glass cleaning and brighter, to sure the window’s transparent performance. It suit for cleanroom, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, electronics factory, etc.

  • Air Ceiling

    Air Ceiling

    With reasonable and advanced structure, the laminar blower is developed referring to the technology standard and the size is also designed according to the laminar blower standard of the classⅠ, class Ⅱ and class Ⅲ at home and abroad. The product makes the air in the room well-distributed, which tally with the national testing requirement. The installation of laminar blower is simple and convenient with guarantee of quality, and the filter is also easy changed and maintained. Our laminar blower is assembled by the aluminum alloy frame, which is more solid, good-looking and durable than the traditional powder coating steel frame. With high tightness, good temperature retention, steady air outlet, outlet area reach 99% and easy clean, our laminar blowers meet the GMP design and safe requirements, which is the best choice for all kinds of operation room.

  • Medical Bed Head Unit SB013

    Medical Bed Head Unit SB013

    1. It made of high quality aluminum alloy material, surface finish is customized (powder coating, electrophoresis, anodized)
    2. Beautiful appearance, Wear-resistant, easy to clean.
    3. Gas and strong and weak circuits are separated by dual channels, safe and reliable.
    4. It can select the power outlet, flash light, call, intercom, gas terminal, etc. It can make the installation holes according to customers’ requirement.
    5. The color of panel and side panel is customized.

  • Swing Door (Door Leaf Thickness 40mm)

    Swing Door (Door Leaf Thickness 40mm)

    This series of doors are designed to meet GMP design and safety requirements. No dust, easy to clean. Door leaf installed the high-quality sealing gasket, with good air tightness, easy to clean and air tightness at the same time has a strong impact, paint resistance, anti-fouling advantages. Apply to the pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop, electronics factory and the area which required clean, airtight.

  • Swing Door for Brick Wall

    Swing Door for Brick Wall

    This series of doors professionally designed for use in public places, the use of arc transition in the structure design, effective anti-collision, no dust, easy to clean. Panel is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, impact resistance, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, colorful and other advantages. Can effectively solve the public places or hospitals prone door knock, touch, scratch, deformation and other issues. It used in hospitals, kindergartens and apply to various places where cleanliness and airtight requirements are required.

1. Introduction

Ezong founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in 1996 named "SANHE", has been developing for more than 20 years with branches and factories in Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, and Taishan. E-ZONG is the most professional and perfect in the clean industry in south China.

The company integrates R&D, production, and sales of cleanroom aluminum profiles, air-conditioning unit frame aluminum profiles, air diffuser aluminum profiles, and clean room doors, medical automatic doors, swing doors, air diffusers, and other aluminum products. Products are widely used in medical and health, bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, machinery, and electronics industries. The production of its products introduces a full set of CNC machining equipment, and its quality is in a leading position in the same industry. Now Yizhong (E-ZONG) is occupying a plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, having more than 300 employees.

We uphold the “people-oriented” enterprise development strategy, wholeheartedly for you to provide top-quality products and superior service. For example, in air grille manufacture and clean room aluminum profile usage, we not only guarantee the quality of product surface finish handling, but also consider the appearance, cost competitiveness, and other factors for customers, be sure the products have more competitive power in the market.

Since its establishment, Yizhong (E-ZONG) has obtained the "Appearance Design Patent Certification", "Invention Patent Certification" and "Practical Patent Certification", and has passed the "ISO9001" quality management system certification. The company constantly introduces the management mode and production equipment of the leading industry, and always focuses on creating environmental aluminum products and making our products leading the trend of the highest standard. Advanced production equipment, scientific process control, and strict quality test have laid a solid foundation for Yizhong (E-ZONG)'s market.


The demand of customers is the foundation for us to survive and develop.

Surpass the expectation of customers is the method for us to succeed.

In the future, Yizhong (E-ZONG) will continue to implement the business strategy of technology, quality, and service. With innovative technology, excellent quality, and service, we will sincerely work together with you all to create a brilliant future!

2. Production Capacity

Production Capacity

The company has a complete quality management system and a series of production, inspection, and debugging equipment with international level years of product manufacturing experience Created a group of experienced and skilled technicians and manufacturing workers.

Yizhong from the domestic and overseas introduction of advanced cleanroom doors and Windows production equipment up to more than 20 sets, from raw materials to doors and Windows products off the line, high-precision automation production process in the industry occupies a leading position, to first-class product quality to meet the fierce market demand. with automatic control of feeding positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine can use the international latest technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further exert their own advantages, better service to customers, enhance the brand image.

Based on professional technology, thoughtful service, and reliable quality assurance, Wiskind is looking forward to providing you with innovative, reliable, and economical solutions.

3. Application Domain

Products are widely used in medical and health, Bio pharmaceutical, food and beverage, machinery and electronics industries. Focus on providing system solutions for clean room and medical construction.

Purification engineering refers to the control of the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in which the product is exposed, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. The design and construction process of this environmental space can be called purification engineering. Purification engineering refers to within a certain space, the air particles, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand, purification engineering and the special design of the room. No matter how the external air conditions change, the indoor can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure performance characteristics.

Application Domain

Purification works commonly known as dust-free workshop, purification workshop, clean room, etc., suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other occasions with clean requirements. The use of doors and Windows in the purification workshop is called the purification door and the purification window. The door body is formed in one body, beautiful and generous, with good sealing, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, easy cleaning and other advantages. The color is diverse, the width of the door frame can be customized, and the structure is reasonable.

We are a large manufacturer focusing on high-quality purification doors and Windows, committed to providing purification engineering customers with purification doors, purification Windows, transfer Windows, operating room automatic doors and other products. We have cooperated with a large number of hospitals, laboratories, purification workshops and other projects. We have strict requirements on the research and development and production quality of products needed for the construction of purification projects. Our products are widely used in the construction of purification projects.

4. Keyword

Clean Room Door

Clean Room Door

Doors are the most common objects in our daily life. They are the objects used to separate two interior.

Spaces. The clean door is a kind of what kind of door, the following is for you to summarize the clean door is what kind of door.

The concept of cleanliness refers to the elimination of pollutants such as dust particles, hazardous gases, bacteria and viruses in the air within a certain indoor space standard, and the control of temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air speed and air distribution, noise and vibration, and static electricity in the room within a specific requirement standard.

And clean door usually refers to easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial, and excellent air tightness door, suitable for a variety of hospital construction, biological medicine laboratory, food and beverage processing plants, equipment and electronics factories and other occasions with high air tightness demand.

Because the application place is more special, compared with the general home decoration door, the function of clean door is significantly very important.

Follow the clean room construction decoration is not easy to produce dust, dust, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, not crack, moistureproof mildew proof, easy to clean, energy-saving and environmental protection such as the total standard, clean the door to the overall performance is good, have good appearance smooth, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, no dust, the advantages of easy to clean, and easy and quick installation, good sealing.

Therefore, it can be seen that high quality clean door needs to be easy to clean, self-cleaning antibacterial effect, good air tightness basic advantages.

Easy to clean that is, the overall structure of the door is neat, no gap, no dead corner, the surface of the decorative plate is smooth and smooth, no dust is easy to clean, easy to clean and disinfectant at ordinary times, no dead corner, one step in place, save time and energy.

Self-cleaning bacteriostatic panel is the selection of bacteriostatic and mildewproof panel, which can effectively reduce and control the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms, avoid mutual contamination, and touch one place is relatively safe, especially in public places where people gather.

Clean the door still need to configure high quality sealing strip, lifting sweeping the floor, can avoid the internal and external material (rain, dust, etc.) and air leakage or infiltration, can avoid or reduce because of mechanical vibration, the impact caused by the injury, and then achieve the sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and seismic effect, more good air tightness.

In addition, it should also have the characteristics of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.Door core should be selected light and firm filling material to prevent collision deformation.Also because clean space should often be disinfected and cleaned, clean door should have waterproof and moisture-proof, corrosion resistant characteristics, by weak acid and alkali solvent wipe are not fading, not layered, not moldy decay, beautiful color for a long time.

Clean doors are widely used in hospitals at all levels, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops, cosmetics factories and other clean Spaces, as well as public areas where people gather, such as schools and shopping malls.Easy to clean at ordinary times at the same time, but also reduce the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, reduce mutual pollution.

Airtight Automatic Door

Airtight Automatic Door

Many people know that air-tight doors will be used in many industries. The production of air-tight doors is made of high quality stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet and other materials, and the process of cold plate baking paint is used, so compared with other ordinary doors, air-tight doors have many advantages.So why are air-tight doors widely used in various industries?Let's take a look at it together.

Reason 1: Good Air Tightness

Because the air-tight door is made of high quality stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet and other materials, so its surface is relatively smooth and relatively able to withstand the resistance, in addition, in order to improve the air tightness in the production of air-tight door will be in the door plate and door frame on the production of silica gel sealing tape.Therefore, the air tightness of the air-tight door is relatively good, and it is precisely because of this feature that it has become one of the reasons why we choose it.

Reason 2: Good Corrosion Resistance

Because airtight door is used by the cold plate painting process, therefore It can also freely according to the actual situation of specific to make the airtight door colour, and in the manufacturing process using standardized way to manufacture, so Such production made airtight door also has the very strong corrosion resistance, which can make the airtight door use longer service life.

Reason 3: There Are Many Ways to Open a Door

The opening way of air-tight door and door is designed according to the specific situation of our industry. Therefore, air-tight door has several different ways to open the door, such as foot sensing switch, microwave induction probe, face recognition switch, card reading password disk, etc., which is the way designers will consider using.Therefore, the air-tight door is also favored by us because of several ways to open the door.

As can be seen from the above, it is because the airtight door has good airtight performance, good corrosion resistance, and there are a variety of ways to open the door, so it is widely used in a number of industries, so it can also show that the airtight door has been the attention of customers and favored by customers and friends.

In the modern era of rapid development of technology, airtight door has now become an indispensable product in many industries, which is more like a choice in the new era.The above is to introduce to you about the air-tight door why will be widely used related content, also hope that after the above content, can let you have further cognition and understanding of the air-tight door, and then choose to a more suitable air-tight door.

Classroom Door

Classroom Door

Classroom door why choose steel clean door?

The development of basic construction, perfect facilities and reasonable layout of modern schools will help to stimulate the pioneering spirit of campus people and maximize their learning potential. The beautiful campus environment makes people feel relaxed and happy, and can promote the physical and mental health development of campus people.Comfort classroom environment is conducive to the learning and development of students, so we need a high quality, beautiful and reasonable steel clean door as the classroom door, the door is an important infrastructure of the classroom, which plays the role of separating the two Spaces, can provide teachers and students with a comfortable and quiet education environment.

School classrooms are usually installed iron doors or wooden doors, rarely heard of steel clean door, steel clean door is mainly for the medical door of the hospital, a material performance requirements are relatively high environmental clean door.

Clean steel door with high strength, sound insulation, fire protection, anti-corrosive, moisture proof, easy to clean and disinfect, anti collision impact resistance and other advantages, door plank is made of galvanized steel sheet material, the surface of the high voltage electrostatic pensu processing, diversified color choose, built-in flame retardant type aluminium honeycomb, import hardware configuration, equipped with stainless steel "L" type folding hand door lock, smooth collision prevention clamp hand, high strength and impact resistance,Easy to install and durable.

School person flow is large, the door is daily need to switch between common door a few years will be broken, and students play combat between casual fall play met door can appear crack damage phenomenon such as breakage, schools in high cost and trouble, but the quality of the steel door clean is very high, high strength and resistance to impact resistance, sound insulation performance is good, good daily maintenance management,It has a longer service life.

The health of students is the key point we need to pay attention to. The pungent paint smell of ordinary doors or the wet wooden doors or the rust of iron doors affect the educational development of students, but the steel clean door does not drop the paint, electrostatic spraying, high quality standard production, easy to clean, green environmental protection and health.The door body can also be installed with a double-layer hollow tempered glass observation window, which can observe the students' learning situation or the occurrence of emergencies at any time.

The price of steel clean door will be higher than the ordinary door, but the clean door is guaranteed by high quality standard production, and the school to use steel door is the trend, is the best choice of the school classroom, when choosing to choose a professional safe clean door manufacturer, welcome to pay attention to consult more steel clean door information.

Food Shop Door

Food Shop Door

Food workshop as a place with special requirements, the use of the door also has special requirements, then how can we choose to let their satisfaction of the food workshop door? We can choose from the following three aspects:

1. The material of the door Nowadays, the popular engineering door material mainly includes steel door, wood-plastic door, resin door, ecological door and composite wood door. But it is suitable for the high requirements of the food workshop or the steel door, but it is recommended to use the food workshop door with a frame forming one, so that it is more solid and resistant, looks more concise and generous, and the function also needs to choose a more rich safety anti-clamp configuration, to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

2. look at the strength of the food workshop door manufacturers. Food workshop door general demand is relatively large, small businesses are difficult to provide such a large order business, if several small businesses put together to do a project, the late maintenance problem is more troublesome, there will be late maintenance is difficult to go on, so we must choose a strong food workshop door manufacturer, And have a wealth of installation service experience and improve the ability of after-sales service, professional manufacturers to provide product quality, stability and life more guaranteed.

3. About the choice of food workshop door style, the food workshop door adopts aluminum alloy profile edge sealing, which can greatly improve the grade of indoor door.

What are the characteristics of ordinary doors compared with medical clean doors?

Medical clean door is a very common product in the medical place. Because of the special place of the medical institution, the passenger flow is large, the patient is concentrated, and it is easy to hit or pollute each other. Therefore, when choosing the medical clean door, it must be distinguished from the ordinary door. According to the special situation of medical institutions, compared with ordinary doors, medical clean doors have the following characteristics:

1. The Hardness is High Enough

Because the operating car through each ward often scratches the ward door, if the general wooden door through the bump will lead to a more serious phenomenon of paint damage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products with high hardness and wear resistance to ensure that the operating car will not produce paint damage and scratch after bumping against the door.

2. Meet the Clean Requirements, Easy to Clean

Medical clean door in line with the strict requirements of modern hospital clean, easy to clean, product material hardness standard is high, corrosion resistance, for some of the dirty things that are difficult to clean, can use steel wire ball or cleaning liquid directly clean, which is also a key indicator of the difference between composite solid wood door.

3. Antibacterial Effect

Bio, a kind of mixed mineral added in the production process of the product, can eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and coliform within 24 hours, thus greatly reducing the harm degree of mutual contamination of bacteria in the hospital, so that the hospital can be trusted and the patients can feel at peace.

4. Adopt Professional Colors to Adjust the Patient's Psychology and Ease the Patient's Mood

The product appearance material color is rich and bright, the hospital can choose the product color according to the hospital department. For example pink can ease mental pressure is big, give a person the feeling of a kind of elegant, harmonious warmth, ease mental pressure can make pulse slows down, dispel nervous mood. Therefore gynaecology ward is given priority to by pink.

5. Eenvironmental Protection Products

The products produced by reliable medical door manufacturers are usually green environmental protection products identified by the state, and have the green environmental protection label approved by the relevant national units. It is very safe and reliable to use in hospitals.

The difference between two kinds of fillers commonly used in medical doors and doors?

The commonly used material for medical door and door is a special structure of honeycomb core, which is mainly divided into two kinds: paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb. These two kinds of filling materials are widely used in medical doors. They have excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion prevention, energy absorption and shock absorption, heat preservation effect, and their bending and bending resistance, compression resistance and other characteristics. The following is a comparison of the characteristics of paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb:

1. Crashworthiness

Aluminum honeycomb has good flexibility and resilience, can absorb most of the energy when under external load, has the effect of shock absorption. Therefore, when the aluminum honeycomb core material is impacted by external forces, it has a strong impact resistance and is not easy to cause deformation and sag. Paper honeycomb also has a certain shock absorption characteristics, but the impact resistance is not as strong as aluminum honeycomb, and it is easy to be deformed by impact.

2. Strength Performance

Aluminium honeycomb is a synthetic material with low density, light weight, high strength and good tear resistance. The density of aluminum honeycomb plate is about 3-7kg/m3, which is 1/5 of the weight of the same block plate, 1/6 of the glass material and 1/7 of the aluminum plate, which greatly reduces the load and cost.

Although paper honeycomb has the advantage of light structure quality, it is far less than aluminum honeycomb in bending resistance, shock absorption, fatigue resistance and other properties.

3. Sound Insulation and Heat Insulation Performance

Aluminum honeycomb is a kind of porous discontinuous material, the physical local area is small, the density is very low, and the surface area is relatively large. The physical local volume is only 1% ~ 3%, the rest of the place is in a closed state of gas, mainly because the heat insulation and sound insulation of gas can be better than other solid materials, so aluminum honeycomb has good heat insulation and sound insulation. In addition, aluminum honeycomb can be used to convert sound waves into heat, and can shield electromagnetic waves, also can be used to reduce sound. Paper honeycomb is mainly because of its material restrictions on sound insulation and heat insulation of very little use.

4. Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum honeycomb surface by epoxy fluorocarbon processing, good corrosion resistance, salt spray two days without needle, crack, blister. Paper honeycomb is a kind of honeycomb pellet made of kraft paper or straw paper, which is easy to be corroded by chemical changes with the adhesive.

5. Fire and Moisture-proof Performance

Aluminum honeycomb for non-combustible material, fire rating reached B1, has a good flame retardant fire performance and waterproof moistureproof performance. The paper honeycomb is flammable material and not fireproof. If in a humid environment, it is easy to mold and deformation.

Through the above description, we can know that as a filling material, if applied in medical doors and other places with higher requirements, aluminum honeycomb filler in all aspects of performance will be much better than paper honeycomb. A good medical door is not only to look good, but also pay attention to practicality, both inside and outside the repair, combined with their own actual situation to choose the right door filling.

For medical airtight doors in the market prices are different reasons?

Now there are more and more manufacturers selling medical air-tight doors on the market. Different manufacturers have different strengths, leading to uneven product quality, so the price of medical air-tight doors on the market is also high or low.

With the development of science and technology, the technology of air-tight door industry is also developing constantly. Medical airtight door is also one of the innovative technologies, it creates more favorable conditions for the modern medical environment, brings convenience to the medical staff, but also reduces the harm to the medical staff, and is well received by each user. Medical airtight door is a collection of airtight, pressure resistance, dust and radiation protection and other advantages in one, is widely used in the medical industry.

In fact, the reason that affects the price of medical air-tight door is mainly to see the material of the door fan and its production process and the quality of each part of the accessories. The price of the product produced by using good accessories is certainly high, but it will be very cheap. Good accessories will not only affect the price, but also directly affect the service life and excess maintenance costs of medical airtight doors. We have strict requirements on the production process of medical air-tight doors. In the use of accessories, such as: motor, guide rail, inductor, controller, positioner, belt and so on, all of them are good accessories.

For example, the weight of the medical air-tight door is different from the material of the guide rail, which will also have an impact on the price. The weight of the guide rail above 300KG must use steel guide rail, 300KG under the use of aluminum alloy guide rail. There is no consistent standard for the thickness of air-tight door guide rail in hospitals on the market, so the thickness of air-tight door guide rail varies from 3mm to 6mm on the market. The thickness of air-tight door guide rail varies, resulting in different prices and weights of air-tight doors. The thicker the guide rail, the higher the cost.

When choosing medical air-tight doors, most customers want to find products with good quality, high air tightness and beautiful style.

Where are radiation-proof air-tight doors used?

With the development of science and technology, many things in People's Daily life will have radiation, such as mobile phone radiation, mobile phone base station and electromagnetic radiation. However, only when radiation reaches a certain value can it cause harm to our human body. In the medical industry, we can use radiation to check the body. Chest radiography, for example, involves radiation, and in those parts of the hospital, radiation is more intense. A radiation-proof air-tight door is needed to ensure that the radiation is only applied to the patient and does not affect others. Let's talk about where the radiation-proof air-tight door will be used?

1. X-ray Machine Room

Medical X - ray machine emission of X - rays on the human body is from external radiation. The application of radiation-proof air-tight door in X-ray machine room can effectively ensure the health of staff, patients and the public. Places like these where radioactive materials are produced and emitted require a clear radiation protection plan to prevent radiation from spreading.

2. Medical Imaging Room

Medical imaging room refers to the place where non-invasive techniques and processes are used to obtain images of internal tissues of the human body or a part of the human body for medical treatment or medical research. Medical imaging room also belongs to the place with high radiation degree, so it also needs the protection of anti-radiation air-tight door, which is installed at the entrance and exit of the medical imaging room to avoid radiation damage to the people and staff in the past.

3. Radiotherapy Room

Radiotherapy room is also one of the places where radiation is very high. The use of radiation-proof air-tight door is also a necessary project for this kind of treatment room. In order to prevent radiation from polluting the surrounding environment by means of doors and Windows, it is necessary to use radiation-proof air-tight door in this treatment room.

4. Interventional Treatment Channels

More by the room that the ray undertakes interventional treatment, more than the room should install radiation-proof air-tight door outside, in the treatment channel of those departments also should add radiation-proof air-tight door, so ability assures in the place outside the department also does not suffer the influence of radiation.

Through the above description, we can know that anti-radiation air-tight door has been applied in many places, like where radioactive substances are produced and emitted, there will be a clear radiation protection plan, and anti-radiation air-tight door will be installed to prevent radiation from emanating, so as to ensure the health of medical staff, patients and the public.

1. Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Mobile Shelter PCR Laboratory

Wuhan Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd, Located in the National Biological Industry Base in Wuhan province, China. A leading IVD manufacturer, specializing in development, production and sales of POCT rapid diagnostic reagents and related equipment.

We have a strong and professional R&D team, with 100,000 grade clean workshop and international leading production lines. All our products line have been gotten ISO13485:2016 , CE certification, and more than 30 parameters of POCT rapid diagnostic products with SFDA registration. Also, we are the first company making bedside, rapid and quantitative detection in whole blood in China. And our products are selling more than 20 countries. Our intelligent management system provides hospital departments at all levels defections including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, infectious disease, endocrine and metabolic diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, and eugenics, physical examination and other comprehensive solutions.

Easy Diagnosis Bio-medicine Mobile shelter PCR Laboratory is a 12 meter long laboratory designed in strict accordance with the level II bio-safety laboratory. It has four independent areas: reagent preparation, sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification and product analysis. The air flow, people flow and logistics of the laboratory meet the requirements of single flow direction and meet the requirements of national bio-safety. It can be said that although a sparrow is small, it has five internal organs.

In the shelter laboratory, the size is flexible and the installation is convenient. Easy to carry out the function of area division, at the same time, it has good air tightness, which is conducive to the control of single flow direction in laboratory. The door frame is inlaid with high quality silica gel strip, which has good resilience. When closed, it is closely combined with the door leaf to ensure the air tightness of the space. With the patent hinge of arc design, it is stable and dust-free, and has better air tightness.

Yizhong clean door creates a good clean experimental space for mobile shelter laboratory, which is conducive to reduce the possibility of external factors affecting the experimental results, improve the accuracy of the laboratory, and reduce the risk of leakage of harmful samples during operation. Yizhong clean door is the first choice for all kinds of biological laboratories, scientific research institutions, hospitals, etc.

At the same time, Yizhong clean door also has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient transportation. It is convenient for the shelter laboratory to realize the mobile function, quickly complete the transfer and installation, and improve the assembly efficiency of the shelter laboratory. It can quickly settle in the key areas of epidemic prevention and control, and carry out detection at the first time, effectively reducing the flow of patients, reducing the sample transfer time, reducing the transmission risk and improving the detection efficiency.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our company has provided mobile shelter PCR laboratory services for nearly 100 companies and enterprises. Relying on high-quality products, professional attitude and considerate service, our company has won the unanimous praise of customers and industry partners, and is the preferred partner for various biological laboratories and hospital construction projects.

Easy Diagnosis Biomedicine Mobile Shelter PCR Laboratory

2. Yunnan Cancer Hospital Biobank and NGS Laboratory Project

Yunnan Cancer Hospital is the only tertiary, first-class cancer hospital in Yunnan Province that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention. It undertakes the tasks of tumor prevention and treatment research, talent training and academic exchange in Yunnan Province.

The biobank and laboratory integrates sample storage, scientific research platform and genetic testing, including information collection area, sample processing area, sample area and experimental area, etc., with a storage capacity of up to 500,000 samples.In the later stage, the biobank information management system will be further constructed to realize the information management of sample collection, storage, use and clinical information association.

The construction area of the project is about 355 square meters, the biobank area and the laboratory area are 95 square meters and 260 square meters respectively.The ventilation system of the project adopts the completely new air and full exhaust mode, which is completely different from the previous laboratory construction, to meet the special requirements of NGS laboratory for purification, and introduces the fully intelligent way of mobile phone APP to carry out real-time monitoring and management of the whole laboratory.

After the project is completed and put into use, it will lay a solid foundation for the standardized management of the biobank laboratory of Yunnan Cancer Hospital, and provide strong data support for the hospital's construction of the biobank and laboratory in the A5 plot of Site 53, which covers Southwest China and South and Southeast Asia internationally.

Solution: In the hospital bidding scheme, the hospital put forward strict and clear technical service standards on the material properties, processing technology, aesthetics and practicality of the products.Yizhong Clean Technology has a deep understanding of the business characteristics and needs of Yunnan Cancer Hospital, and has proposed the most reasonable solutions for hospital construction.

Hospital door: Yizhong clean technology hospital door has the advantages of antimicrobial mildewproof, collision resistance and wear resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic gas release, flame retardant and so on. Compared with other products, it has obvious advantages in waterproof, mildewproof and antimicrobial. At the same time, advanced manufacturing technology makes the product cleaner in the process of use simpler and longer service life.Unique design and high quality material selection is also one of the reasons that Yizhong products can stand out in a number of peers.

At the same time, Yizhong Clean Technology has 26 years of professional clean aluminum profile research and development, design, production experience, can provide dozens of clean room construction system solutions, suitable for hospital rooms, biological pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, food factories, dust-free workshops, schools and other public places with requirements on air density.

Yizhong has a series of aluminum profile die opening, exquisite aluminum profile surface treatment technology, professional product research and development team, will clean aluminum profile design, production details to the extreme, a complete range of products to meet the needs of customers on various occasions.

This cooperation project is another important recognition obtained by Yizhong Clean Technology in the field of public medical space construction.In the future, Yizhong will, as always, strictly implement the craftsman spirit of excellence, strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in brand, products, services and other aspects, so as to better serve customers and the society.

Yunnan Cancer Hospital Biobank and NGS Laboratory Project

3. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, founded in 1835, is a Class A comprehensive hospital.The South Hospital was officially established and put into operation in January 2002, covering a total area of about 18,800 m2, with a construction area of 117,000 m2. Currently, there are 1,053 open beds, and the annual outpatient and emergency visits are more than 700,000, the annual inpatient visits are nearly 40,000, and the annual surgical cases are nearly 30,000.With strong medical technology, strong radiation influence and strong brand penetration, it has made outstanding contributions to the protection of people's health.

The pediatric surgery department of south hospital is a specialized surgical treatment department for infants and children suffering from congenital malformation and tumor and other diseases, mainly engaged in pediatric general surgery, pediatric urology, neonatal surgery and other aspects of clinical and scientific research work.

According to the requirements of the hospital and the usage characteristics of the scene, Yizhong customized a set of hospital door solution for Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital.The product is mainly used in the children's clinic area. The whole door adopts the lake blue design, which echoes the lovely pattern on the wall, creating a warm and loving medical environment and helping to relieve the nervous mood of young patients.

In addition, the door panels are colored coated by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with polyester coating, thick paint film and acid and alkali resistance, which are suitable for hospital areas where cleaning and disinfection are often needed.In addition, aluminum honeycomb is used in the middle of the door, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong impact resistance.The whole door adopts smooth design, easy to clean, and prevent scratch and accidental injury.

The whole glass automatic door is used in the corridor area, which is safe and stable, sound insulation and noise reduction, and good air tightness.The face fan is made of toughened glass panel, whose strength is 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass. When broken accidentally, it will become obtuse Angle particles, which can reduce the risk of secondary injury caused by glass splashing. Meanwhile, it is helpful for medical staff to know the situation in the ward at any time and deal with emergency situations in time.

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